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WFW: Writing for Webheads
An experiment in world friendship through online language learning

Vance, Michael, and Maggi's online course with EFI, an
English for Internet (Real Time Class)

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This class meets in 3 places:
The email "eclass", voice and text chat, 
and its students' web pages

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- Sundays 11:30 a.m. to 13:00 p.m. GMT 
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Here's what students are saying about the EFI ...

Read Ying Lan's advice to new students at the EFI
Read what students are saying about Writing for Webheads in February 2000
What you see below was written by Writing for Webheads students during 1999 ...

"Be sure that the value of what you are doing is great for all of us, because we improve our English having friends all over the world, and with each experience we exchange our feelings about so many subjects ... I think at this part of my life the way to give my experience to the younger generations in order to stimulate them to work hard for a better understanding and to accept the challenge for meriting a better kind of life. Those are feelings that I share with you and your activity at the class." - José, Argentina

"English For Internet is new way of learning language which seems to me a combination of learning and pleasure. I take this course because I want to and I believe that I will take some advantages. I think I will improve my English because somehow I will not be aware of my learning, it will be a fun for me, a pleasure." - Gosia, Poland

"It seems that I have been lazier than busier in writing to you. I must examine myself and keep myself up." - Choi, Korea, on how to succeed with this course. “I also want to be of help to others like Vance, Maggie and Michael. Helping others without anticipating returns. Someday, I could be a little help to others learning Korean on the web.” - Choi, March 31, 2000

"About other emails that you sent to me I print all of them and I study, compare, and underlined your corrections. Every day I feel more comfortable to write to you. It is very, very, very nice our friendship. Thanks for all," - Denilson, Florianópolis, 1st March, 1999 … and “Well this is class is cool... But you need to have interest to learn... “ one year later, March 25, 2000.

"I've been connecting on the Internet since last year and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me because as I don't have any English native speakers living down here, it was difficult for me to correct my accent, mistakes and the like. But now I have lots of help. The classes at The Palace have been an important source of information for me. They have good teachers: Vance, Margaret, Vera, Michael, Claudia, and Begum to name but a few." - Felix, Bahia, March 1999

"I think your classes are wonderful." - Valentin, Spain, January 2000

“I love this group! Here we can learn many things about world live, because there are many people from different places. And all of them are special …” – Nicia, Belo Horizonte, March 27, 2000

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