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Meet Seawalker

Seawalker's website:

My name is Seawalker Jey. I am male. ^.^

I made my English name Seawalker. Seawalker means the man who sails in cyberspace, space and stars.

I was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1970, and I still live there. I graduated from Narai Design Professional School - from a one year course - in March, 1996. I worked for For-D design firm from May1996 to May 1998. Now, I work as a freelance designer and digital artist.

Yesterday (Aug 2, 99) I got a job, and found a position in my field. I am working at an advertising firm. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and everything worked out.

I will be pleased if you visit my homepage:

I designed my homepage for you who love cyberspace, friends, travel and stars.

I have uploaded my photos and 3d art works. I hope you will enjoy my 3d art and photos. Though I am not a photographer, I like taking pictures.

You can download, use, retouch and distribute any images you find here.

It`s FREE. ;-)

I just want to make friends in cyberspace.

I thought I would tell you more stories about my photos in my homepage, but my English is so poor that I can't. I am sorry.. :-(

My hope is to go abroad and study photography. And I will travel all around the world, some day.

Seawalker referred another student to us in January 2000. Ryu and Seawalker both work for Dr Vacuum Co., Ltd. - vance

Here’s some feedback from a teacher who came upon Seawalker’s page:

“I went to your students' website page, and I had seen it before.  In fact, about a year ago, I wrote to Luke Seawalker to comment about the images he had on his page.  I think we exchanged two or three letters.  Anyway, I like your site a lot, and I'll link to it as soon as possible.” - Erlyn Gene Baack Burkhalter, teacher from Queretaro, Mexico, - May 8, 2000 - permission to quote requested May 10, 2000

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