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Hello, thanks for visiting the EFI Writing for Webheads site.  However, you’ve reached an old version of our site.  It has been necessary to move these pages to Homestead because is not visible from China.  Some of the links may work here, but they are not being updated.  If the page you are viewing is stored at Tripod, chances are it’s not the current version of that page.

The current address of this page is:
You can always find the most recent version of the Webheads pages by using our netword:

Click on either of the links for the most recent additions to Writing for Webheads: An experiment in international friendship through online language learning – August 11, 2000 (Vance)

WFW: Writing for Webheads
About our Homestead Mirror Site

On February 20, 2000, we discovered while chatting with Maggie, one of our Chinese students, that she could not access our Tripod website. We were very disappointed, because we think that students who can't reach our website due to firewall problems are missing a valuable part of the webheads community experience.

We had already moved from Geocities to Tripod on June 10, 1999 because of the access problems of another of our Chinese students, Moral, who couldn't get at the Geocities site. He seemed to be able to reach Tripod, however.

The chat client we were using to communicate with Maggie was based at Vance's Homestead website. Michael gave her the url to his Homestead website, and we found that she could reach that, pictures and all. So Vance simply ftp'd all the files from the Tripod location to the Homestead one. Since then, Vance has been maintaining the Homestead site as a mirror to the Tripod one.

If you want to check your own access, see if you are able to reach any or all of these sites:

If you can only reach the last one, chances are you are in China. (And this could change without notice at the whim of the government there).

Do our Chinese students appreciate the trouble we take to keep them as members of our online community? You bet ...

Vance's reply: It is my pleasure to do what I can to help you and all our friends around the world. I think we are all enjoying our experiment with communications and language learning, and we all are trying our best to make it succeed.

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Last updated: March 4, 2000