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Meet Eileen

My name is Eileen Wang. I am a girl from Beijing, China. I am working and living in this city. I work for a direct subsidiary in China of a software company. I have worked in this position for two years. Badminton is my most favorite sport.

Three years ago I finished college and started my first job. I had studied in that college for five years. I don't know whether others would feel the same loss as I did when they leave their classes. Even now I can remember that feeling. Maybe it is why all my friends call me "Little Child".

At the time I could not fit the difference between an employee and a student in my life. I still dreamed to have a long summer vacation as when I studied in school. I guess everybody can feel it when they first leave school.

One year passed. I joined the company in which I am now working. I am a software engineer and do the test program development now. In this position English is very important. We need to discuss technical questions with engineers from other countries. We have to use English.

So I think it is a very good chance for me to learn English on this team.



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