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Meet Ying-Lan

Ying Lan appeared online at a presentation at the TESOL Conference in Vancouver, March 17, 2000, at which Vance presented a live Webheads synchronous chat class with online partners Michael C and Maggi Doty. See

Click here to find out what Ying Lan's name means <--

Ying-Lan was in Vera's online class. Here is her welcome to her new cyber-classmates in Vera's class, and now to her cyber-classmates in Vance's class.

One day she met Vance in the Palace by coincidence and that is how she agreed to participate in this class too.

This is Ying-Lan at the Palace
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 Ying-Lan has suggested a theme song for English for Webheads: Open Up. << find out about it here.

Is that Ying-Lan on the left, or on the right?

Read what Ying-Lan has written:

Ying-Lan's web page is at:

 Ying Lan has written on the following writing topics. Read what she has to say about ...

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