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Meet Valentin

I am a member of the Computer Department of a Research Center. My job concerns Computer Science applied to medicine: imaging, video, 3D graphics, etc.

Valentin's picture can go here.

In my personal life, I am a Doctoral student of English. I really like travelling (overall, English speaking countries), cinema and sports. I would like anybody interested in these issues or other ones write to me (in English, of course).

Thank you for your time and efforts.


Valentin Masero Vargas
Computer Science Department
Minimally Invasive Surgery Center

(September 26, 1998)

On 14 Sep 1999 ...


I have been a member of the e-group for a few months. But I am usually very busy, so I can not read the e-mail regularly.

Now I am moving to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. So I am starting to read all my old messages from the e-group in order to practice my English (I am Spanish).

I would like to know if there is any member of the e-group who knows Winston-Salem or lives near there. It would be very useful for me to know some things about this city.

Thank you very much.


Date sent: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 21:49:28 +0400

From: Vance Stevens <>
Subject: Re: Do you know North Carolina?.
To: Valentin Masero Vargas <>

> Valentin,

> I never answered your email because I don't know North Carolina at all, and
> I thought you had sent it to the group, and I thought someone would answer
> from the group. After that I forgot about it. But I never deleted it, so
> I've just come upon your email again. And now I realize that you sent your
> email to me only, and not to the webheads group (I think).

> I'm wondering if you ever went to Winston-Salem and if you are still getting
> email at this address.

> Another reason I am thinking about you is that of all the members of our
> eclass, you were one of the first to join the class. You joined in January
> last year and it is almost your one year anniversary of being a "Webhead."

> I started the Webhead egroup (eclass) on Jan 26 last year, and you joined
> the group on the 27th. One other student who joined on that day was
> Youngduck, and he/she is still a member of our group. The third student to
> join the eclass, on the 28th of January, was Deden. And Deden, where are
> you now? Taiwan?

> So we have another birthday coming up. What shall we do to celebrate?

> Vance


Dear Vance,

I am glad to hear from you. I am sorry because I usually do not participate in your eclass at all. It is because I am always really busy. But I say to myself everyday: I will participate tomorrow. I think your classes are wonderful. This is why I am still a member, even though I am not a very active member.

I went to Winston-Salem, North Carolina last October, for two months. It was a very interesting experience. From then on, I appreciate even more your classes.

One of the things I want to do better during the new year is to participate on the eclasses. I hope I can.



Valentin wrote down for us what he likes about Writing for Webheads

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