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EFW: English for Webheads

English for Webheads is a writing course given through English for Internet (EFI). It's free, and the teachers are all volunteers. We are here because we enjoy being here and learning about each other.

See and hear a video of Vance welcoming you to Writing for Webheads

My name is Vance. I am a teacher in the EFI program. You can go to my homepage to see who I am:

There are two other teachers in this course, Michael and Maggi.

Welcome message:

This course is open for students who:

Fluency in English is not necessary.
The teacher and other students will help you communicate in English.

The course meets in 3 places:
The Eclass, in online chat, and Your Webheads Webpage

The Eclass

To join the eclass, you send email to our listserv at Once you have done that, you can visit the eclass each time you check your email. In your email, you might see messages from other students. These students are "talking" to the class. You can "talk" to the class by replying to the messages, and all the other students can "hear" you.

To join the class egroup list:

Send blank email to >>
Post messages to the class at

Your Webheads Webpage

Part of your participation in the course can be to create a homepage and post it on the Internet. Students can write articles (one or more paragraphs) with their teacher's advice and corrections. Your articles and graphics will be placed on your web page. Students can learn how create a website, and how to link their articles and post them to their website. Or, your teacher can make your website for you.

Online chat, and ICQ

A part of the course can take place live on the Internet. The class meets each week in Online chat areas, where students can meet each other and discuss their work with a live teacher.

At the present time, the class meets 11:30 a.m. to 13:00 p.m. GMT on Sundays.

Here's how to participate:

I usually open each of these sites in separate browser windows. So I will be in all of the above places usually - Vance

We occasionally meet at the Palace, but it hasn't worked regularly for us since October 1999. In case we ever go back there, the following information might be useful:

How this course can help you with your English

As we work on your homepage and meet online, you will be practicing using your English. This practice will be communicative. You will have people to discuss things with and an audience for your writing, and you can have fun meeting the other students and having discussions with them.

In some of the chat areas we use, you can get a record of your conversations there. We try to keep records on our website. Click here to see them. You can use these records to study in detail any part of our online conversations you may have not understood at the time.

If you develop your web page, your teacher will correct your work and help you express yourself in writing in English.

The course is ongoing. It starts when you are ready, and it will last as long as the students and the teachers are interested in it.

Here's what you do if you want to take this course:

If you are interested in this course, then

In your introduction, you might tell us:

When I see your email, I'll make a web page for YOU linked to the Webheads website. Others in the class can visit your page and get to know you. If you send me a picture, I'll put this on your web page, and we can all get to know you even better. You can see all the students' web pages here.

I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you through your web page, through your email, or live online.

All the best,

Vance Stevens,

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