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Meet MAD Maggi

I think each and every one of you are all beautiful in a special way because you are you. You bring a special light in my life just knowing you. Message to eclass, May 8, 2000

Imagine you are going to put a message in a bottle...what would you say to the person who finds it? For those who don't know me yet I might write this:

Hello to whoever finds this!

My name is Margaret Ann Doty, Maggi for short or MAD. I am a little crazy sometimes but never angry.

I live in Germany with my son Stefan who is 16 and just passed his motorcycle driving test. Now I do not have to be a taxi driver :-)

We live in a bunglow in a small town just south of Frankfurt, which is pretty much located in the center of Europe so it is easy to travel just about anywhere.

We are both Americans. I have lived in Europe for 26 years and my son Stefan was born in Germany. I teach Business English in two large companies here (one of them is Merck, which you may have heard of) and love my job. It is very rewarding to help people.

I also speak several other languages so I know what it is like to learn another language. It is work in the beginning but it is wonderful to be able to talk with other people then.

Tell me something about yourself and where you live. Maybe what you are interested in too :-) I look forward to hearing from you!! Till then :-)

Bye for now...

Maggi...a teacher in cyberspace

Click here for a view through Maggi's window.

"I will not be an ordinary part of someone's everyday life ... but I will still be a small part of everyone's lives that I touched...that is enough." - Maggi, in an ICQ message, December 7, 1999 (with her permission)

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