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Meet Aline

It's been some time since I've written to the EFIWebheads, but be sure that I am always seeing you through all the messages.

Right now, I would like to send you my photo, so everybody will be able to know who I am physically.

I think that's all for the moment.

Best wishes

Aline (May 4, 2000)

The photo was taken in Lagoa Santa (not Lagoa dos milionários, Félix..), which is a city 40km from Belo Horizonte. The place is the central lake of the city, and I usually go there to take a rest, it makes me feel at peace. Michael was right, the building on the right side is a place to have picnics. But to be honest, I have never gone there to have one (maybe after his suggestion, who knows?) – May 8, 2000


My name is Aline. I'm 19 years old and I study civil engineering in Brazil. I'd like to have an opportunity to practice my English skills and also make new friends. I hope I can count on you!

Aline (24 Mar 2000)

Webheads respond

Welcome to webheads, Aline san.
If possible, please give me more information about "civil engineering" ?
I didn't hear that word.
Faithfully Yours,

Mari Hirasawa, Mar. 25, 2000

Hello Aline, what part of Brazil are you from?
I'm from the south, Santa Catarina state...
Well this is class is cool... But you need to have interest to learn...
Good luck, enjoy our group and have fun!!!

Denilson, Mar. 25, 2000

Hello Aline!
Welcome! I´m from Belo Horizonte too... and I´m not in contact every time with efiweheads, but I love this group!
Here we can learn many things about world live, because there are many people from different places. And all of theM are special, like Vance, Maggi and Michel.
I´m sure that you enjoy this.
My best wishes.

Nicia, Mar. 27, 2000

Aline writes back ...

Hi everyone!

Thank you all for writing me! As some people asked me some questions, now I’ll try to respond everybody at once.

I'm from Belo Horizonte, (Minas Gerais state), but I had already lived in many places such as Vitória (where I was born) and Recife. I moved to this place 3 years ago.

Civil Engineering is a graduate course which offers work in 5 areas, namely: structural engineering, materials engineering, roads, environmental sciences, and one more that I can/t remember now. I intend to specialize in structural engineering, because I like calculus. But this is a bit far away (I’m only in the second year, and there are 3 years ahead to make a real decision.)

Well, that's all for now ! Thanks for being so friendly!

All of my friendship,

Aline (27 Mar 2000)

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Topic 11 - What's in a name? Students and teachers tell about their names

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