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Meet Moral

Moral appeared online at a presentation at the TESOL Conference in Vancouver, March 17, 2000, at which Vance presented a live Webheads synchronous chat class with online partners Michael C and Maggi Doty. See

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To learn more about Yunan, Moral recommends:

I am an English fan in China. I like English, which is believed to be the most popular language in the world. I hope I can share the language with all of you and discuss the best way to learn our favorite language.

Let me give you a brief introduction of myself. My name is Moral Lann. My Chinese name is Lan Daoyi. I am a 29 year-old, male. I now work for Yunnan Computer Technology Service Company in Kunming, China, as a computer engineer. I am easy-going. I like reading and learning English.


My goal for the future regarding the study of English is to work or study to get more knowledge. And I now study English with Mr. Michael Coghlan, a dedicated ESL teacher in Australia, who is very kind and warmhearted enough to teach me a lot about English.

I would like to join the list to get more information about learning English. And I'd be happy to meet all of you on the list.

Best wishes from China,

Moral Lann

Moral got his wish. Deden responded and asked questions about life in China.

I live in the city of Kunming, which is located in the southwest of China, thousands of kilometers away from Beijing. Yes, I am studying English with Mr. Michael Coghlan by email even now. Yes, most city dwellers in China go to work by bicycle, many by bus, a few by their cars. I go to work on foot. I believe your mother Deden has got the right impression about Beijing. In my city, we don't eat noodles often. Hope you enjoy your noodles everyday.

I am glad to join the efiwebhead list and hear from all of you.

Moral has written on the following Webheads writing assignments:

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