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Sorry, we’ve moved!

Hello, thanks for visiting the EFI Writing for Webheads site.  However, you’ve reached an old version of our site.  It has been necessary to move these pages to Homestead because is not visible from China.  Some of the links may work here, but they are not being updated.  If the page you are viewing is stored at Tripod, chances are it’s not the current version of that page.

The current address of this page is:
You can always find the most recent version of the Webheads pages by using our netword:

Click on either of the links above for the most recent additions to Writing for Webheads: An experiment in international friendship through online language learning – August 11, 2000 (Vance)

WFW: Writing for Webheads
Chat with us!

All you need is an Internet connection and a browser
If you stay on ICQ while you are online, you can contact other Webheads in case you get lost and need help.

Look for us on ICQ. Check here for our ICQ numbers.
 Since January 23, 2000 Webheads we have been meeting in online VOICE chat.
To join us there, you need a sound card and 4.0 or better browser, mic optional, and come to: (or also

For text chat: (or

When? Sundays at 11:30 a.m. to about 13:00-14:00 GMT
What time is that where you are? Check:

Here's how to participate:


We often find each other on ICQ to begin with.  Check here for our ICQ numbers.

Voice chat

Since January 2000 we have been going to this VOICE chat site - here you need a sound card and a 4.0 browser or better. Visit the url and let it load in the plugins and grant the permissions it needs. Once you've let it set itself up, the rest is easy. There's text chat here so you can join the conversation even without a microphone: (or also

The Palace

We use a Virtual Schoolhouse at the The Palace, courtesy of Coterie at  à Click here to see how to set it up.

Text chat

Vance usually looks for students here - simply visit this url using your browser: (or also

During class times, I usually open each of these sites in separate browser windows. So I will be in all of the above places usually - Vance

If you stay on ICQ while you are online, you can contact other Webheads in case you get lost and need help.

 (Click here to see how to set up your own voice chat site.)

Students in this course might also want to download and install the following software.


Where to get it (free)


ICQ lets you find and chat with classmates online.

The Palace

The Palace is the best of our text chat environments. To get it, visit and follow the links to ThePalace User Software.  Click here to see how to set it up.

Real Player G2

Real Audio is used to play video and audio files sent out by classmates.

Real Producer

You can use Real Audio Producer to make your own audio and video recordings.

Media Ring

You can use Media Ring to telephone classmates over the Internet.


You need a 4.0 or better browser (Netscape or IE).  A good place to get the latest is from

How to log on to our class at The Palace:

After you download and install the Palace "client" software, you can log on as a Guest ("Stay a Guest") or you can log on as a member: If you don’t register, you may not be able to go to the Palaces that other students can.  Register for free at

  1. Pull down File / Connect to a Palace
  2. Provide your name or nickname (just type over the name given if necessary)
  3. Enter a Palace Server address (in the box on the left) from the chart below
  4. Enter a Port in the box to the right of the server address (usually 9998)

Here are some Palaces we have been using, and their status.

Palace url



Last tried


Works for guests and registered members

April 26, 2000


"Palace session could not be established"

February 27, 2000


Works for registered Palace users; guests use different portal and have restricted access

February 27, 2000

Use of has been provided free to EFI courtesy of

About the Palace

It's best to become a Palace member. Register as a Palace member at It's free, and it lets you go to all the places everyone else can go and get the cool avatars that everyone else will have.

If you wish, you can explore the Palace space. Find hot spots on the graphic and click on them, or use Options / Go to a room to find rooms you can't see on the screen. If you get lost, use Options / Go Back to return to your previous location.

If you stay on ICQ while you are online, you can contact other Webheads in case you get lost and need help.


Michael’s problem: Everyone else at EFI is able to access I have been able to without drama for close on 3 years. I can gain access to any other Palace that  I choose - just not this one. I have trashed all older versions of Palace from my system, and installed the latest version. It worked for a few days at but has stopped again. No one else is having this problem. Any ideas what I can do?

Nettie replies:

1: Never delete an older version of the Palace until you have proven, extensively, that the new version works perfectly

2:  Attempt one... Down load a new and clean client and then install it in a directory aptly named c:\palace new.


See if that lets you into the other sites and to the efi site.  Also try palace:// and see if you can connect to there.

If this works you have 32 bit versus 16 collision problems re the file names that the clients now use.

3: Save your new prop file as pserver.prpp and copy your old prop file over to the new directory and again see if everything is okay.  If not okay-  You have a corrupt prop file.

4: There is always the web access option until EC can pin down what the problem is.  I recall some of the users on my box in PA complaining about this same issue and it wound up being their new palaces files were messed up. will take you to the efi via our java web chat.

How to make your own voice chat room on your own website

It's so simple it's almost embarrassing. You just go to

Follow the links marked: 'Add voice presence to your website' to arrive at:

Register with the website and give your email address. You then receive by email the lines of code which make the voice chat work. If you cut these lines of code and paste them into a NEW notepad document, and then SAVE AS something.html or .htm, then you will have voice chat on your web site.

I saved what I got in the email to hearme.htm and put it at:

There you can see what the code you get from HearMe will look like on the web.

Michael has gone a little further with it. He has put this code into the source code of his own html document and produced a page with instructions on it.

I plan to "dress up" my own web page with the pictures of people you are likely to meet there, but I haven't had time to do that lately.

Anyone can do this. Let us know if you put voice chat on your website.

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Last updated: May 6, 2000