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Writing Topic #7
Where do you hope to be 10 years from now?

Michael | Chotima | Denilson | Moral | Mari | Choi | Vance

Note to anyone reading this: I've just started this page to collect the writings on this topic but without making any corrections yet. So this page is not really ready for presentation. - Vance (October 29, 1999)

October 23, 1999

Michael starts us off ...


  • where do you hope to be?
  • what will you be doing?
  • what plans and goals do you hope to achieve by the year 2009?
  • what are your dreams?
  • Or maybe you're the kind of person who doesn't have many plans and goals and you just live for today?

    Let's share our thoughts about the future!

    October 28, 1999

    Well I know I set this topic but I can honestly say I don't think too much about the future. Most of the time I'm only thinking about the next few weeks! But where will I be in 2009? I think I'll be living in Australia - I really don't feel like I want to live permanently anywhere else because I honestly think that Australia is one of the best places in the world to live. But I hope sometime in the next 10 years I will spend some time living in another country.

    Because most of my students over the years have been from Vietnam I would really like to spend some time living and working there. Over the next few years I guess my children will leave home and that will leave me free to do some travelling again and come and visit you all! I would love to return to beautiful Greece, and enchanting Sri Lanka. I have never been to South America so that is on my list of places to go.

    I hope I am not working in the same job. I'm happy to still be teaching ESL but I hope it will be in a different place or college. I hope too that by then I can afford to work part time and have more time for gardening and making music.

    But really the most important thing is that my kids are happy and healthy. Perhaps by 2009 I'll be a grandfather! Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Health and happiness I hope - wherever I am; whatever I'm doing!

    October 24, 1999

    Kay (Chotima) says:

    Dear all classmates and webheads,


    Ten years from now should be a successful year for me.

    I think I would imagine myself living in a big white house with a big garden with my dear lover and maybe a small child. I hope I will have a peaceful life with a successful career in business. Then, I would play golf and then play sports like tennis or riding horse in my peaceful, relaxing, spare time.

    I think if I can achieve that I would be happy all my life long.


    P.S. and what do other people think ? Let's think of it. It would be cool!!!

    October 26, 1999

    Denilson says ..

    Hi Webheads.

    Well, in college a teacher of mine once said than we need to have 3 kinds of thought.

    He said that Sony's president, thought 20 years into the future to manufacture a sound equipment system like Walkan...

    TEN YEARS FROM NOW - where do you hope to be?

    I hope to be working with computers, in a better position and with a good salary, living near the ocean. Maybe I'll be married and with a son or daughter. By then, I hope to have travelled in Europe and maybe Australia too.

    - what are your dreams?

    My dream is to have a lot of money and to open something like a surf camp or small hotel near the ocean.

    But you know, I hope to be happy. This is the most important, the rest is material.

    See you friends,


    October 27, 1999

    Moral says


    TEN YEARS FROM NOW - where do you hope to be?

    I hope to be at a good place with nice landscape at that time.

    - what will you be doing?

    I hope I will be conducting my own business and living with my lovely wife and two children who I haven't had yet. I also hope I will possess very good skills in English.

    - what plans and goals do you hope to achieve by the year 2009?

    I haven't made clear plans and goals for the year 2009, but I think living in happiness will be more important than living with much money.

    - what are your dreams?

    My dreams about the future are that I will have a big business and a large house. And I will be able to have two children although it is not allowed here. I also dream to go to an English country for some time to improve my skills in English.

    That's my dream. How about yours?

    Good luck,


    October 29, 1999

    Mari says ...

    Visit Mari's Webheads page

    TEN YEARS FROM NOW - where do you hope to be?

    It's only my dream. I don't know whether it is possible or not for me, but if it is possible, I want to live in England. I love England although I've never been there before.

    - what will you be doing?

    I want to go to England and study at university. Previously I have tried to go to England to study, however, these attempts fell through, because of lack of time, money and especially the courage! Since I was a little girl, I have liked to study about England, history, literature, food and so on.

    - what plans and goals do you hope to achieve by the year 2009?

    At first, I have to improve my English. Then, I want to study at a foreign university. I have already graduated from a Japanese university. But I want to study more. I found that many universities have correspondence courses using internet. They are very convenient.

    - what are your dreams?

    When I have a good command of English, I want to try to learn other languages. I wish to make many friends all over the world!

    Faithfully Yours,

    Mari Hirasawa

    October 29, 1999

    Choi says ...

    Hi everyone,

    This is Choi. My life after ten years! Wow! I have not specifically thought about it.

    I hope I will still be a career woman working at one of the biggest and best finance companies. I hope to have several certificates by then like CFA and CPA for work. Maybe I would have one kid at that time and he (I hope it wll be a boy) would be around 5-6 years old.

    I hope to live in big apartment with five rooms and two bathrooms. I am not interested in the design so it would be ok if it is just cozy and some place with many comfortable cushions.

    Does anyone have his/her specific future to tell us about?

    October 29, 1999

    Vance writes:

    I'm interested in reading over people's hopes how youthful they seem. I'm at an age where I do have to think about what might happen in the next ten years, especially if I am unable to get the kind of job I've been accustomed to getting because I'm too old!! Of course I don't feel old (or look it, I don't think) but where I work, they don't hire teachers who are my age.

    Since I don't have enough for retirement, this suggests that I might be going into consultancy. My wife has been very successful at teaching kindergarten and starting schools with the correct teaching philosophy for that age group. I've been successful at helping people to use computers in learning languages, and in setting up computer-rich environments where computer-based learning takes place. I suppose the two of us can manage through the next ten years even if our normal jobs dry up.

    I have one kid in college and another who will be in college in just a few years, so a goal over the next ten years is to get both kids through college and into adult life. It will be a shame to see them both out of the house, but you want your kids to develop on their own.

    As for where I will be, I ran my last marathon just a year ago, and I'm teaching diving in my spare time, so I'm healthy, and that's 90% of life. I have a lot of friends online and face 2 face. I hope to be here in Abu Dhabi for a number of those next ten years, and after that?? Well, who knows? I'm not that keen on going back to the states. Maybe another country. Maybe I'll see Michael in Viet Nam.

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