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Vance Stevens

Like a lot of people, Vance moves around a lot. Here is current contact information:

Vance is CALL Coordinator for the AMIDEAST UAE/MLI Project
USA mailing address: 1730 M Street, NW, #1100; Washington, DC 20036, USA
phone: (202) 776-9600; fax: (202) 776-7091
Abu Dhabi office phone: +971-2-2087302; fax: +971-2-343307
Abu Dhabi home fax and voice mail: +971-2-326972
Personal P.O. box: 41637, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Vance's CV: CurriculumVita (not updated since 1997)

Page Vance on ICQ, 2774215
Personal email:
Office email for work-related matters (and large attachments):

If the large attachment is not work related, send it to

If you know that Vance is traveling, you can reach him at Vance uses AOL as a service provider when traveling and is liable to check it often.

Vance rarely or never checks:

Viewed since December 17, 1997:

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