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Happy Spring Festival

Many of our students celebrate the Spring Festival on February 5, 2000.

Here are their messages to wish you the best on this lunar millenium new year.

From: Moral | Maggie | Choi | Moral again | Eileen | Ming | Vance

 From Moral, February 2, 2000

5th Feb is the Chinese traditional Spring Festival. And 4th is the new year's EVE. It is th most important festival in China. So I'd like to Happy new year of dragon to Ming, Yinglan, Eileen and others who will celebrate it. Wish you'll have a wonderful time in Eve and the new year.

(Maggie's webpage) From Maggie, February 2, 2000

Spring Festival is the biggest festival in China. Children could get the lucky money which is contained in a red paper pocket from the people who have just got married. That is the most wonderful thing of Spring Festival for children. But I also worry about that because people also ask about the result of your final exams before they give you the lucky money, and I didn't do well this time. What should I do if I am asked the result of the final exams?

*_*(I can't image that)....

From Choi, February 2, 2000

This is Choi. Wish me a Happy New Year too. We Koreans also celebrate Lunar New Year. I think only Chinese and Koreans (not Japanese) celebrate it. It is the second largest festival in Korea.

I have to travel to my parents-in-law's house. It usually takes 5 hours by car but during this festival it will probably take at least 10-12 hours. I failed to book an airplane ticket. Too long a queue!!

Kong xi Fa Chai Ming, Yinglan, Eileen!!


From Moral, February 2, 2000

Of course Choi, A very happy new year to you too!! And a fun trip to you and your husband!!



From Eileen, February 3, 2000

Hi all my friends,

The Chinese New Year is coming. Chinese call it Spring Festival. It is the first Spring Festival in 2000, and it is the Dragon Year. It is a rare year for every Chinese.

I would like to say Happy New Year to all my friends, and best wishes to you all.

Have good luck

- Eileen

(Ming's webpage) From Ming, February 3, 2000

Thank you, Moral, same to you. I hope everyone has a great year. ^-^

Hi, Choi, "a nyo ha se yo"! Thanks for your blessing and have a happy lunar Chinese new year! =)


From Vance, February 3, 2000

Hi my happy Webhead friends,

I'd like to wish all of you a great new year, lunar, solar, whatever. It seems the new year will never end.

I hope you all enjoy your celebrations, and it is nice that so many people from so many places have been able to come together in friendship in the Webheads eclasses.

I hope to get to know each of you better in the new millenium.

Peace to all,


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