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Writing Topic #8
Is it Pornographic?

Michael | Felix | Moral | Vance

November 11, 1999

As usual, Michael starts us off ...

Hi everyone. Time for a new writing topic - and this one should be interesting!

For a change it involves visiting a website. Have a look at

What do you think about this site?

Is this pornography? Do you find it offensive? Or is this a decent, acceptable site? Should pages like this be allowed on the Internet? Would you let children see this? Do you think this is a suitable topic for Webheads to write about?

I think our answers to these questions might make very interesting reading.


I hope you don't find it offensive. If you do, I'm sorry. Just ignore it and wait for the next topic.

Looking forward to your thoughts.


Michael Coghlan

November 11, 1999

Felix writes:

Michael where did you get this stuff? Well, when I started reading your e-mail I caught myself asking what kind of site you would send us to in order to start a discussion.

Well, I think the site is not offensive or anything like that. I think we have lots of stuff like this on the Internet and everyone is free to see or click on the "X" button to close your browser when you don't want to read or see anything. Honestly I think the gift comes from a very creative person. I think his way because the person who created them combined creativity and fun in a non-offensive way to show their product (I think it's offensive when I see a penis or vagina coming out of the screen as an advertisement, but I am not saying I don't look at that stuff (I am not being a hypocrit). But I think people can show sex in a non-appelative and non-offensive way like the site you showed up.

About kids, well I think they there is a right moment for them to see things. It will depend on the degree of maturity they have. By the way, I have some interesting pictures created with vegetables. They form the sex organs but in a creative way, because they are formed by cucumbers, green peppers, and tomatoes to name a few. If anyone is interested in seeing them just let me know and I will send them to you. The point is, we can show things that are offensive but in way that they are appelative.


November 19, 1999

Moral writes:


Well I read about this topic on the egroups website. I don't think it is a disgusting topic. It is a proper topic for us to discuss how people from different cultures would think about these things.

As I mentioned above, different people from different cultures could reach different conclusions about this topic. Honestly, I am the one on the con side - I don't think that is a good way to advertise although the pictures look not bad. Obviously, the movements of the plugs are nothing relating to their functions although the advertiser impresses people a lot. A good advertisement not only impresses people with the products but its quality. If all advertisers impress people with their products like this, the Internet would be polluted and the parents in the world will hesitate to let their children go online.

That's what I think about it.

Good luck with everyone,


November 19, 1999

Vance writes:

So far only two students have replied to Writing Topic 8. I have to tell you that I discovered this site and had a good laugh over it. I honestly couldn't tell if it was pornographic or not. It's the kind of art (I think) that makes people question what pornography is.

There's definitely nothing pornographic about pictures of wires and sockets. But what the artist makes those pictures do makes us think about things that, if we saw pictures of them, they WOULD be pornographic. But on this site you don't see those pictures. The pornography, if any, is in your mind. So is a site pornographic because it IS, or because it makes the viewer THINK pornographic thoughts?

It's a good question, and before we suggested it as a writing topic, I "ran it by" Maggi and Michael. (That means I asked them what they thought). They both thought it might be fun to see what the opinion of our class was about this site.

But so far, there have been only two replies. So, what do the rest of you think? Would you like to comment, or is it time for a new writing topic?

You can write us and tell us what the limits are in our class. We are all a group of friends working together, so no one minds if you say that this kind of topic is not right for our group.

We know it's a controversial topic. It's a topic like abortion or euthanasia that everyone has an opinion about. Are controversial topics ok for webheads, or are we better off choosing topics that are not too controversial?

We'd like to hear what you think.

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