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A Memorable Experience

By Ying-Lan

What kind of experience is it that you can remember forever?

What happened to me in my past life?

Do I forget all of the experiences that I ever had, in this or past lives?

If I am not me, then who am I?

"Where are the experiences?"

I asked myself this when I looked at the title Ė a memorable experience.

There was a blank in my soul.

I thought about the title over and over again.

Finally, I saw a stubborn girl who sat at her table next to a window in the junior high school. Students ran into their classrooms at the ringing of the bell. The willful girl inattentively glanced at her book. She was absent-minded and bored. Someone stood outside the window and looked at the girl.

Suddenly, the girl heard her name and someone said softly "Is Miss Jou late?"

"Yes, she is." The girl replied and turned to gaze at her tutor Miss Chen.

"Did you do your math homework? Is Mathematics your favorable subject?" Miss Chen asked.

The obstinate girl said firmly, "No. I hate Mathematics. I did not do my homework. It is too difficult for me."

"I donít think Mathematics is so hard to understand. Just train your brain step by step. By the way, whatís the score you will get when you do your best on the test?"

The girl gawked at Miss Chen and said directly "Under C".

Miss Chen only shook her head. The silence was broken by a loud noise. Miss Jou was coming and the students stood up.

After one week, Miss Chen told all of our classmates a story in her class.

She said, "I donít understand what happened to you. I found a student who was intelligent and industrious. When I asked her what score she would get on a mathematics test, she said she only wanted to get under C. You can do it very well if you just try. Why do you want to give up? You are so young. You have a long way to go in your life. There is no denying that most of the students here hate Mathematics. I just wonder why you donít want to give yourselves a chance to learn it. If you don't do it, you will not know whether you could have made it forever.

Try it, please. It is easy. Just do it step by step."

You must know who the girl was and she just answered the question honestly. But the problem was she did not know how to do it. "Just do it step by step," she told herself and did her homework every night.

Practice makes perfect! Better late than never!


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