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What are Friends For?

By Ying-Lan

What are Friends for?

I asked myself this question when I was a little child.

I did not know how to make a friends with other children.

I stole money to buy my classmates gifts when I studied at elementary school.

My mother was angry about what I did.

My classmates were gone after we graduated from elementary school.

I was stupid, wasn’t I?

Back then, I went to junior high school by bicycle.

One day I stayed late at school.

When I started to go home, I found my bike was out of order.

I met a classmate who lived near my house.

She and I went home on foot with my bike.

We talked a lot and made friends with each other.

I always remembered what a beautiful sunset there was that day, and her kindly words.

But now, she’s married and she has moved to another city.

Sometimes, I still write letters to her and think about our childhood.

What are friends for?

We read a lot of stories about friends, like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

What are friends for?

Only my heart knows when I've made a friend.

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