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Hi, my Cyber-Colleagues

By Ying-Lan

Nice to meet you at EFI (English Free on Internet.) My name is Ying-Lan Liu. It is very easy to remember my name. You can remember that Ying-Lan sounds like "England" but without pronouncing "g" and "d".

If you like you can call me "Ying". I think Ying is easy for you. Liu is my family name.

I'm originally from Taiwan.

 Oh, Taiwan , do you know it? You must know Hong Kong and Japan very well. Taiwan is a small island between them. We have some relationship with China. We are Chinese but we have a different country, even though they always say Taiwan is a part of China. It is a serious question in my country. As matter of fact, I don't know how to explain about it. It is a complicated problem in the world.

My professional job is as an office worker at a Bank. To be exact, my job is not my favorite job. I just do it for a living wage.

I hope I will be in Vancouver to study and travel. Unfortunately, It is only a dream. Sometimes, I tell myself if I could live in Vancouver for over two years I could speak English very well. I was alone in Vancouver for one month when I visited the beautiful city in September 1996. It was the first time I went to another country, and traveled by airplane. It was a marvelous experience in my life.

In my leisure time I like to watch TV, read books and listen to music. I go to yoga class three times a week. I also go to oil painting class every Tuesday night.

(This is why Ying-Lan can't come to our Palace class on Tuesdays)

If I have a long vacation I like to travel abroad. That is why I want to learn English. When I was in Helsinki last year, a handsome boy came to talk to me but I did not understand him. I just lost an opportunity to make friends with him. I looked at his face and wanted to introduce myself. But there was nothing in my brain, only a blank.

So, I have decided to study hard and to be a regular student at EFI. If you come to our EFI virtual classroom at the Palace, you will meet teachers and students and enjoy our chatting class.

Ying-Lan Liu

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Last updated: October 9, 1998