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Denilson got the job!

Hello Friends,

It's been a long time since I've sent news, but I always read your messages.

So the last time that I "talked" with everybody was before one interview, do you remember? A lot of EFI friends sent me questions and internet addresses to help me prepare myself for the interview.

I did the interview, by phone, with two people. I was nervous, but trusted myself and I was confident because you helped me to prepare myself.

So, after the interview, I received a 'Yes' from the employer, but I talked with Maggi and I told her that I didn't want say anything until was sure about the job, because last year, I was supposed to go to Germany but at the last moment the employer canceled the worked offer. So this year I stayed silent until the last moment.

After I received the OK from the employer, there was another problem, to get the visa. I almost couldn't get it, because the American Embassy objected to the way that I got out of my last job with Comandata, so at that moment I had no links with Brasil, like college or work.

I finally got the visa and two days later I was flying to the States. I had to organize my affairs very fast.

After I arrived here, I had to remain almost two weeks without internet access. But now I'm sending a lot of e-mails to my Brazilian friends, telling them how I was able to arrive here, because it was not easy.

I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and I will stay here for six months.

I can send e-mail in Portuguese telling all the story, but I don't have time to translate.

See you guys, and thanks for everything.


Denilson wrote us in English anyway:

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Last updated: November 4, 1999