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Denilson's Dispatch from Colorado
November 1, 1999

Well Vance,

It has snowed 3 times already, and it was my first time seeing the snow. It's very beautiful and not so cold. In Brazil we have a little bit of snow, during the winter in some regions, but is not normal for it to snow a lot, just a little early in the morning.

I did hiking and tried to climb some mountains, but I was without the proper equipment and I fell from almost 3 meters. I hurt myself a little bit and I was scared, because if I hit my head I could die. So I stopped climbing without equipment and I'm looking for some kind of course, with professionals to teach me how to do it more safely.

I'm doing skateboarding, and it's cool! We have a skatepark, the guys are very good and there was like a movie with professional skaters, doing a lot of hard moves. I'm training to go to Hawaii, maybe in January. I'm doing fitness training too. I don't want to get out of shape.

Yesterday, someone knocked on the door of my house and when I opened the door ... "Booo!!" There were children there wanting candies. I was at a loss because I was not expecting trick-or-treaters. I managed to find them some candies and they went away.

Saturday and Sunday I went to parties. Americans are party-crazy. But it's good fun. Everybody was wearing costumes and drinking a lot. I went as Jason from Friday Night. My mask shined in the dark, really scary.

My teacher, my friend, my student friends, I can speak better English now, but I don't know if my grammar is better, maybe a little bit. If I compare my English before and after Webheads, of course I'm better.

Tomorrow I'll return to my English as a Second Language class, here at the Broadmoor. I never get tired of studying English. On the contrary; it's a pleasure.

Best regards friends, keep in touch,

Denilson / Dan

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