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Writing Topic #13
Show us a picture: Describe what it means to you

Michael | Maggie | Felix

Michael starts us off (April 14, 2000)

Hi everyone. New writing assignment time! And this one's a really good one. In this assignment you have to find a picture on the Internet of a place that has something to do with your life, and write about it.

In a recent conversation with Vance, (student) Maggie told him where to look at pictures of her school. She described the different buildings in the photographs, and told Vance about a sports day at her school while looking at the photo.

So, possible examples of photos could be:

        Your school or university

        A street or building in your town or city (it could be a caf or restaurant or favourite shop or beach or somewhere in the country)

        A park or monument, a painting

        You, a friend, family member, a pet

        Etc etc.

It could be anything. Some Webheads (like Felix) already have many photos on their websites so they could choose one of those

1) Choose a picture (and tell us the URL).
2) Describe it or tell us how it has something to do with your life.
OK? Get those pictures and stories rolling in.

Maggie responds right away (April 15, 2000)

The picture was taken by my Chinese teacher and you can find it hanging on my school webpage:
click on the picture to see it larger (30k)

The name of the picture is START. In the picture there is a long bridge stretching to the other side. The picture makes me think lots things. I am just 18 years old. My life has just started I am just standing on this side of space and starting to walk to the other side of the bridge. I must try my best to walk to the other side of the bridge no matter how dark it is, no matter how far it is, and no matter how hard it is. I must make every effort to live a special life which can make me be proud of myself when I am old and sitting on a faulteuil.

Life is just like a bridge -- a long bridge which you have to walk by yourself. Life is just like a bridge -- an interesting bridge that is full of amazing things. Life is just like a bridge -- a lifelong bridge where things unexpected happen everyday.

Life is just like a bridge. Now I am standing at the start. I want to step on it and start to life my life ......

Vance responds: (April 17, 2000)

I like the picture and your description of it. And Ive looked at the web page and found another picture there I am very curious about. Tell us, what are the people doing in this picture?
click on the picture to see it larger (25k)


Felix writes: (April 17, 2000)


Well, as most of the old webheads know, I am hooked on a beach near here called Cumuruxatiba.. I am so addicted to it that I created a home page dedicated only to it
click on the picture to see it larger (70k)

Check the awesome pictures at

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Last updated: April 17, 2000