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The View through Eileen's Window

Every morning I am awakened by the birds on the balcony of my house. I open the curtain, and the moist streets tell me the rain continued through the night. I still feel the warm glow of the happy game last night with my friends, but the new day's work is waiting for me.

As I walk along the street, the sun is shining, but I cannot raise my head and open my eyes. On my way to work, there is a vegetable market. The voice of the peddler wakes me up a bit. The green of the trees is becoming clearer. Summer is coming. But the morning of this metropolis is as old as time. Everybody goes to work with hurried steps.

At 9:00 AM, I get to my office. I open my computer. It is my window through which I face this world. Email and news from webpages give me more interest. I love this window. I wonder whether you have the same window as me?


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Last updated: June 1, 1999