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Why Choi hates to ski

Skiing seems to be loved by many and is surely an exciting sport. However, here is the story of why I hate to ski.

Three years ago, I went skiing for the first time in my life with my friends for one night and two days. I am the kind of person who learns very quickly. After training all afternoon, I skied from early evening to night. I was better than my friends who had skied before. I was enjoying the speed.

During my third round, it happened suddenly. I bumped into a woman standing in a corner. It was all my fault. I could not stop myself nor could she have avoided me. She and I fell down and even our ski boots came off. First I could barely breathe but soon I got to my feet. She could not stand up. The guide men took her to the clinic at the ski resort. I went there too. All the way to the room where the doctor was, her husband kept watching me to see if I ran away. Oh my god!! I was so embarrassed and angry. The doctor treated her and I gave my name and phone number to her husband in case she needed further treatment. You know what, she was three-months pregnant!! I was so afraid and sorry that I started to cry. No more skiing after that.

Everybody, be careful and watch out for beginners who don't even know how to control themselves.


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