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Chat with student MaggiE from China
and teachers Michael C and Vance

February 20, 2000

As the chat begins, Michael and Maggie meet in the voice chat room at:

Status: Connected

Michael has joined

Maggie has joined

Michael: Hello Maggie!

Maggie: Hello!!

Michael: Can you hear me talking Maggie?

Maggie: yes..I can..clearly

Maggie: but sorry..I haven't got a mic

Maggie: not very clearly now...but I can still understand.

Maggie: fine..thanks.

Maggie: at home.

Maggie: it's 7:45 in the night

Maggie: i sleep all the morning..because

Maggie: it's Lantern Festival yesterday

Maggie: it's Chinese Valentines' Day...

Maggie: but most people spend it with do i

Maggie: yes we do in West Valentines' Day.

Michael: Here most people want to spend the day with boyfriends or lovers!

Maggie: thanks

Maggie: so i have to rewrite it it right?

Michael: Vance is still trying to come here...

Maggie: thanks again.

Michael: And usually other people come a bit later.

Maggie: and let me tell you some interesting things about last night.

Maggie: people bought some vegetables while walking in the street last night.

Maggie: and they throw it in a place which used to be a river

Maggie: and wish for a lucky new year..

Maggie: because it's the last day in the Spring Festival

Maggie: it's very's a street now

Maggie: and i am afraid the people who live there will not enjoy this festival

Maggie: cause there were too many vegetables there after peopl went away.

Maggie: so...I don't think i will eat vegetables these days

Maggie: maybe later.

Maggie: yes..and i took a photo of it..and

Status: Disconnected

Maggie has joined

Status: Connected

Michael has joined

Maggie: hello

Maggie: u went to Vance it right?

Maggie: u mean stay here..or go to Vance?

Maggie: ok

Michael: Michael and maggie are now in 2 chat rooms. Vance is at the

Homestead one.

Maggie: so..where should I type??here..or Homestead??

Maggie: ok.

(at this point Michael and Maggie both joined Vance in the Homestead chatroom
but Michael continues to talk to Maggie throughout the chat!)

Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous84.

Members of room: Anonymous84 MAGGIE

You have changed your name to Vance.

<Vance> Hi. I can't get at the voice chat. Were you there?

Anonymous4 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous4 is now known as Michael C.

<Michael C> Who's here?

<Vance> Hi. Just me. I thought maggie was here.

<Michael C> Shall I suggest she comes here as well?

<Vance> Sorry I was checking the Palace

<Vance> Up to you. If you're enjoying the voice chat, keep that up

Michael C has left the chat room.

<MAGGIE> hello?

<Vance> < sniff! >

<Vance> Oh, hi!! I was just feeling lonely

<Vance> Are you talking to Michael?

<MAGGIE> yes..but i was just listening and typing

<MAGGIE> I don't have mic

Michael C has joined the chat room.

<Vance> Oh, the sound card isn't working in this computer

<Vance> And on my office computer, there's a firewall

<MAGGIE> oh..that's good for me..

<Michael C> Back again - my son just rang in and threw me off.

<MAGGIE> oh,,,i see

<Vance> My son is using my computer at home

<Vance> That's one reason i stayed at the office

<MAGGIE> i see...what a pity

<Michael C> Children! Such a nuisance!

<Michael C> But there lovely as well!

<MAGGIE> I am a child talk sth good about child here

<Vance> Yeah, I''m a child too.

<Michael C> That should be "they're lovely as well!"

<MAGGIE> no..u r not a child ...Vance!!

<Michael C> Children are WONDERFUL!!!!

<Vance> Well, I THINK like one


We lost a little of the chat here. Maggie has said that in China, couples are limited to only one child. Michael is saying that he is still with Maggie in the voice chat room and he's talking to her there. Maggie doesn't have a microphone, so she can only hear Michael, but can't speak. Vance is at work where he can't get into chat areas because of the firewall.



am sometimes talking to her in the other room!)

<Michael C> LOL!

<Vance> Yeah, good idea Michael.

<MAGGIE> if one couple have two children or more they will have

to pay a lot of money to the government

Michael C has left the chat room.

<MAGGIE> don't u know that?

Anonymous97 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> Yes, I knew that

Anonymous97 is now known as Michael C.

<Michael C> I just resized my browser and I had to reconnect!

<<MAGGIE> I don't

<Michael C> Do you have a scanner Maggie?

<MAGGIE> I don't have a scanner...sorry

<Michael C> What time did you go to bed last night?

<MAGGIE> I went to bed at 3:00 in the morning

<Michael C> Wow!

<Vance> noisy?

<MAGGIE> just on holiday I went to bed latly

<Michael C> Do you often go to bed that late?

<MAGGIE> just on holiday

<Michael C> Me too.

<MAGGIE> and many people bought windmill last night.

<Michael C> Bought windmills?

<MAGGIE> If i am not on holiday..I will go to bed at 12

<MAGGIE> it's very small..and

<Michael C> So about the same as me.

<MAGGIE> people want all the worse go away whiling the

windmills move

<Vance> You are in Guandong?

<Michael C> I see. That sounds nice.

<MAGGIE> yes.

<MAGGIE> I am in Guandong

<Vance> What city?

<MAGGIE> Foshan..near Guanzhou

<MAGGIE> Guandong is a province in the south of China

<Vance> I haven't been there. I like traveling in China though. it's

very interesting for a westerner. Different

<Michael C> (Michael asks about his pronunciation...)

<MAGGIE> yes.Michael..u r right

<Vance> I wish i could hear Michael now. How do you pronounce

your name, MC?

<Vance> coff -lin? cog- line?

<Michael C> My surname I guess you mean?

<Michael C> cog-lin

<MAGGIE> what is "cog-lin"?

<Vance> It's how to say his name, Coghlin

<Michael C> The Irish would say 'coch-lin' with the guttural 'gh' like

Dutch and German.

<MAGGIE> I see.

<Michael C> It's actually COGHLAN.

<Michael C> There are many spellings.

<Vance> (sorry)

<MAGGIE> interesting.

<MAGGIE> I know a lot this time

<Michael C> People changed the spelling when they left Ireland

so no one would know they were Catholic.

<Michael C> My grandparents changed their name when they

came to Australia.

<MAGGIE> I didn't like Chinese very much when I was 6..or


<MAGGIE> sorry...China

<MAGGIE> but now...I like China very much.

<Vance> Are you from somewhere else?

<Michael C> So wjat changed your mind?

<MAGGIE> because I thought China was poor

<MAGGIE> and dirty....and so on

<Michael C> And now? Surely a lot of China is still poor...

<MAGGIE> but I find that in fact China is a special courntry

<Michael C> Go on...

<MAGGIE> with many special things...such as Spring

Festival..and so on..

<MAGGIE> many things that I thought that was usual..but I find

they are all very special

<Vance> It's good that you appreciate where you are

<Michael C> Well I think that it's much better that you like your


<Vance> Did you travel somewhere else to make you appreciate


<Michael C> I thnk if people don't like their country it often means

they are unhappy about who they are.

<MAGGIE> yes..I agree with Michael..And I am very happy now

<MAGGIE> no..i didn't ..Vance

<Michael C> I thnk you are wise Maggie!

<MAGGIE> thanks ...Michael

<MAGGIE> I didn't travel abroad ...Vance.

<MAGGIE> I just went to some cities in China..and

<Vance> I'm happy with who I am but I was glad to leave Texas

<Michael C> I didn't realise you were a Texan Vance!

<Michael C> Big hats, country music, cowboys....

<MAGGIE> I think I will study abroad after university.

<MAGGIE> cool..Vance..did u pretend to be a cowboy ever?

<Michael C> Where would you like to go?

<Vance> But you are just entering the university. ... yep, I used to

play cowboy when I was a kid.

<Michael C> Great question Maggie!

<Vance> Just knee high to a grasshopper

<Michael C> Do you think Vance has a gun?

<MAGGIE> cool!..and I think I should plan my future early

<MAGGIE> and collect money

<Vance> no way, I have no use for a gun

<Vance> Do you mean save money?

<Michael C> Then not a cowboy. That's a relief!

<MAGGIE> Yes...Relief...and I think I should save money while i

am in university

<Vance> that's hard. Will you work?

<Michael C> But university students have nothing!

<MAGGIE> I think I will have a job while studying and.

<Michael C> Part time work and part time study?

<MAGGIE> is not a part time to me...I think

<MAGGIE> just when I am free I will have a job...because

<Vance> What can you do while studying full time that will allow

you to earn enough money to save some?

<Michael C> So you're wise and you work hard! A good

combination. You should do well in life!

<MAGGIE> I think it's good for me to live abroad when I am

young....I can have a job while on holiday

<Vance> Where would you like to live abroad?

<MAGGIE> Maybe USA...but now I 'd like to study in Germany

<MAGGIE> and I can leart one more language too

<Vance> maybe you can meet Maggi (no E)

<MAGGIE> but it's hard to study in Germany...I should leart 600

hours German before studying in Germany

<Michael C> Where is she by the way? Why isn't she here?

<MAGGIE> I have the same question as Michael

<Vance> I'm not sure. Either she is taking a class or teaching


<MAGGIE> I met Maggi last Sunday.

<Michael C> It's strange for her not to be here.

<Vance> Last week, Michael wasn't here.

<Michael C> Last week I was exhausted!

<Vance> I think she sent an email saying she wouldn't be here, or

maybe it was an ICQ message

<MAGGIE> yes..but both Vance and me is here last Sun and


<Vance> And Ying Lan is usually here too, but maybe she has

training again today.

<MAGGIE> have u two ever studied abroad?

<Michael C> And what about Ying Lan? Was there an email from

her saying she wasnt coming...I can't remember.

<Vance> I've never studies abroad, but I've traveled a lot

<Vance> studied ...

<Michael C> Oh - you just answered my question about YL.

<Vance> Normally, Maggie, you would meet ying Lan here.

<Michael C> I only studied language when I was living in orher


<MAGGIE> i see....why did u say that..Vance?

<Michael C> Dutch in Holland, ad Hebrew in Israel - but I've

forgotten nearly all of that. No practice for too many years.

<Vance> Because you've been here twice and have never met

Ying Lan

<MAGGIE> and how it feel while studying or traveling abroad?....I

see ...Vance...and

<Vance> Ying Lan was here every Sunday for over a year up to

last week.

<Vance> Now she has to go to Taipei for a training course

<Michael C> Exactly! It's strange that she's not here.

<MAGGIE> it still is a good experience for me to talk to u two and


<Michael C> But it's great to have new faces here.

<Vance> But maggie is here, and just as much fun!

<Vance> Do many people use Internet where you are?

<MAGGIE> woo..And I think they just want me to understand u they don't come

<MAGGIE> it should be many people using internet


<MAGGIE> it's 8:45 in the night.

<Vance> Are you able to reach our geocities web site?

<Michael C> So you know many people who use the Internet?

<MAGGIE> I can't read the some web site.

<MAGGIE> I don't know why

<Michael C> But the webheads site?

<Vance> Any geocities sites?

<MAGGIE> sorry..but which is Geocities web site?

<Vance> or Tripod? Actually I moved to tripod because of the

Geocities problem

<Vance> Can you get the Tripod site?

<Vance> The webheads home page, your home page?

<MAGGIE> I can get the webheads home page..but I cant' get to

the one that I can find the dialog of last Sun

<MAGGIE> do u know why?


<Vance> I just went to it. Can you get it now?

<Vance> I'm asking because Moral couldn't reach our web page


We lost a little more of the chat here. Maggie says that she has never been able to reach our tripod website.



<Vance> So you can get some of our pages, but not all of them?

<Michael C> How disappointing. Maybe I should try and put it on

my site and see if Maggie can get it. Or try the Homstead website


<Michael C> There again email is probably easier.

<MAGGIE> I remember some like http://members.... some place

like that I can't go

<Vance> It's odd if she can get the webheads home page but not

one html in the site

<Vance> But you can reach our home page at:

<Michael C> Vance - if homestead chatn works then Homestead

hosted webpages should also work shouldn't they?


<Vance> Can you reach that one?

<MAGGIE> yes..I can't reach this one

<Michael C> In China I mean..

<Vance> oh, you CAN'T reach the webheads site??

<MAGGIE> I can't

<Vance> terrible

<MAGGIE> and I am trying again now

<Vance> You have a webpage. I'll email you that one too.

<Michael C> That IS terrible!

<MAGGIE> but I don't think I can this time

<Vance> that's too bad. All our pictures are there.

<MAGGIE> really?...bad..I really want to have a look

<Vance> Maybe i can mirror it somewhere

<Vance> homestead is a possibility

<Vance> Let me give you a test url ...

<MAGGIE> what test??

Anonymous37 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous37 has left the chat room.


<Vance> One moment ...


<MAGGIE> i have to go the WC now ..sorry..I will back in seconds

<Michael C> Maggie - try thjis first:

<Michael C> ...or when you come back!

<MAGGIE> I am back..ok..I try now

<Vance> That's a better test.

<MAGGIE> moment

<MAGGIE> yes.I can get it now

<Vance> I'm having an explorer crash. i might get tossed offline

<Michael C> Well V I gotta go anyway.

<Vance> I could put the webheads site at homestead via ftp

<MAGGIE> I can see many photos now...

<Michael C> Seems like homestead might be a solution...a bit if a

hassle though...2 copies of everything?

<Vance> I could just ftp it and see if it works

<MAGGIE> yes..thanks

<Vance> I can't get into my homestead site because the crash in

progress is hiding my logon info

<MAGGIE> u like taking it right?

<Michael C> OK man. But I'm off to bed. See you soon. Nice

talking to you both.

<Vance> OK MC. Nice to talk to you again.

<Michael C<MAGGIE> photograhper.

<MAGGIE> And I also have to go now..

<Michael C> Oh. OK - a little bit! Night!

<MAGGIE> I have to review some homework..

Michael C has left the chat room.

<Vance> night night

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