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Maggie's Photo Gallery

Here are two pics. The pic which is named "parents"was taken by me.You can see my dad and mum in the pic.You haven't seen my parents before. That's one of the best pics that I have taken. Hope you like them.

Thanks, Maggie. Where was the other picture taken, the one on the left? Is that you in the middle? Tell us more about that one ... Vance

Hello.Yah. I am standing in the middle. The stupid one... haha.. well that pic was also taken in Hong Kong last summer. I went to HK with four of my friends. We did have a good time. Hongkong is a beautiful city.

The one on the right was taken one day before my birthday last year. It was Sunday. We went to a park that day. I took a lot of pics there. But this one seems a little dark. Anyway, I will try to find another better one later.

I will send them to you to let you see how handsome my Dad is and how beautiful my Mum is...haha...

Thanks for doing so many things for me,Vance. May 7, 2000

Its my pleasure to help appreciative students - Vance

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Last updated: May 10, 2000