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A Day in the Life of Felix

For those of you who have just joined us, Felix was living with his family near a beach at his home in Brazil when he lost his job with the sugar cane company. Now his family is still there but Felix has had to move to a town far away to become director of a language school, and he can only see his family on weekends. To complicate his communting, he appears to be going to school studying liberal arts and having to drive 130 km each way, and I don't think this is over a superhighway.

The school where Felix works has an interesting website, but I forget the url. Maybe Felix can remind us (this time Felix I'll put it on your Webheads webpage.) Vance, March 2000

Well, Vance, you haven't heard from me these days cause I started college and I went there every day this week. As I have already told you I have to drive 130 kilometers to get there. But now I am not driving there anymore.. I am taking a bus. It's safer and cheaper. I am glad you realized I was missing here... It means that I make an impression on the Webheads..

About the home page of my school... It's; CCAA, which stands for Centro Cultural Anglo-Americano March 31, 2000

From last year, while Felix was living with his family

My typical day is not that different from most of people. I generally start my day at 7:45, when I wake up and rush to work (I never have time to even have my breakfast, only to put on my clothes). At 8:00 - 8:05 I get to work, and start my working day.

My job is basically to pay the company's bill, make contracts (I deal with buying cocoa from the farmers), give them receipts, answer the phone, go to the bank, etc, etc, etc.) Between 12:00 and 1:15 I am at home for my lunch break, and I spare some time to check e-mails. At 1:30 I return to the office again to finish my work.

At 5:30 I get OUT of there, pick up my son at school, go to the bakery and get bread and go home. I rush again to go to the English course where I give English classes, and stay there from 6:20 to 9:30 pm.

When I get back home it's almost 10:00 pm. I unwind with a hot shower (even if it's summer) and go check my family. I stay with them for about 30 minutes and then everyone hits the sack (except me hehe)... I turn the computer on and stay on the Internet until around midnight - 1:00 am)... Then I go to bed, turn on the TV, watch the news or a movie, and sleep like a baby.

Then at 7:45 I wake up again and everything starts over. That's my typical day.

On Dec 8, 1999, Felix wrote this to all the webheads:

 I don't know if I will come to the Palace for a good long time, because I will be on the beach from New Year's celebration to January 15th. After that I will start my new job in another city and there's no computer there. So I plan to take my computer there but I will only be online during the week cause on weekends, I will be heading home where my family is (the same city I am still living in now). So when I get home there will be no computer for me and I think I should spend time with them cause it will have passed a week I won't see the brats.


Anyway, I will be in touch with you by e-mail...

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