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Chat with students Ying Lan and Felix and Roner from Brazil, and teachers Maggi and Vance

April 16, 2000

I arrived at the Palace to find Felix waiting there.  I was at my office playing with NetMeeting, and Felix agreed to hook up with me.  We made the connection but because Felix had an older version of the software than I did, he could see and hear me but I couldn’t see or hear him.  Felix lost his connection, but meanwhile Maggi had come on, and she and I sat for a while at the Palace talking.  Eventually I started installing CU-See-me on my computer.  It was taking up the whole screen, but my computer started talking to me.  It was Ying Lan.  I recognized her voice.  So I pressed F9 and talked to her although I couldn’t see any of my applications except the install screen.  Still the hearme chat worked and we were able to converse.  By then Felix had rejoined Maggi at the Palace.  Just as Ying Lan had decided to join the two of them, Felix’s friend Roner appeared in the voice chat.  I told Felix and he left the Palace to join Roner and I at the voice chat site.  From that point, I chatted with Roner and Felix by voice and by text in the voice chat area, while Maggi and Ying Lan conducted girl-talk in the Palace.  I was in both places, but paying most attention to the guys in the voice chat.  I wasn’t sure if the girls wanted me to join them, but when the guys left I did.  Eventually the conversation wound down and I was left all by myself.


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This chat had two parts: The Palace part and the Voice Chat part


Chat in the Palace


  Connecting to

  Connected via TCP

  Connecting to

  Connected via TCP

  Extraneous Packet  0x2cffc6

  *** Welcome to The Virtual School House Vance!

  Vance:            @64,64 !It's Vance

  No connection - Click Anywhere to enter a Palace

  Connecting to

  Connected via TCP

  *** Welcome to The Virtual School House Vance!

  Vance:            @64,64 !It's Vance

  Vance:            Hey Felix.  You're up early

  Felix:            Hi Vance..

  Felix:            Yeah...  I slept early yesterday.

  Vance:            You went to bed early yesterday.

  Felix:            That's right

  Vance:            or went to sleep ...

  Felix:            So, how was the conference?

  Vance:            It went very well.  There were six of us there.

  Felix:            Kewl!!!!!!!!!!

  Vance:            We're doing another one on Wed May 3rd at 13:00 GMT.

  Felix:            Wanna go to MC's voice hp? Or are you doing something else?

  Vance:            That's the same time of day as the last one

  Vance:            No, I can go there.

  Felix:            what is the www?


  Vance:            I'm there now.

  Vance:            Hey, I've got a video on this thing.  Can you do net meeting?

  Felix:            yep

  Maggi:            @64,64 !It's Maggi

  Maggi:            Hi..

  Vance:            Hi Maggi.  Felix and I are in ICQ.  Can you authorize me?  Or did you receive the request.

  Maggi:            did it already

  Felix:            Hi mad

  Maggi:            Hi Felix...

  Maggi:            things better?

  Felix:            I think so

  Maggi:            that's something

  Felix:            or I am believing so hehe

  Vance:            I'm sending it now.  Please check.  I'm on a new machine.

  Sun Moon:         @64,64 !It's Sun Moon

  Vance:            Hello Sun Moon.  Nice name. 

  Maggi:            maybeyes it is

  Vance:            Felix. I just got word on netmeeting you are not accepting calls.

  Felix:            uh??????

  Vance:            I'll try again.

  Maggi:            this screen is too small

  Felix:            That's what I hate in Microsoft's programs

  Vance:            Waiting for response

  Maggi:            I authorized you Vance

  Maggi:             see Ying

  Felix:            I know a program similar to Qtalk, but you can have video also

  Vance:            No luck this time again.

  Maggi:            you mean me Vance?

  Vance:            Maggi, I don't know why I've got you in my awaiting authorization list still.

  Felix:            brb

  Maggi:            who knows...Ming is still there but on my list

  Vance:            Felix and I are trying to establish netmeeting contact

  Vance:            Felix can see and hear me but I can't see or hear him.

  Maggi:            I am peeling potatoes

  Vance:            Did you just get my icq message?

  Maggi:            yes I did and answered it

  Maggi:            it's hanging

  Vance:            It was hung in send through server.  I sent it.

  Maggi:            it went

  Vance:            I got the reply.  I was hoping I could use it to add you to my buddy list.  Ok ..

  Maggi:            so what is with Ying?

  Vance:            This time I'm going to delete you from this machine and start over.

  Maggi:            not on the list eh?

  Vance:            No, not on this one.

  Maggi:            I see you thoughahhh...getting deleted...again

  Vance:            ok maggi, what's your icq number??

  Vance:            so I can add you back of course ...

  Maggi:            this one is 10343718

  Vance:            ok, adding user 10343718

  Maggi:            I wish I could make this thing fit right

  Vance:            I've got a very irritating banner add.  Have you got it?

  Maggi:            then I could see what I type

  Maggi:            no

  Maggi:            old version

  Maggi:            ok...did it again

  Maggi:            says it worked

  Maggi:            nce lady

  Maggi:            nice

  Sun Moon:         @64,64 !It's Sun Moon

  Vance:            lucky you.  this one keeps coming back across my text entry window

  Vance:            That worked. You're on my list now.

  Maggi:            hey..there you are again Sxdun

  Vance:            High again, sunmoon

  Maggi:            Sun Moon

  Maggi:            you are high again Vance

  Maggi:            what happened to Ying?

  Maggi:            there she goes again

  Vance:            I have to add Ying and Felix to my list here.

  Maggi:            they both left

  Vance:            I added Ying but don't see her online

  Maggi:            they aren't there

  Vance:            still there?

  Maggi:            only you me and my potatoes

  Maggi:            god that chicken smells good!

  Maggi:            must be busy that Vance

  Vance:            I was trying to add felix but I see I have an authorization problem there too.  Is he online?

  Maggi:            no

  Maggi:            they both left

  Vance:            ok maybe we should just hang out for an hour or so.  Are you cooking dinner?

  Vance:            Something smells good over here.

  Maggi:   is driving me nuts

  Maggi:   smells good

  Maggi:            just peeling potatoes while I wait for a response

  Vance:            That was neat being able to get a video image out to Felix.  I think Nicia was using Netmeeting too.

  Vance:            I have to type between banner add appearances.

  Maggi:            can't you get rid of it?

  Maggi:            Nicia is working on an interesting project.

  Vance:            How?

  Maggi:            close it?

  Maggi:            zap it into the nether ether?

  Maggi:            push buttons

  Vance:            Naw, I moved it off screen and it jumped back on.  I closed it, it returned.

  Maggi:            that sort of thing makes me less interested in updating regardless of the bells and whitsles

  Vance:            It is a living organism ... the CURSE of the banner AD!!!

  Maggi:            hmmm

  Vance:            This is the most obnoxious one yet.  Most of them will stay buried behind another window.

  Maggi:            can't you make it small and send it down under?

  Maggi:            the next curse on humanity...wse need a hacker to solve this

  Vance:            So you gave up on your download?  How are you gonna get that file.  You should be loading it in now.

  Maggi:            don't sweat it...I'll get it...

  Maggi:            nobody here anyway

  Maggi:            well...except you...

  Vance:            I wonder if Maggie got the Palace.

  Maggi:            and you've heard my voice.

  Maggi:            don't know

  Maggi:            saw her earlier

  Maggi:            didn't ask

  Vance:            Did you say hi?

  Maggi:            to Maggie/

  Maggi:            ?

  Maggi:            of course

  Vance:            Did she say she might return?

  Maggi:            no

  Maggi:            Ming is sleeping

  Maggi:            beautiful sunny day here!

  Vance:            Nice day here too.  Thinking about going hiking this weekend.  I was in touch with Gosia the other day.  She's going hiking too, or climbing.

  Maggi:            I know...and much happier

  Maggi:            saw Brigett too

  Vance:            Her mom's ok too.  So what's Bridgett up to?

  Maggi:            her Aunt died and we had a great conversation about death

  Vance:            wonder what kind of wake they do

  Maggi:            normal funeral

  Maggi:            she believes too that a person's life should be remembered and celebrated...not the end of it

  Maggi:            she was my age...a year younger

  Maggi:            so I'm on a kur to getting as fit aS POSSIBLE

  Vance:            oooo that's my age , less

  Maggi:            yep...

  Maggi:            I'm into quality for the rest

  Maggi:            I may even lick the MS and run again

  Vance:            What's Reiki btw

  Maggi:            finding the universal energy

  Maggi:            siurce oif

  Maggi:            oops

  Maggi:            source of

  Maggi:            it works

  Maggi:            I know....I didn't show you

  Maggi:            you are not on icq

  Vance:            show me what?

  Maggi:            whAT IT FEELS LIKE

  Vance:            I'm logging on to another computer.  I'm going on icq over there.

  Maggi:            oops

  Vance:            What Reiki feels like?

  Maggi:            potatoe fingers

  Maggi:            yes...Reiki

  Maggi:            not potatoe fingers

  Maggi:            they slipped

  Maggi:            I was not sure about touching you

  Maggi:            look what happened when we just did a quick missed the tram!

  Vance:            So Reiki is a kind of touch?

  Maggi:            yes...only touch

  Maggi:            when  touch a place that doesn't feel good it goes away

  Maggi:            I

  Maggi:            I touch on me I mean

  Vance:            The not feel good goes away?

  Maggi:            yep

  Maggi:            it works with others too

  Maggi:            Peter does it with his children but he hsn't control over it

  Vance:            Any urls I can visit for more info?

  Maggi:            yes...a pile...have to find them...

  Maggi:            don't tell me you are interested?

  Maggi:            hehehe

  Maggi:            it fits into quantum mechanics too by the way

  Maggi:            which states that universal energy can be influenced by thought

  Vance:            Actually it came up at the office the other day and I didn't know anyti9ng aout it other than it was something you were into.

  Maggi:            how did it come up?

  Vance:            Someone was reading out an email.  Nothing earth shattering.  But when I notice a lacuna in my knowledge I try to fill it.

  Maggi:   me

  Vance:            I can't get back onto icq.  ?? >>

  Maggi:            I see that

  Maggi:            lucky this works

  Maggi:            maybe that's why there are no stdents or mc

  Maggi:            or they have such fine weather as here

  Maggi:            and food cooking

  Maggi:            ah ther you are now

  Vance:            I can get on thru this machine but not the other.

  Maggi:            where would you be without your machines?

  Vance:            I was trying to move to the other machine.  This one is not on my desk.

  Vance:            What, without my machines?   Noooooo

  Maggi:            on the floor?

  Vance:            Don't even SAY that ...

  Maggi:            hehehe

  Maggi:            have to go back to usine your head...LOL

  Maggi:            using

  Vance:            I don't notice you letting much time go by between logons

  Maggi:            touche...

  Maggi:            I get it while I can

  Maggi:            you make me laugh

  Maggi:            I like it

  Maggi:            I need to find a man with a sense of humor

  Maggi:            and can deal with comouters

  Maggi:            computers

  Maggi:            but lets me deal with mine

  Maggi:            biggest is he has to let me be me

  Maggi:            hmmm

  Vance:            That's a common thread in women I know who broke free.

  Maggi:            not going to be easy...they are all married...

  Maggi:            and found oout they were people too?

  Maggi:            and didn't want to go back to being a slave or second class?

  Vance:            guess not.  One got her phd

  Maggi:            bravo

  Maggi:            sad thing is men would profit more if they had partners instead of you know

  Vance:            everyone benefits from partnerships, men, women ...

  Maggi:            then tell me why so many have blinders on?

  Maggi:            power?

  Vance:            brought up to be that way

  Felix:            @64,64 !It's Felix

  Felix:            Hello again

  Vance:            Hey there felix.

  Felix:            So where are the students?

  Vance:            Felix, I'm going to send you an icq authorization request

  Felix:            I got it Vance.. And authorized you

  Vance:            But it didn't work.  I have to resend.  What's your number (I just deleted it)

  Felix:            25808003

  Felix:            Hey, it's happening a huge party next week here in Brazil

  Felix:            anybody home?

  Maggi:            Hi Felix...had to go add potoes and carrots to my chicken

  Felix:            hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  Maggi:            it smells ssoooooooo good

  Felix:            So how is stefan?

  Maggi:            taqking his motorcycle apart

  Felix:            again?????? oh my!!!!!!!!

  Maggi:            half of it is in his bedroom

  Maggi:            some is soaking in the tub

  Maggi:            it looks like a parts place here

  Felix:            one day he will built 2 motorcycles with the parts heheh

  Maggi:   keeps him busy

  Maggi:            and he is learning

  Felix:            that's right

  Maggi:            and he tries to save me money too

  Maggi:            by doing it himself

  Felix:            So is he working?

  Maggi:            hey Ying is back too  <Ying stops by the voice chat first; click here to join her there>

  Maggi:            not yet...until he finishes school in June

  Felix:            summer job?

  Maggi:            then I will probably send him to the US for University

  Felix:            That's a smart option

  Felix:            choice I mean

  Maggi:            I could hae him work for me

  Maggi:            :-)

  Felix:            LOL bad mom

  Maggi:            now now...

  Maggi:            I can deduct it from my taxes...I haqve to give him money anyway!

  Felix:            Talking about taxes .. I need to have my incoming taxes done this afternoon.. I hate doing it

  Maggi:            so do I ...

  Vance:            Ying Lan is in the voice chat.  She can't be two places at once. I"l bring her here.

  Maggi:            income taxes

  Maggi:            eeee

  Felix:            yuck!

  Maggi:            I agree...have to finish 98 nd take it in tomorrow

  Felix:            Wow!!!!!! 98??????

  Maggi:            well...I'm late

  Felix:            so late

  Maggi:            just got 97 in a few weeks ago

  Felix:            dont you have to pay any fee because of your delay?

  Maggi:            I have until October for 99

  Felix:            I have until this month for 99

  Maggi:            maybe this ti e...DM 300

  Maggi:            in the US I would no doubt be in jqil

  Maggi:            jail

  Felix:            not in Brazil....

  Felix:            the most that can happen is that you pay a huge fee

  Maggi:            Brazil is Europe

  Maggi:            just want money

  Felix:            I dont see it this way

  Vance:            I was just talking to Ying Lan.  She's coming here.

  Vance:            Now Roner is in the voice chat

  Felix:            oh

  Felix:            I am going there then  <click here to join Felix and Roner in the voice chat>

  Vance:            And I'm talking to him

  Felix:            Can you listen to him Vance?

  Vance:            Yeah, I can hear him.  Ying Lan has left and she's coming to the Palace to talk to Maggi

  Ying-Lan:         @64,64 !It's Ying-Lan

  Vance:            Hi

  Ying-Lan:         HI, maggi was gone.

  Ying-Lan:         only you and me again.

  Ying-Lan:         What's wrong?????

  Ying-Lan:         I just pu

  Ying-Lan:         I just moved my notebook to my room....

  Ying-Lan:         The line was always busy one hour before... I could not send any message to you by icq at that time, even I saw you in the contact list.

  Vance:            I wonder why Felix had to leave here to go there?  So Ying Lan, you Yyou

  Ying-Lan:         Felix is still on line...

  Ying-Lan:         Does he go to our voice chat room?

  Ying-Lan:         HOw's your weekend? Only for our conference.. or another conference.

  Vance:            Did you guys pass on the way to and from the Palace?

  Ying-Lan:         What do you mean.. pass on the way to and from the Palace?

  Vance:            I thought maybe you saw Felix on your way in.

  Vance:            He was going out about that time

  Vance:            I'm joking Ying Lan.

  Ying-Lan:         I saw him when I was in...but he did not say anything to me.

  Ying-Lan:         How was him? Where is maggi? She went to have her launch?

  Ying-Lan:         I did not see her name in my contact list.

  Vance:            Did Maggi leave?  Where did she go?  Do you want to come back to the voice chat?

  Vance:            Yeah, she's gone offline !!!

  Ying-Lan:         She has to work on Sunday?

  Maggi:            @64,64 !It's Maggi

  Vance:            She does?  I think she was cooking.  There she is.

  Maggi:            man a big wind blew me away

  Ying-Lan:         hi, maggi.

  Maggi:            Hi Ying

  Maggi:            when something goes down it goes down

  Ying-Lan:         I want to tell you .... " I have passed my test, I got the advice on last Wednesday. "

  Maggi:            the good new you mean

  Maggi:            news

  Ying-Lan:         A good news, at least I DON'T NEED to prepare it in next year.

  Maggi:            well...Felix left eh?

  Maggi:            for next year

  Ying-Lan:         I saw Felix in the contact list

  Ying-Lan:         see

  Maggi:            good news is always good

  Ying-Lan:         I dond't need to prepare it for next year.

  Maggi:            there you go ... one less thing to worry about then

  Vance:            I'm talking to Felix and Roner in the other room.

  Maggi:            men talk then?

  Ying-Lan:         My vice manager advise me to look for a man whom I will marry. it is the only job I have to do ... he said.

  Ying-Lan:         Do you think so?

  Maggi:            well he should have his rain checked Ying

  Vance:            I head that !!

  Maggi:            brain

  Vance:            heard

  Maggi:            see

  Ying-Lan:          Brain check... it is good or bad?

  Maggi:            you got us both worked up

  Ying-Lan:         work up.. cheer up?

  Maggi:            bad...what in the world does he think you are?

  Vance:            No worked up means angry

  Ying-Lan:         work up means angry...

  Maggi:            you are a person

  Vance:            He should have his brain checked = head examined

  Maggi:            and you will marry when it is right for you...

  Vance:            by a doctor, because he's sick

  Maggi:            not for someone else

  Ying-Lan:         He said if I don't marry in next three years... then It is hard to marry anyone in Taiwan.

  Maggi:            tell him the wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead...

  Maggi:            then you  move

  Ying-Lan:         Maggi, you mean I am a person.. I have the right to choose which one I want..

  Ying-Lan:         rights.

  Maggi:   do Ying!!

  Maggi:            Don't let aqny man tell you otherwise.

  Ying-Lan:         But the problem is I do not dare to meet people...

  Maggi:            why not

  Maggi:            you met us...

  Ying-Lan:         It is different... you are far from me...

  Maggi:            not really

  Maggi:            here we are close

  Ying-Lan:         We don't meet each other in the real world.

  Maggi:            this is real too

  Ying-Lan:         It is real by heart to heart...

  Maggi:            and our hearts have met...

  Vance:            Maggi and I met in the real world.  And she met Michael too.

  Vance:            It turned out we were exactly the same as we'd imagined.

  Ying-Lan:         Where is Michaelc...? he doesn't come tonoght, does he?

  Maggi:            only better

  Vance:            Michael is playing music somewhere.

  Maggi:            he is sleeping maybe...

  Ying-Lan:         only better ?

  Maggi:            yes...when we met it was better

  Ying-Lan:         I forgot tell you...The line was very slow one or one and half hours before..

  Maggi:            guitar will travel

  Maggi:            we know

  Maggi:            hey I'm sinking

  Ying-Lan:         I could not contact you guy by icq, even I saw vance in the contact list.. maggi, how did you know?

  Vance:            Michael emailed to say he was on holiday and was going to play guitar somewhere tonight.

  Maggi:            I couold see it

  Ying-Lan:         All.... on holiday...

  Maggi:            mc will take any opportunity to play...

  Maggi:            makes him feel good

  Maggi:            nd he should do it

  Ying-Lan:         That's good he have the habbit..

  Maggi:            habit

  Maggi:            better is that he enjoys what he likes as a hobby

  Maggi:            like Vance enjoys diving

  Maggi:            do you have hobbies you enjoy Ying?

  Maggi:            that make yo tingle?

  Maggi:            you

  Ying-Lan:         I think about

  Maggi:            don't think too long...

  Ying-Lan:         Watch H|BO

  Ying-Lan:         Watch HBO

  Maggi:            anything else...?

  Maggi:            does that make you tingle?

  Ying-Lan:         I learned the oil painting... one year before.

  Maggi:            ah...and?

  Ying-Lan:         I am a bored woman.

  Maggi:            well get back to painting then!!

  Ying-Lan:         yeah...

  Maggi:            i LOVE TO DRAW AND PAINT

  Maggi:            oops

  Maggi:            it makes me tingle

  Ying-Lan:         I think I will go to painting class again.. tingle is the name of a small car.

  Maggi:            good name

  Maggi:            so you feel good when you drive it?

  Ying-Lan:         Why did you ask me the hobby?

  Maggi:            you need something to make you happy

  Ying-Lan:         I like to read.

  Maggi:            something you do for just you

  Maggi:            ok...

  Ying-Lan:         How about "work"?

  Maggi:            there we ngo

  Maggi:            work is ok too...I love my job

  Maggi:            but it is not for just me

  Ying-Lan:         But I don't love my job now.. it is hard for me.

  Maggi:            it gives me the money I need to live how I want

  Ying-Lan:         My brain is so small to think about my job...

  Maggi:            your brain is big...we only use a small part

  Maggi:            so much is left over...:-)

  Ying-Lan:         You are right.

  Maggi:            use it for you then

  Ying-Lan:         But I think I can not afford it.

  Maggi:            Vance is just listenig again...LOL

  Maggi:            sure you can Ying...

  Ying-Lan:         It is beyond my ability to make the load plan of my customer.

  Maggi:            well...that is silly...of course you can....

  Maggi:            juset do it

  Maggi:            just...don't think about it

  Maggi:            do it

  Ying-Lan:         do what?

  Maggi:            make the load plan

  Ying-Lan:         do my job without thinking.

  Ying-Lan:         I did... I did it today...

  Maggi:            you can do your job...why think about it...just do it?

  Ying-Lan:         Thanks ..

  Maggi:            see

  Ying-Lan:         Need your courage.

  Ying-Lan:         Did you see the movis "Life is beautiful"?

  Maggi:   just need to feel good about yourself

  Ying-Lan:         feel good.

  Maggi:            no, i DIDN'T SEE THQT FILLM...DID YOU?

  Maggi:            eee...slipped again

  Ying-Lan:         I saw it ...

  Vance:            who me?  No, I didn't see it.

  Vance:            (who's shouting over here?)

  Maggi:            how did you  like it Ying?

  Ying-Lan:         It is a good movie..

  Ying-Lan:         Yes, I can find the meaning of life from the film.

  Ying-Lan:         I lie.

  Vance:            Do you mean you are joking?

  Ying-Lan:         I like the film.. I still be sad after I saw it.

  Ying-Lan:         It desire to see the film if you get the  opportunity.

  Maggi:            sorry...had to go throw my son some pliers

  Maggi:            Ying...what did you learn from the film?

  Ying-Lan:         A father loved his son so much.


  Maggi:            eee...did it agaqin

  Maggi:            wish my son's father did

  Ying-Lan:         The man loved his family.. and chased his wife by his entire heart..

  Maggi:            yes...that will get you...

  Maggi:            by the heart strings we say

  Maggi:            this man in the film loved a woman so much and she died because he couldn't get back to her

  Maggi:            and he promised

  Maggi:            but things got in the way

  Ying-Lan:         The importatnt one is the father protect his son in WAR 2

  Maggi:            something tells me maybe you are sad because you have no chidren Ying.

  Maggi:            I know people who have no children and are not unhappy...

  Maggi:            you can help others then

  Maggi:            wow...look at me...igit

  Ying-Lan:         No.. I find the message in the film ..

  Maggi:            which is?

  Ying-Lan:         Someone ask me it is good to learn English by going to school or study by herself.

  Maggi:            talking to others is best...using the language.

  Maggi:            communicating

  Maggi:            the rest comes with it

  Maggi:            Vance?

  Vance:            I'm here.  Just got back from the little boy's room

  Ying-Lan:         You think it is good to learn English by going to school.

  Vance:            Roner and Felix left the voice chat so I took a break.

  Maggi:            forget school Ying

  Maggi:            talk to people

  Vance:            School can be a place where you can meet people and talk to them.  It depends on the school.

  Ying-Lan:         You think it is better to talk to people .

  Maggi:            you can go to school forever and get no where

  Maggi:            depends on the people who go

  Maggi:            sure

  Ying-Lan:         I think os.

  Ying-Lan:         so.

  Vance:            Depends on how the teachers think

  Maggi:            well why leave your destiny up to them...take it in your own hands

  Maggi:            you did by cming here

  Maggi:            coming

  Maggi:            gee that food smells stomach is starting to say feed me...:-)

  Maggi:            i HAVE TO GO TAKE A EEK

  Maggi:            peek

  Maggi:            eek

  Ying-Lan:         It is time to have your lunch.

  Maggi:            this  is dinner

  Ying-Lan:         I think it is time to say bye to you.

  Ying-Lan:         dinner????

  Maggi:            yes...on Ssunday

  Ying-Lan:         Have a nice diner.

  Maggi:            It in't finished yet

  Vance:            I've got to go too.  I"m very tired.  And someone is here to help with videoconferencign.

  Maggi:            see...his fingers are tired

  Ying-Lan:         your son.

  Maggi:            the words are all running together

  Ying-Lan:         I think he is tired .. he worked all day.

  Vance:            Yeah, I've got to run.  No, I'm at work.

  Vance:            I've been here for 11 hours.

  Vance:            Just one more to go

  Maggi:            I usually do 12

  Ying-Lan:         Are you still be in your office\?

  Vance:            Normal.  Yeah, I am.

  Ying-Lan:         Waaaa,

  Ying-Lan:         Thanks for you.,

  Ying-Lan:         Thanks a lot.

  Ying-Lan:         see you next week.

  Dr. Mary:         @64,64 !It's Dr. Mary

  Maggi:            mouthatering

  Maggi:            watering...who is DrMary?

  Maggi:            Hi...hello?

  Maggi:            getting goose bumps

  Maggi:            wwhere i she?

  Maggi:   food is calling me

  Vance:            Boy, I'm really into work.  We're working on videoconferencing because we have a conference in May.

  Vance:            It's very interesting but very tiring. 

  Vance:            I was in touch with Felix by netmeeting today.

  Maggi:            well then I'll let you get down to it...bye Ying!

  Vance:            I just installed CUSeeme and just now tried it out.  It works.

  Maggi:            it  worked 2 yrs ago

  Vance:            First time I tried it. 

  Maggi:            Dave tried it out on me

  Vance:            Do you have it?

  Maggi:            I was his guinea pg

  Maggi:            pig

  Maggi:            somewhere

  Vance:            Do you want to try it now?  Oink?

  Maggi:   food is calling

  Vance:            You're NO FUN at all!!!

  Maggi:            well...just won't let you use me to satify your desires

  Maggi:            stisfy....

  Maggi:            LOL

  Maggi:            satisfy

  Maggi:            find aanother pig...

  Maggi:            man the smell i

  Maggi:            is heaven

  Maggi:            going

  Maggi:            going

  Maggi:            last words?

  Maggi:            now I wonder howw  long I shoould give him?

  Vance:            hi, boss just walked in

  Maggi:            ok...then I  am gone...bye!




See The Palace part


Here’s the text chat portion of the voice chat.  Keep in mind that as participants are writing, others are speaking as well …

And people are also going back and forth between the Palace and the voice chat!


Status: Connected

Vance has joined

Ying has joined

Vance: That's coming in broken up.

Ying: I saw maggi's name here on 4/13

Vance: Might have been MaggiEE

Ying: I think she could be here.

Vance: She's from Guandong

Ying: OHHH. she is maggie.

Vance: You thought it was Maggi our teacher.

Ying: I have passed the test.

Ying has left  <click  here to follow her to the Palace>

Roner has joined

Roner: Vance, I don't know to talk Engish very good... Excuse-me...

Felix has joined

Vance: One nice thing about this is that we can write what we are saying

Roner: All right...

Felix: yeah

Vance: What did you ask him Felix?

Felix: Do you have q-tips Roner (cotonetes) ?? hahah

Vance: Why did he ask you that?

Roner: I was try to learn the speak...

Vance: Oh, he says so you can clear your ears Roner

Vance: He's just kidding ...

Felix: Good Roner... You are speaking very good

Roner: Ok... It's good idea...

Roner: Repeat please...

Vance: Roner, Felix asked if you like the program.

Roner: Vance... With is used this program...?

Felix: can you repeat Vance?

Roner: The hearme is very good...

Felix: ok.. Now you just need to prepare the home page then

Felix: roner... let's speak in Portuguese just to test the voice quality of this program ok?

Roner: Why?

Felix: Vance what is the www in which you explain about Hear me instalation?

Felix: your voice is breaking up.

Felix: The connection is a shit now.. And I can't blame my servidor provider right Roner? LOL

Roner: Write for me, please...

Felix: "Vance what is your www??

Felix: Because Roner doesnt have it

Felix: you can go to the palace Vance.. no problem.. I stay here with roner

Felix: my puter is so slow now..

Felix: yeah

Felix: Can you give me the www Vance?

Felix: But he is online now Vance (roner)

Vance: the www for what?

Felix: where it has the explanations about hear me.. On your hp I mean

Felix: ??????

Felix: ok

Felix: ok

Felix: 25808003

Roner: Ok... You can to speak normaly betwen your, but for to speak witch me write, please...

Vance: I just asked Felix to authorize me on icq

Vance: Yes, you can give it to me

Roner: 305800995

Vance: 30580995

Vance: I see the difference

Felix: do you have me on your list now Vance?

Roner: 30580995

Roner: I am starting the icq now...

Roner has left

Felix: I dont know

Felix: I am at work.. But I live here

Felix: nope.. I went from there yesterday

Felix has left

Vance rejoins Palace chat


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