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Chat with students Ying Lan and Ming from Taiwan, MaggiE from China, and Felix and Roner from Brazil, and teachers Maggi, Michael C, and Vance

April 9, 2000

This chat was pretty interesting.  Maggi and I had just met in the Palace when we detected Ying Lan and  MaggiE (with an E) on ICQ.  We contacted both, and Ying Lan joined us in the Palace.  But MaggiE in China had been unable to download the Palace client, so Vance met her in the voice chat room (Ying Lan was there as well, but Maggi had not yet installed the 4.0+ browser she needs to join us in voice chat).  Vance tried to direct Maggie to the Palace website, but she was still unable to connect long enough to download the browser.  So Vance sent it to her using ICQ file transfer.  At 200-800 bps, it took a couple of hours, but it worked.  Meanwhile, conversations were going on in the Palace, and after Michael C and Maggi left, Ming, Felix, and Roner moved over to the voice chat room for a noisy finale.


This chat had two parts: The Palace part and the Voice Chat part


Chat in the Palace


  Connecting to

  Connected via TCP

  *** Welcome to The Virtual School House Vance!

  Vance:            @64,64 !It's Vance

  Vance:            Hi.  Where's MaggiE.  She's around, also YL

  Ying-Lan:         @64,64 !It's Ying-Lan

  Maggi:            Hi guys,..

  Ying-Lan:         hi

  Maggi:            Maggie doesn't know how to get here...

  Vance:            Hi YL.  Nice to "see" you again.

  Ying-Lan:         Did she download the software of the palace?

  Vance:            How's your computer?  Yeah, I just ICQ'd MaggiE

  Ying-Lan:         Nice to see you...

  Ying-Lan:         Fine...

  Vance:            What happened to Maggi I wonder. I'm going to try to talk MaggiE into the Palace.

  Vance:            Do you have her ICQ number?  She just sent it to us today?

  Vance:            ssshhh  (everyone is being very quiet) ...

  Maggi:            I keep losing the little window to write in...

  Ying-Lan:         Sorry, I just show Michaelc's voice chat room to my nephew... they want to play game by my computer.

  Ying-Lan:         Sorry for being quiet.

  Vance:            There, I just sent MaggiE the instructions.

  Ying-Lan:         hi, maggi

  Maggi:            hI Ying...

  Maggi:            good...I told her you would Vance...

  Maggi:            old reliable Vance lol

  Vance:            WHat do you mean OLD reliable ... ???

  Ying-Lan:         What's the old reliable?

  Maggi:            LOL

  Ying-Lan:         Funny?

  Maggi:            something in Yellowstone Park Ying

  Maggi:            should on scedule...

  Maggi:            shoots on scedule

  Maggi:            ahhh schedule

  Maggi:            ROTFL

  Vance:            Now now Maggi, ...

  Maggi:            i HOPE i DON'T GET THE HICCUPS

  Vance:            I'm not that reliable any more ...

  Maggi:            depends

  Vance:            We should be more direct.  There is a gyser in Yellowstone Park called Old Reliable because it fountains every hour and a half or so.

  Ying-Lan:         I am sorry for leaving...

  Vance:            Do you have to go?

  Ying-Lan:         I am very tired...

  Ying-Lan:         Probabaly...

  Ying-Lan:         I need to get some sleep.

  Ying-Lan:         I have to take shower then go to bed..

  Ying-Lan:         I can not think anything now.

  Ying-Lan:         BE TIRED.

  Maggi:            hope it is not the German Spring tiredness...:-)

  Vance:            YL, what time is it there now.  MaggiE is just starting a Palace download, btw.

  Ying-Lan:         It's pm 8:00.

  Vance:            Are you going to bed?

  Maggi:            and Vance just got out of explaining why he doesn't shoot reliably anymore.

  Maggi:            LOL

  Ying-Lan:         But I got up early and  I went to another city with my mother... I drove car all day.

  Maggi:            you will wake up early Ying...:-)

  Ying-Lan:         I slept late last night.

  Vance:            Well, if you don't go to bed you could take a nap and come back in an hour or two.

  Vance:            You went to bed late last night.

  Maggi:            not a good idea at night Vance

  Ying-Lan:         You will stay here over 2 hours.

  Vance:            You go to bed and then you go to sleep.

  Maggi:            looking at Vance?

  Vance:            If you "sleep late" it means in the morning .

  Ying-Lan:         I went to bed late.

  Maggi:            so did I but i TOOK A LATE NAP

  Maggi:            not a good idea

  Vance:            Don't let us keep you up.  I did talk to Felix today.  He said he'd try to make it but he probably won't come till later

  Maggi:            but then I am single so no harm done

  Maggi:            I spke to Felix last night

  Maggi:            he is burning both ends to the middle

  Maggi:            speaking of which I better check my potatoes

  Ying-Lan:         I have to go now... See you next week.

  Vance:            Maggi means he's burning the candle at both ends.

  Ying-Lan:         I knew..

  Vance:            OK, thanks for stopping by.  Oh, would you like to visit us next Thursday at this time?

  Vance:            MIchael and I are at a conference then.

  Ying-Lan:         The same time as our Sunday class?

  Maggi:            close

  Ying-Lan:         April 13th ?

  Vance:            Yes, April 12, and if it were Thu now we would have started 12 minutes ago.

  Vance:            In other words, around this time Thursday, but a little earlier.

  Ying-Lan:         4/12 is Wednesday...

  Vance:            Thursday, 4/13.  Are you in the voice chat?  MaggiE is heading there.

  Maggi:            you can go

  Maggi:            taqke care yYing

  Maggi:            sleep well

  Vance:            I'm in both places.  I'm just plugging in my mic.  MaggiE is downloading the Palace and I'll get her here.

  Vance:            YL, can you hear me in the voice chat?

  Maggi:            there's  aman for you...

  Ying-Lan:         I can not talk to you by voice chat..

  Vance:            But can you hear me?

  Ying-Lan:         I can not hear you either

  Maggi:            reliable

  Vance:            Maggi has just joined us in the voice chat.  Maybe I'll turn up the mic a little.

  Maggi:            Maggie

  Maggi:            not me

  Vance:            MaggiE says she can hear me, but she can't talk either.

  Ying-Lan:         I don't know why I can not hear you..

  Maggi:            tja...that's life

  Ying-Lan:         That's terrible.

  Maggi:            well not really

  Vance:            Maggie says she can hear me.  Do you get sound from other applications?

  Maggi:            Vance will get to the bottom of this

  Ying-Lan:         I don't know... but my speaker works.

  Vance:            Well, I can try turning up the sound now.  MaggiE is 26% through a Palace download.

  Vance:            YL, you can talk to MaggiE in the voice chat if you like.  On the other hand, if you're sleepy ...

  Ying-Lan:         I CAN NOT TALK TO ANYONE by voice chat now.. It doesn't work.

  Vance:            But can't you type in the text chat area?

  Vance:            Hi, YL and MaggiE are now chatting in the other chat area.

  Vance:            She's a bit tired.

  Vance:            YL I mean.

  Vance:            hello .. ???

  Ying-Lan:         Bye Maggi.

  Ying-Lan:         See you next week.

  Vance:            OK, bye YL

  Ying-Lan:         bye Vance.

  Maggi:            bye yING

  Maggi:            take care

  Maggi:            hello?

  Vance:            HI, I'm talking to MaggiE

  Maggi:            in the meantime I am getting hit on in icq

  Vance:            MaggiE says I'm the first person to hear her voice on the Internet.

  Maggi:            you should feel prveleged then...

  Vance:            She's in Guandong province.  This is wild.

  Maggi:            privileged

  Maggi:            go for it

  Maggi:            she is good for someone still in high school

  Vance:            I've got to send her the Palace.  She got a time out error.  I'll try via ICQ.  Yeah, she seems pretty cool.  She's been online all day.  Her parents are gonna kill her.

  Maggi:            hopefully they are understanding.

  Maggi:            I just met a woman in Austria and she's as crazy as me

  Maggi:            has two daughters...

  Maggi:            one is free

  MichaelC:         @64,64 !It's MichaelC

  MichaelC:         Wow - I made it!

  Maggi:            hi why son't sheep shrink when they are wet?

  MichaelC:         I've no idea - thought you may know!

  Maggi:            CRAZY GUY

  Vance:            Hi.  Didn't see you there.  Busy doing 4 things at once.

  MichaelC:         So what's the buzz?

  Maggi:            I heard it long ago

  MichaelC:         So what's the answere then Maggi?

  Maggi:            Vance caqn handle that

  Maggi:            but he doesn't shoot reliably anymore

  Maggi:            I canned it out of the short term memory mc

  MichaelC:         I haven't been able to get here all week so this is great.

  Vance:            Hi all.  Whew, trying to send MaggiE the client for the Palace

  MichaelC:         What exactly is the client? ( Irealise I should know this...)

  Vance:            This is the client, the software we are using

  MichaelC:         So why does Maggi need it if she's already here?

  Maggi:            maybe because they wea

  MichaelC:         It looks like your balancing Vance on your finger Maggi.

  Maggi:            MaqggiE

  MichaelC:         Huh?

  Maggi:            hey it does

  Maggi:            Maggie he means

  Maggi:            not me

  MichaelC:         LOL

  Maggi:            good trick

  MichaelC:         Then why don't you spell it Maggie on your avatar?

  Maggi:            having a maqn spinning on my finger tips

  Vance:            Meanwhile, in deepest darkest Guandong, Maggie is trying to interpret the save as command

  Vance:            ouch

  MichaelC:         Two mwn.

  MichaelC:         er 2 men

  Vance:            Hey man, you gotta lose some weight!

  Maggi:            I aqm Maqggi

  MichaelC:         I know. That's why I've started at the gym.

  Maggi:            but there is a student named Maggie

  Vance:            That's some finger you got there Maggi. 

  MichaelC:         Ok I see (re the spelling)

  Vance:            Yeah, MaggiE is the student in Guandong

  MichaelC:         And you're sending HER the client. Der Michael.

  Maggi:            now you got it

  MichaelC:         And that's an English 'der' - not German.

  Maggi:            is there a der in English?

  Vance:            Yeah, she can't get the palace because her connections always time out.

  MichaelC:         Yeh - as in der stupid. Or maybe it;s duh!

  MichaelC:         Is Chinese Maggie trying it via the web?

  Maggi:            I think it is duh

  MichaelC:         I saw this neat little scene in a comedy show.....

  Vance:            Chinese MaggiE is in the voice chat room right now.  I've been talking to her.

  Maggi:            I've discovered like the FAST FOR wORD THAT YOU can REWIRE YOUR BRAIN

  Maggi:            oops

  MichaelC:         Cop stops car and says to motorist< " Do you realise you're travelling 30 k's over the speed limit?"

  Vance:            You could do with some re-wiring

  MichaelC:         Motorist says, "Duh!"

  Maggi:            me?

  Vance:            you

  MichaelC:         Ducks - pidgeons

  MichaelC:         Where's YL?

  Vance:            she got sleepy

  Maggi:            swhe went to bed

  MichaelC:         Was she OK today?

  Maggi:            tired

  Maggi:            it was a duck

  MichaelC:         LOL

  Vance:            So, MC, what's the punchline

  Maggi:            well it is sad when you go into a restaurant and both need glasses to read

  Maggi:            yeh mc...something about flying

  MichaelC:         That was for you or Maggie to provide.

  Maggi:            sheesh

  Maggi:            let us do the work

  MichaelC:         And if I had been there it would have been 3 needing glasses.

  Maggi:   least one of had them

  MichaelC:         Huh?

  Vance:            File is on its way to Maggie again.

  Maggi:            or the blind leading the blind!


  MichaelC:         I got drunk with a blind guy in Amsterdam once. So i got blind with the blind.

  Maggi:            LOL

  Maggi:            blindsided

  MichaelC:         I met him while i was busking and he invited me to bar for a drink.

  MichaelC:         he turned out to be a good but very depressing poet.

  MichaelC:         We need a new writing topic - any ideas?

  Maggi:            so you had a good cry in  your beer

  MichaelC:         For the webheads I mean.

  Maggi:            sure...favorite drinks and the recipes

  Maggi:            summer iscomming

  MichaelC:         Is that a serious suggestion. (Summer's coming for you maybe.)

  Maggi:            yes...well it is payback time

  MichaelC:         True. Swings and roundabouts.

  Maggi:            recipes are good

  Maggi:            everyone needs to eat and drink

  MichaelC:         But maybe the next one should be a bit more challenging...the last one...the meaning of your name....was pretty straightforward

  Vance:            Sorry, I'm in two chats and trying not to disturb the other one.

  Vance:            The file transfer I mean.

  MichaelC:         I gathered that.

  Vance:            hmm, writing topic ... that's been a good feature of webheads

  Vance:            A good one really draws them out of the woodwork

  MichaelC:         What about writing on your childhood?

  Maggi:            I can send  a new version of Cinderella and they have to correct it...its fun and they learn the past tense

  MichaelC:         Sounds interesting. Is it funny? What makes it new?

  Maggi:            its funny

  MichaelC:         Sounds good to me. It has a different twist to it.

  Vance:            send it to us and we'll look at it

  Maggi:            like inste

  MichaelC:         Good plan man.

  MichaelC:         inste.....

  Maggi:            instead of glass slippers she drops her football boot

  MichaelC:         As long as it's not Nike or Adidas or something.

  Vance:            What about something where they have to get some information off the Internet ..

  Maggi:            no names

  Vance:            I've got an idea ... what if they have to find out what they can about each others countries ..

  Maggi:   writing amnesty International

  MichaelC:         I was thinking about that Vance. Some did that with the names one.

  Vance:            like I was looking up Guandong today on the Internet ... just to find out something interesting about the other country and maybe ask, "is it true that ... ?"

  Maggi:            put on your thinking caps guys

  MichaelC:         About countries - we would have to narrow it down a bit - OK yes - sometjhing interesting...

  Vance:            How about, find out about one other country and ask the person who lives there, is it true that ... ??

  MichaelC:         So they simply pose the question and the others answer it?

  MichaelC:         Or it could be, "Could you tell me more about......?"

  Vance:            Not exactly.  First they have to pick a partner.  Next they have to find out something about the partner country.  When they get a surprising fact, they say .. Is it true that they wrestle crocodiles

  Vance:            in Australia?

  Maggi:            how about a taboo gesture?

  MichaelC:         And I'd say 'sure. Do it all the time!'

  Vance:            You'd be no fun.

  MichaelC:         I am heaps of fun!

  MichaelC:         What about gestures Maggie?

  Maggi:            they are interessting

  MichaelC:         Is there net site with pix of gestures?

  Maggi:            like thumbs up means something else in Oz

  MichaelC:         I bet there is....

  Vance:            Surprising gestures

  Maggi:            they can get you in trouble too

  Vance:            It's easy to hitch-hike in Arab countries because you can hold a wrist and hand conversatoin with drivers as they approach

  Maggi:            like the V for victory

  MichaelC:         I like that idea. I've tried it in real classes and it stimulates a lot of discussion.

  MichaelC:         But we need pix..

  Maggi:            like palm forward has a different meaning for the English

  Maggi:            why?

  Vance:            Don't you have a digital camera (hold it in one hand and photograph the other)

  MichaelC:         Sure !

  Maggi:            there are more than hand gestures

  MichaelC:         If we don't have pix it would take too lonmg to explain and there'd too much room for confusion.

  Maggi:            take pics then

  Vance:            True ... in Bulgaria you say no with a raised head.  THAT"s confusing.

  MichaelC:         Yeh but I'd like to send sometjhing to the group like now!

  Maggi:            hmmm

  Maggi:            send them a msg first to write about a gesture they use the most.

  Vance:            THis is MaggiE's school in China:

  MichaelC:         Well sometime in the next couple of days....

  Maggi:            well, get the camera out and snap to it!

  MichaelC:         Yes ma'am.

  MichaelC:         I'm looking at Maggie's school...

  Maggi:            I hate being saluted...

  MichaelC:         ....looks big.

  Maggi:            getting dizzy Vance?

  Vance:            Well, here's a topic, look at this school.  How does yours compare?

  MichaelC:         Not a bad idea.

  MichaelC:         A desrciptive wrting thing.

  Vance:            Also, get to know each other

  Maggi:            eeee

  Vance:            If you click on a pic it comes up bigger

  MichaelC:         It's pretty slow loading for me. How is it for you Vance?

  Maggi:            most kids going to school...that is the last thing they want to write about

  Maggi:            but go ahead and try

  MichaelC:         You're so cooperative Maggie.

  Maggi:            Maggi pls

  Vance:            Yeah, slow ... well, how about, look at this town, how does yours compare?  Buildings etc. 

  Maggi:            igit!!

  Maggi:            boring

  Maggi:            you want to talk about the buildings where you work?

  Vance:            OK, how about, show us some pics of where you live ...

  MichaelC:         Who's igit? boring?

  Maggi:            you guys

  MichaelC:         That's not writing!

  Maggi:            be a little more creative'

  Vance:            I think it's REALLY interesting to know where others live.  I don't see buildings in these pictures.  I wonder what it's like to live there.

  Maggi:            thaqt is different

  MichaelC:         Well come on then creative one!

  Vance:            The building on the left is the one MaggiE studies in.  It's personal.  Show us a picture of your school, write about it.

  MichaelC:         Or are you sticking with Cinderella?

  Vance:            That picture Deden sent us, he wrote a LITTLE about it.  Enough.

  Vance:            I mean he wrote enough.  I put the description he wrote with the pic on his web page.  If you send a pic youcan't help writing about it.

  Maggi:            I' leave it up to you guys,,,

  MichaelC:         Just so happens the building on the left is not a link!

  Maggi:            i'M OUTNUMBERED ANYWAY

  Vance:            MaggiE is describing the pics now.  She says " under the poor picture...there are 2 rows of words ....the left one is introduce our sports meeting and there are some photos in it

  Vance:            what's the poor picture ???

  MichaelC:         I like that better. Find a pic on the web and write about it.

  Vance:            I'll ask ...

  Vance:            She means the pool picture.

  MichaelC:         Vance - in fact I really like this idea. Then pic and wrikting can go on website.

  Vance:            You're starting to run with it, Michael.  WHat do you think Maggi.  YOu have to come up with a pic where you live.

  MichaelC:         Meanwhile I'm looking for gesture pix...

  Maggi:            Griesheim is online...

  MichaelC:         Maggie - I think you should send us the Cinderella story anyway.

  Maggi:            I don't think you really like the idea

  Vance:            Some students have already sent us pics, Deden for one, Nicia, Felix, ... Felix even sent pics of his house ...

  Maggi:            Cinderella I mean

  Vance:            Actually, we have 3 ideas ..

  MichaelC:         I haven't seen it yet - hard to tell.

  Vance:            here's another pic:

  Vance:            Maggi is about to describe that picture.  It's natural.  Send a picture and you want to tell everyone about it.

  Vance:            MaggiEEE I mean.

  Vance:            we were holding sports meeting...and see the ones wearing white clothes?...not clearly enough..but they are from Tibet

  MichaelC:         Now that's an intersting picture!

  Vance:            My question ... from Tibet?  Far out ...

  MichaelC:         So the Tibetans get to wear their own uniform! Freedom!?

  MichaelC:         I'm convinced. is that OK with you Maggie? It gets people using the  web as well.

  MichaelC:         Is Maggie (from China) in this picture?

  Maggi:            ok with me?

  MichaelC:         Yeh..

  MichaelC:         You have to do it too!

  Maggi:            then drop the 'e' orwe get conused

  Vance:            Dialog:

  Vance:            rom Tibet?

  Maggie: there are some students studying in my school from Tibet

  Maggie: not just jion the sports meeting from Tibet

  Vance: oh, so you have students at your school from Tibet.  Do they mix

  Maggi:            confused

  MichaelC:         I am confused about the spelling, but never mind. I actually have to  go and do stuff for tomorrow.

  MichaelC:         If we get this (this assignment) up this week we'll have something current for the TCC2000 conference.

  Maggi:            always an appropriate excuseappeo

  MichaelC:         Anyway folks. It was great to be able to get in here. I hope I can get back some day soon.

  Maggi:            never give up

  MichaelC:         Carpe diem.

  Maggi:            tja

  Vance:            no...we don't get in touch with them frequently...just sometimes like holding a meeting...because we are in different buliding

  Maggie: and ..

  Maggie: their living conditions is much better than us

  Vance:            You can read all this in the log.  Any it's clearly fertile for writing.

  MichaelC:         For the Tibetan students? How come?

  MichaelC:         I guess (Chinese) Maggie's already done her assignment then!

  Vance:            Speaking of TCC2000, have you got my emails?  Esp the last one about whether you registered?

  Vance:            HI MING

  MichaelC:         Hi Ming!

  Maggi:            Hey there!

  Ming:             hello!

  Maggi:            up early or late?

  MichaelC:         And yes Vance. I got your emails and I've replied.

  Ming:             I just get up

  MichaelC:         Ming - nothing personal but I have to go now!

  Ming:             up early

  Ming:             um, by mc, I know I am late

  Maggi:            Felix is coming

  Maggi:            bye mc

  Ming:             I just try to go here to see if you guys are here

  Maggi:            swome of us are

  Ming:              you have a good time, mc

  MichaelC:         I'll wait and say hello to Felix.

  Ming:             swome?

  Felix:            @64,64 !It's Felix

  Maggi:            hI fELIXD

  Felix:            Hello all

  Ming:             wow!

  MichaelC:         Ah - such a handsome man!

  Maggi:            MAQDE IT BEFORE MC LEFT

  Felix:            ROFL

  Felix:            How I miss you all

  Maggi:            still have your sense of humor Felix

  Vance:            Hi everyone. I'm with MaggiE in the Palace, and now all of you here.

  Maggi:            we miss you too

  MichaelC:         You improve the tone of the place Felix!

  Vance:            In the voice chat I mean.

  Felix:            A question... Why don't you use hearm me anymoe?

  Felix:            Flattering MC/??/?

  Vance:            I'm there now with MaggiE if you want to drop in.

  Maggi:            go for it

  MichaelC:         We do sometimes - Vance is now! (See!)

  Felix:            ok I will go there.. but first I'd like some info about hear me.

  MichaelC: - you can find info there of course. But what do you want to know?

  Vance:            I'm sending MaggiE the palace client via ICQ file transfer.  It's taking forever.  1.19 out of 1.92 megs at 200-400 mbps

  Maggi:            so Ming...was it hard to get up in the middle of the night?

  Vance:            sorry, that's bits per second

  Felix:            MC, the owner of my servidor provider is a student of the course I am working to....

  MichaelC:         Yes....

  Felix:            We plan to make the same thing as you did on your hp

  Ming:             it's easy if I did not have heavy work i the daytime....

  Felix:            my question is.... What do we have to do??

  MichaelC:         If you go to and register they send you the code you need via email.

  Vance:            Do you mean the voice chat Felix?

  MichaelC:         It's free.

  Vance:            There are instructions on the webheads pages

  Felix:            ok.. But is it possible to have a mediator there??? I mean,, like here at the palace.... A wizard..

  Maggi:            YOU HAVE WORK TO DO ON sUNDAY mING?

  MichaelC:         Or do what V says - he has ALL bases covered. No - no mediators - you as the owner of the site are the mediator!

  MichaelC:         Ming looks sleepy.

  Vance:            It's at the bottom of this web page:


  Felix:            But can I "log off" a visitor if one becomes nasty or something?

  MichaelC:         No I don't think so.

  Ming:             I need to fifnish my heavy reading , btw, I need to go to school to do my math comp. assignment, that software only provided in campus's computers.

  Felix:            That's what I thought.

  Vance:            I don't think so either.

  Vance:            Hey Ming before you leave ...

  Ming:             yes?

  Vance:            MC, do we want to get people to join us Thursday?

  Maggi:            have a good day Ming...:-)

  Felix:            Sorry for my impoliteness Ming...... Nice to meet you

  Ming:             thank you.

  Ming:             felix, no, prob. ^-6

  MichaelC:         Yes of course Vance. Other people joining in would be great.

  MichaelC:         Bye Ming.

  Vance:            OK, so we're at another conference Thursday at noon GMT.

  Ming:             ciao, mc!

  Felix:            MC, I will check the www and if I have any problem I will ask you

  Vance:            If you'd like to join us, please do.  I don't think it can be here though.  I recommend the voice chat place.

  MichaelC:         Here we go again - noon or 1300?

  Felix:            Gute natch Ming

  Maggi:            lateer Ming...^^

  MichaelC:         OK Felix.

  Vance:            That's because we'll have to direct people there.

  Vance:            They won't have the Palace client (this software)

  Maggi:            Nacht Felix...

  Vance:            Is that a good plan?

  Ming:             I am not sure that I can show up there; if I can, I will knok your icq. ^-^

  Felix:            Vance, did you check what time it's going to be for me?

  Felix:            oops... Gute Nacht

  MichaelC:         But to do that we need a log in for others to use of course. If we can mange it I think we should do it.

  Ming:             hi, Maggi, what's lateer?

  Vance:            The time is exactly 2 hours before now.

  Vance:            On Thursday

  MichaelC:         Or can some of the discussion get all heavy and academic?

  Ming:             how about me, Vance?

  Felix:            ok.. I can manage that Vance.. How long is it going to be? 30 minutes... one hour?

  MichaelC:         One hour I think.

  Vance:            How about you?  What do you mean, Ming?  the time?

  Ming:             un, time.

  Maggi:            sorry...later Ming...:-)

  Vance:            You're right MC.  IT's one hour before now.  It's 13:00 GMT, and it's 14:00 GMT now.

  Ming:             yuo ganna leave, Maggi? T-T

  MichaelC:         OK - 1300.

  Felix:            So one or two hours before now Vance?

  Maggi:            probably Ming

  Ming:             I would miss you,mad...

  Maggi:            I have been to TCC and it sledom gets that academic.

  Maggi:            seldom

  Ming:             that means I need to get up early...un...try it....

  Vance:            It's confusing if anything.  You can tell the people there to open the chat simultaneously if they want to try it out.

  Maggi:            ut we will meet ag

  Maggi:            but we will meet again Ming

  Vance:            You're right ming. THat's 5 in the morning for you.

  inonat:           @64,64 !It's inonat

  Ming:             um, bye! *hug*

  Felix:            Vance??

  Vance:            *hug*

  MichaelC:         People - I must go! Vance - we'll talk more later. nice to see you Felix - sorry I gotta go!

  Maggi:            hug to you too I wil drop Vance...

  Vance:            I like it ^**^

  MichaelC:         Good night everyone.

  Vance:            OK, MC I'll check your email.

  Maggi:            *^.^*

  Vance:            bye then, got a lot done tonight.

  Ming:             ^-^/


  Maggi:            bye

  Vance:            I'm not going anywhere.  I'm still sending MaggiE her file.

  Vance:            You've got a whole collection of emotocons Ming.

  Felix:            is the online conference going to be in one or two hours from now?

  Ming:             I like to put expression in sentences. ^-^

  Vance:            We noticed.  The online conference is 13:00 GMT on Thursday.  Now it's 14:01 GMT on Sunday.

  Ming:             that makes words lively

  Felix:            ok

  Vance:            So 4 days from now, I think at about 10 your time (which you said might be too late ... )

  Vance:            RIght Ming.  It's so cool.

  Ming:             should we move to maggie's place?

  Ming:             really?

  Ming:             I am glad you like it. ^-^

  Vance:            Yeah, we're there now.  Come on down.

  Felix:            Yeah Vance.. But I think I will have to change the time of my classes this week.. So if I did that probably I would be able to participate in the conference...

  Vance:            That would be great.  Do you want to come to the voice chat room?

  Felix:            of course.

  Vance:            OK, MaggiEE and I are there.

  Felix:            ok

  Vance:            Coming Ming?  Got time?

  Felix:            what is the www?

  Ming:             could yuo please give me again that url? I forgot where I put it in my favorate files....^^;;;

  Vance:            Felix, try

  Ming:             oops!

  Vance:            Drop something?

  Ming:             no, just make some mistake.

  Vance:            Just kidding :-)

  Vance:            Now which of you is Roner?

  Ming:             =)

  Ming:             Roner?

  Felix:            None.. Roner is the owner of my provider vance

  Ming:             q, is that url correct?

  Vance:            Well, it's the netword.  Let me get you a better one ...

  Vance:            Try this one:


  Ming:             got it! so, see you there, Vance, bye! ^-^



See The Palace part


Here’s the text chat portion of the voice chat.  Keep in mind that as participants are writing, others are speaking as well …


Ying Lan has joined

Status: Connected

Vance has joined

Maggie has joined

Maggie: hello.I can hear

Maggie: not bad..

Maggie: it's 24% already download...

Maggie: 26% now

Maggie: ok...

Maggie: u know what ,your one sentence has been cut into several parts

Maggie: 8:20pm

Ying Lan: Hi, maggie.

Ying Lan: Nice to meet you.

Maggie: nice to meet u too

Ying Lan: It is the first time ... we see each other on internet.

Ying Lan: But I am very tired today.

Ying Lan: I went to another city by car. I drove it all day...

Ying Lan: I exhausted... Need some sleep!

Maggie: I c

Vance: Poor YL ..

Ying Lan: I have to go now.

Vance: (pat pat)

Ying Lan: See you next week. o.k.?

Maggie: what a pity.

Vance: OK,

Maggie: ok

Vance: yeah :-((

Vance: But it's great you stopped by!

Ying Lan: That's what I want to say.

Ying Lan: Thanks.

Maggie: Good night

Vance: It's alrways great to see you.

Ying Lan: I try to stay here but...

Ying Lan: Good night.

Ying Lan: bye

Maggie: bye

Vance: one moment, my phone just rang

Maggie: ok

Ying Lan has left

Vance: I understand.

Vance: THe line is busy and you get only a bit of a sentence at a time

Vance: Is it easier this way?  YOu can talk to me.

Vance: I can hear you fine.

Vance: wait a minute . phone call

Vance: I tried to send the file but it said you closed the connecton

Vance: did you accept the file transfer?

Vance: I'll try again and see what happnes.

Vance: DO you have to accept?  Or is it just coming?

Vance: On my end, it says waiting for you to accept.

Vance: OK, save as means to browse or find a location to place the file on your computer

Vance: So you choose a place you want the file to be put on your computer and then click OK or OPEN

Vance: The the transfer will start here.

Vance: Can't establish connection.

Vance: That's the error message at my end.

Maggie: I can see "establishing filedirect session from Vance"

Vance: hmmm I got an error at my end

Vance: I can try again, no problem ...

Maggie: ok

Vance: here goes

Maggie: i can see "save"and "save as"...which one should I choose

Vance: save as, and then choose a location for the file

Vance: You can put it where it will go now, just remember the place so you can find it later

Vance: It's starting

Vance: but not doing much

Maggie: but I can see "esblishing filedirect session from Vance "again

Vance: 10 k just went out

Vance: 12

Vance: 14, really flying here

Vance: it's moving

Maggie: i c

Vance: Now you can just relax and try not to disturb it.

Maggie: ok...take a deep breath.

Vance: You know a lot about computers.  You must like them

Maggie: No..I don't know much about computers...I am a blind people here...u can see that from what I acted

Maggie: I guess..maybe this time will"Time out"

Maggie: but if is fail.I can try to download it from the internet when someday the net is not so busy..

Vance: It's going at 200 to 600 bps, which means it's going to take a while

Maggie: I think so

Vance: It's only 156 k out of 1,920 k

Maggie: God

Vance: But if we keep the connection, it will make it.

Maggie: relly?

Maggie: did u speak sth?

Vance: Maye we shouldn't do voice chat ... I can see the line slow down. Text should be ok.

Maggie: maybe that's good for me

Maggie: because my spoken English is not good

Vance: NO WAY  YOu're spoken English is great!

Maggie: Thanks......really...

Maggie: do u know that I have to take oral test with college entrance exams

Vance: Yeah, so voice chat can help.

Maggie: yes...and our school have two American teachers

Maggie: I talked to them very often

Maggie: at first I was so scared

Vance: So have you told your American teacher friends about webheads?

Vance: We're 400 k there btw

Maggie: yes...

Maggie: the whole class was so interested

Vance: Can we visit your school?

Vance: Any computers there?

Maggie: can visit my school

Maggie: both it's Chinese

Maggie: u can still see the photos...if u like

Vance: Yeah?  On the web?

Maggie: yap...

Vance: what's the url?

Maggie has left

Maggie has joined

Maggie: it's

Maggie: can u get that?

Vance: working on it

Maggie: can u see that?

Maggie: maybe I can go with u and translate for u

Vance: socket error on one computer, trying another

Maggie: try

Vance: It's working now

Maggie: can u see?

Vance: Yeah, where can I go for more pics?

Vance: I see 6 or 7 pics across the top ...

Vance: I clicked on the pool

Maggie: the left buliding is the one we study in

Maggie: I mean the left one beside the pool

Vance: Maggi and Michael C are looking at your school too

Maggie: yes??great

Maggie: under the poor picture...there are 2 rows of words ....the left one is introduce our sports meeting and there are some photos in it

Vance: what do you mean the poor picture

Vance: oh, the POOL picture.  Got it!

Vance: We're 824 k there, one third

Vance: Two rows of words?  The left one?

Maggie: just one third...sorry to keep u waiting so u have some other important thing to do..if u have ..please do tell me..let me try to download it next time on the net

Vance: No, actually I'm enjoying chatting with you and Michael and Maggi

Vance: ALso I'm at work and doing some other computer stuff on another computer

Vance: Can you give me the exact url of the other photos?

Maggie: what do u mean?..sorry

Vance: If you go to the page with the otehr pictures, what is the url in the browser

Maggie: what's the meaning of"url"?

Vance: For example:

Vance: only for the pics there's more after

Vance: Is is /yqqw/ or /kwhd/

Maggie: u can see one pic on this

Maggie: check it out and I will you something when u see it

Vance: I'm looking at people marching in a stadium

Vance: holding a flag

Maggie: yes..we were holding sports meeting...and see the ones wearing white clothes?...not clearly enough..but they are from Tibet

Vance: So you had a sport event with people from Tibet?

Maggie: there are some students studying in my school from Tibet

Maggie: not just jion the sports meeting from Tibet

Vance: oh, so you have students at your school from Tibet.  Do they mix with the other students?

Maggie: no...we don't get in touch with them frequently...just sometimes like holding a meeting...because we are in different buliding

Maggie: and ..

Maggie: their living conditions is much better than us

Vance: It's fascinating to meet people from other countries.  I've been several times to China but never as far south as Guandong

Maggie: what did u see in China?

Vance: I visited Hong Kong and Kwangchou, and Beijing, and Kashi (Kashgar) and Inner Mongolia, all on different trips.

Vance: Have you been to other countries?

Maggie: what's the thing u remember most about China

Vance: My favorite part was Kashgar, but I liked Beijing a lot too.  I loved bicycling around the city.

Maggie:'s more conviniet to travel around city by bike in China

Vance: Also, beer is very cheap there.

Vance: and food

Maggie: beer...:-)

Maggie: there are some photos which are taken by my Chinese teacher on the internet...would u like to check it out..


Vance: Sorry, lots of people in teh Palace.  Visiting the url now

Maggie: doesn't matter

Maggie: sounds interesting in Palace

Vance: It is. We're 1.46 meg into the 1.92 meg of the file you need to get you there.

Maggie: what do u mean?

Vance: We have now sent 1.48 meg of the 1.92 meg file that you use to install the Palace.

Maggie: i c. now

Maggie: who are there in the Palace?

Vance: Right now, there are Felix and Ming.  Michael C left, as did Maggi.

Vance: I think they're all coming here.

Maggie: really?

Vance: Yeah, Felix is asking the URL

Maggie: great

Vance: less than half a meg to go.

Vance: Let's keep our fingers crossed

Roner has joined

Maggie: hello?

Vance: Hello Roner, can you hear us?

Maggie: ??

Roner: Yes, I can...

Ming has joined

Roner has left

Roner has joined

Ming: sure!

Maggie: hope so

Ming: I hope so. ^-6

Ming: good luck!

Maggie:  i c

Roner has left

Guest146 has joined

Guest146: Felix

Vance: Maggie, can you hear us ok?

Maggie: yes

Guest146 has left

Vance: You can't hear MIng?

Vance: Ming has a lot of things to do.  She was telling us about her homework at the Palace.

Maggie: just wake up?

Vance: And she just wok up.  She's in Oregon. She goes to school there.

Maggie: main subject

Vance: I'm being quiet because I started to worry about the file transfer.

Vance: I can hear you clearly. 

Maggie: i can't hear clearly..maybe it's my computer's problem i guess

Vance: I just closed the Palace to make the file transfer start again.

Vance: You're welcome

Vance: It's 1.82 of 1.92 now.  Almost there.

Ming: my major is CIS--> computer information science.

Maggie has left

Ming: ?

Vance: Now that the Palace is closed it's up to 1 kps at times.

Ming: oops!

Vance: Yep.  I hope she's still on ICQ.

Vance: Yeah she is. (whew)

Ming: excuse me, do you think my pronounciation is too chinese style?

Maggie has joined

Vance: I'd talk but I don't want to take up bandwidth.

Roner has joined

Vance: Well, pronunciation is impossible to perfect, but I don't think it's too chinese.

Ming: I need to have more conscious of it.

Vance: I could hear you perfectly.

Vance: I mean I could understand you perfectly

Ming: thanks, but I want to improve it, so , please feel free telling me my shortages.

Ming: he said,"how are you!" ^-^

Maggie: I heard too

Maggie: where are you from Roner?

Roner: I don't leassing....

Roner: I'm from Brazil, and you?

Maggie: China

Felix has joined

Roner: Ok... Please to meet you...

Ming: what's leassing? I am sorry.

Roner: Excuse my english....

Maggie has left

Ming: Is that Felix's voice

Roner: Hi, Felix.... I'm witch problems....

Maggie has joined

Felix: The connection is a SHIT today

Roner: Felix... Help me....

Maggie: don't worry..Roner...I am also not good at it

Ming: uh, you mean suck?

Felix: What is your problem Roner?

Ming: me neither...

Vance: I'm going to close this and come back again.

Vance: The transfer is very close but stalled.

Roner: I don't leassing.

Maggie: 99%now

Felix: ?????????

Vance: Never mind.  We did it

Felix: You don't what?????

Roner: I don't "escutar"

Roner: I don't listen...

Vance: That' is, yeah you can't hear us.

Vance: Ok, I've got to go anyway.

Vance: I'm supposed to pick someone up and take him to my house.  A guest from Hawaii.

Maggie: thanks very much Vance

Vance: Yeah, I hope it works.

Vance: Sorry to leave a party but you guys carry on chatting.

Felix: ohh you are not listening

Ming: ciao, have a beautiful day!

Maggie: hope so..have a good day Vance

Roner: all right...

Vance: You too.  ANd if you can come back on Thursday, we can meet at 13:00 Gmt.  Now is 14:30

Vance: Michael and I will be at a conference

Felix: Vance, you are the puter expert... Can you please try to help Roner ?

Vance: Roner, can you hear anything else, like a sound file on your computer?

Maggie: Vance u meant here.?

Felix: I think Roner is using a notebook.

Vance: Yes, I think this is a good place.  We can get people from the conference to come here.  They won't have the Palace.

Vance: So Roner, does your notebook have a soundcard?

Maggie: I will try Thursday.Thanks again

Ming: I think that's the prob. the sound in laptop is so weak...

Felix: I think he is going to reboot his puter Vance

Roner: Yes...

Vance: Guys, I've got to shut down and go.  So Felix you can email me about this.

Maggie: bye

Felix: ok Vance.

Vance: Roner, nice to meet you.  Try me again at work tomorrow.  We can work on it then.

Felix: thanks

Vance: OK, see you tomorrow then.  Bye all, hope to see you Thursday.  We can find each other on ICQ.

Felix: Roner are you there?

Vance: Till then.

Felix: Bye Vance.

Roner: Ok . Thanks


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