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What Films can Tell Us
about the countries they come from

Iīm what people call "a cinema goer." I like to see movies and I watch films on TV. I learn a lot from them but I donīt think they can tell us very much about the countries they come from. Let me explain why I say that:

Some directors are very imaginative. Sometimes they paint for us a very distorted truth. Some people would like us to view what they think things are or how they would like things to be so that we agree with them for their own interests.

Although all I have written above, the more common mistake is to put everything and everyone in the same bag. By that I mean that we donīt have to generalize.

There are good films, good actors and actresses, and also good directors. There are films based on true histories they can show us how the situation was.

Of course we can see a standard type of living from a given society represented by the country from which the film comes. We can see pictures from that country and hear standard thoughts. We can see how people used to dress and what they used to eat and drink. Also we can begin to learn their language, listen to their music, and begin to appreciate their culture.

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Last updated: June 26, 1999