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The View through Maggi's Window

I have an give all of us a better idea where you live and what it is like, look out of the window. Where you work or live. Tell us what you see. Be our eyes.

When I look out the window today the sun is shining but there are dark clouds too. Maybe it will rain. I see a bird house and can hear them singing. The grass is very green because it rained. I smell flowers and am happy that I am not allergic. Many people have hayfever ... they sneeze alot and their eyes water.

The neighbor's cat is sitting in the garden over a hole in the ground. Mice live there and the cat is waiting many hours. Last year she caught one. She also caught a pigeon (a big bird). That is the life of birds and mice when a cat is around.

We also have a pond with goldfish, but the fish are from a friend and they are smart. They stay deep in the water and the cat does not like to get wet, so the fish are safe.

The dog from my neighbor likes to come in too. We are animal friendly :-) We give her a dog biscuit. She has long fur...but oh is gone...! She went to the dog hairdresser. Oh maybe looks like someone just took scissors and cut.

She must feel funny with no fur...but at least now she can see. The dog is deaf (that means she can not hear) so you have to touch her or stand in front of her to get her attention. I think it is silly when people yell at a deaf dog and wonder why it does nothing! How must deaf people feel? It is very quiet in their world. Sometimes I wish I could turn the sound off of the world around me. I know some people I would like to turn off! :-)

I can also hear a saw, so someone is working. I smell my spaghetti...I think it is finished and so now I will go eat it!

Tell us about your view from a window!



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Last updated: May 14, 1999