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The View through Gloria's Window

Outside my front windows there are trees with birds singing in them. The birds come because of the trees and because we feed them; also because some of the trees have fruit and the birds enjoy eating the fruit. Because my country has a hot climate most of the year, our houses are full of windows and we appreciate the trees a lot.

In my garden there are plants full of color. There are various colored leaves and I also can see flowers. I like flowers very much, especially roses. I have four kinds of roses.

Out the back window I can see our "patio" (back yard). I always look outside this window to see my three dogs (I adore the dogs), one male and two females. I used to give my dogs stupid names or, better to say, funny names. They are: "Tyson Aurelio", "Bianki Alejandrina" and "Doggie Inocencia". I like to play with them very often.

Also I look outside the back window to see what my mother is doing. She is always doing something (gardening, cleaning, and making all kinds of changes).

Besides all those things I look out of my window to see the sky we have, an incredible blue sky and incredibly yellow sun. I recommend taking a look at the sky when you need to give your brain a break. It works!

Thatīs enough for now.




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