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Class with Gosia and Ying-Lan at the Palace

October 18, 1998

As usual, I was in a hurry to leave the Palace, so I disconnected and closed down the software and only then remembered that I had forgot to save the chat log. But I can tell you what happened.

At around 11:30 GMT on Sunday I tried to log on to but was told there was a server error. I tried this many times.

I saw Gosia online on ICQ, so I sent her a message. She said she was at the Palace and wondered where everyone else was. I told her I couldn't get there and tried to get her into a chat. We tried several times to chat, but each time, Gosia (or I) would fall out of the chat. We could send messages on ICQ, but we couldn't stay in a chat there, and we couldn't meet at the Palace at

Meanwhile, Ying-Lan came online and I got her in a chat on ICQ. She told me that she had been to class the day before with Michael C and MAD and they hadn't been able to get to our schoolhouse at She said they had gone to at port 9998, so we went there and found each other. I was able to send instructions to Gosia, who was waiting for my messages on ICQ. I think Ying-Lan was in touch with Gosia as well. Soon, Gosia arrived and the three of us started chatting.

During the chat, I also saw Bubu online and tried to send a message to tell him to join us, but Bubu went offline before I could send the message. Later Bubu told me that wasn't him, but his wife. But because of that message Bubu was able to find me next day when I was checking out the Palace at

Ying-Lan became our teacher for the day. She taught Gosia and I how to get avatars. She told us about a place at the Palace where we could get avatars. To get there, you pull down "Palaces" on the bar where it says "File Edit Options Palaces Avatars" etc. and select Props/Avatars - Cuz's Cose Original. We went to that Palace and simply started gathering avatars. To get one, you click on it, and then pull down the Avatars menu and move your current avatar to a function key. Later you can "wear" that avatar by pressing the function key.

We returned to The Campus and Ying-Lan showed us how to get each other's avatars. If you want to give someone your avatar you just grab pieces of it and place them on the screen away from you where the other person can grab them and put them in his or her briefcase. Later, if you want to wear that avatar, you get its pieces out of your briefcase and put them on one by one. You have to be sure and get all the pieces.

Gosia couldn't do this because she is not a member, and whenever she tried to get an avatar, she was told that was for Members Only. We think membership is now free at the Palace, and to register for membership, you just contact and follow the directions on the web page.

So this was a fun class. Because we were in a public place, other people also dropped by to chat with us now and then. We decided to come back here next Tuesday if the is still unavailable.

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