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Chat with Bubu again at the Palace

October 19, 1998

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Vance: Hi Bubu. We were looking for you last night.

bubu: Hi Vance. Iwasn't at home, only my wife.

Vance: I'm talking with someone in ICQ. How did you happen to come here?

bubu: I have received your message in ICQ.

Vance: Good. Ah, so you came here because of the message last night.

bubu: The message time was 15.06 local time.

Vance: Yes, last night for me.

Vance: I am here by coincidence today.

Vance: Hi Kyle.

Vance: Hey Bubu, click on the window just above your head.

Vance: This one

Vance: Nevermind.

Vance: It's quieter in here.

Vance: Ah there. I got the honey on the table.

bubu: I will not disturb you by talking in ICQ.

Vance: No, my ICQ partner left.

Vance: We had trouble with virtual scholar last night.

MTeer: Morning!

Vance: Nice avatar, MTeer

MTeer: tks!

Vance: Have some honey

MTeer: You guys doin k this morning?

Vance: We're part of an English class

MTeer: k

MTeer: does this room look okay?

Vance: What do you think Bubu? I think it's a nice room.

MTeer: no profane graffittti??

Vance: I was thinking to come here for class tomorrow.

MTeer: k

MTeer: tks

Vance: Are you planning to come tomorrow Bubu?

MTeer: I gotta get back, just checking everything was k

Vance: OK. Thanks.

MTeer: u 2 have fun

Vance: OK.

Vance: I wonder who that was.

Vance: ^Are you running a log window, Bubu?

bubu: I don't know, my boss will call me today to say the program of Thusday

bubu: Yes, i do.

Vance: Good. Then I don't have to use the ^ sign

Vance: Well, our classroom is out of order now, so I guess we'll come here.

Vance: I was just writing an email about it. I'll send it later.

Vance: Bubu, have you looked at your Webheads web page?

bubu: Yes, i have looked at it today.

bubu: Have you received my request to authorization in ICQ?

Vance: I think so, and I authorized it.

Vance: If you aren't authorized, try again.

bubu: I'm waiting for your answer.

Vance: ICQ has been giving a lot of problems with authorization.

Vance: Try again. I will of course authorize it.

Vance: I DID authorize it.

Vance: But ICQ doesn't work correctly with authorizations.

bubu: My status is now waiting.

Vance: Have you seen your web page at

bubu: I have seen, but i can't find any interesting.

Vance: Exactly. Can you send us a picture or a graphic, and an introduction.

Vance: The idea of my English course is for students to develop their web pages.

bubu: I have few time by my provider in October.

Vance: You have little time?

Vance: You mean, you have limited time in October.

Vance: You could email things for your web page.

bubu: 3 hours yet.

Vance: I can correct the English for you and post them.

Vance: So you have three hours for the entire month of October ??

bubu: Exactly.

Vance: You can join us online for 15 min. if you like.

Vance: Or, you can email things for your web page and join us that way.

Vance: It's up to you, whatever you would like to do.

Vance: Whatever is interesting for you.

Vance: And if it helps you of course.

Vance: Maybe we shouldn't take too much time now.

Vance: I have to go and meet some friends for jogging in 15 min.

Vance: I have time to get there.

Vance: I only came here to test this Palace space.

bubu: I will make it, you know the time is finite.

Vance: But it was very nice to meet you here.

Vance: And we hope to meet you again. We have a nice class, nice people.

Vance: (They seem to be nice people)

Vance: Anyway, we are having fun teaching and learning English.

bubu: My answers are sometimes slowly, i have in background a dictionary.

Vance: Good. One theory of English is that you become fluent through practice.

Vance: So the more you practice, the more you try, the better you become.

Vance: So if you like, write something for your web page and I'll correct it and post it for you.

Vance: And you can save this conversation from the log window.

Vance: You just select it all, copy it, and paste it to your word processor.

bubu: Have a nice jogging

Vance: OK. We'll look for you tomorrow, or next Sunday, or next Tuesday etc.

Vance: bye for now.

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