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Gloria's Message in a Bottle

When you are by yourself, you might write a message and put it in a bottle and cast it into the ocean or cyberspace. This is such a message.

My name is Gloria. I live in Paraguay which is in South America. My country is not as big geographically compared with Brazil and Argentina (two of our closest neighbours) but it appears much bigger if we compare it to many European countries.

I live in a town near our capital, "Nuestra Señora Santa Maria de la Asunción," or Asunción for short, named that way in honor of the Assumption of the mother of Jesus Christ to heaven, a day which we Catholics commemorate every August 15th. And it was one August 15th in 1537 that one Spanish man named Juan de Salazar de Espinoza founded "Asunción".

I have learned to express myself in English but I have to practice it and with you it seems to be a nice experience, especially if you reply to this "message in a bottle."

Well, enough of history :-) I just want to say that I have found it very interesting to speak another language.

I like going to the movies very much. The other day I went to see "Youve got mail" and once again I fell in love with Tom Hanks. He is just a wonderful actor, very versatile. He is able to perform various characters and he is so funny :-)

Well, for you gentlemen there is "Meg Ryan" :-)

Im single. I hope get married one day and start my own family, but Im not in a hurry.

Thats enough from me for now..

Ill meet you soon. Till then.


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