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by Jexabill

I will tell you a little bit about my country, Venezuela:

Venezuela is a country in South America, bordered on the east by Guayana, on the south by Brasil, and on the west by Colombia. To the North there is the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean.

There are 71 islands that belong to Venezuela. They include: Margarita <>, Tortuga, La Blanquilla, La Orchila, the group of Los Roques <>, and Las Aves.

The relief is divided into three regions. A mountainous facade embraces 20% of the country. 80% of the population live in the plains, and the Guayana embraces 45% of the territory but there are only 4% of the population living there. The country is interspersed with plateaus which are: Sierra de Tapirapecó, Parima, Pacaraima and Roraima at 2810 m. <>. The weather is tropical with temperatures between 25 and 27 C.

The economy is based on

The indigenous population is represented by the "Arauacos" and the "Caribes" who occupied the territory when the Spaniards came. Now they are only 0.3% of the population. The majority of the population is the result of an immense miscegenation with Europeans, especially Spaniards.

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