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Michael's Hometown

I live in Adelaide, Australia. Adelaide is a city of about 1 million people with very hot summers and a mild winter. It is actually one of the world's nicest places but not many people know that.

If someone had a few days in my hometown (Adelaide) I would say that visitors must:

1) see the Adelaide hills. Most people know that Australia has many beaches and is a hot country. What people don't know is that we also have beautiful hill country that is quite green and cool.

2) go to the beaches. Although there is no surf on Adelaide beaches there is a long stretch (about 30 kilometres) of non-stop beach along the coast with the nicest sand of any beach anywhere!

3) see a national park close to the city where you can see native Australian animals close up (you can feed kangaroos and koalas, etc) and walk in beautiful Australian bushland

4) go to this special hotel on Friday night where there is always a lot of free music. Celtic instrumental music in one bar, singalong folk music in another bar, and rock or blues music in the back room.


I think the most important thing to understand about people around here (and most of Australia) is that they are not very formal. You can call everyone by their first name, and like the English, Australians like people to say please and thank you! And don't be surprised if you find our English difficult to understand. It is very different from US or 'English' English!

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Last updated: August 27, 1999