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Meet Hilda

English name: Hilda Wang

Chinese name: Chingwen Wang

Residence: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Date of birth: 3, 3, 1974

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Hihi~~ everybody! This is Hilda from Taiwan. I 'm a medical student right now. I am due to graduate this year.

As a last-year medical student, I need to do my clinical rotation in teaching hospitals. We are called "intern" in the hospital, where we get to practice our skills and care for patients to get clinical experience. So if some day you were sick and admitted to hospital, or became acutely ill and required the duty doctors to see you immediately, probably I (or someone like me) would be called to help you! It is very true that we are responsible for calls at night, and for solving all kinds of problems with patients.

On the other hand, an intern is a doctor just initiating his or her clinical practice, with the most limited patient care ability. Not only do patients lack confidence in us, but also sometimes I find it stressful to handle each problem independently and with confidence. We had never been taught how to solve such problems in the classroom, but believe me, we try our best.

As time goes by, I am not as nervous as I was when I began to do the duty care, thanks to my own efforts and my friends' encouragements. I am so grateful to all of you who have helped me. Thank you!

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