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Choi's Job

I would like to tell you about my work today . I have been with Yohap News agency for three years. Yonhap is one of the most powerful press agencies in Korea, like Reuters in the UK and AP in the States. I am not a reporter though. I am working especially for Bridge, which is a financial information provider. It is a USA company. Yonhap and Bridge have a partnership, where Yonhap invests 30% in Korea and takes an equivalent profit. Yonhap is also responsible for providing and paying for the labor force. It is not that Yonhap possesses any shares in Bridge, but they have joined the business partially.

We provide real-time financial information through Bridge's global network. The most important point is that it is real-time. There are many kinds of data such as foreign exchange rates, interest rates, and bonds & derivatives data. The information is provided on the subscriber's desktop PC via Bridge's own net work. Our clients are banks or corporate dealers.

You know what a dealer is. He is not only the one who deals cards at a casino, but also the one who trades in foreign curriencies throughout the world. Dealers don't actually go about the world in order to buy and sell. They just sit in their offices and gather information that will influence their transactions, and they trade through their network

Bridge sells this information at a high price. A finance dealer should pay at least U$2,000 per month. A PC and the program which is made by Bridge's own programmers are given to its clients. It is not like the Internet which has endless inforamtion. We have much but not that of the Internet. You will find many prices updated in real-time. You also could make a chart with historical data and access news from AP and Bridge. There are a few more functions that will lead you to judge the reason for the high price.

My main job is to help the clients to search for the infromation they need, sometimes by visiting their offices. I travel around half my working hours and I meet many people. Working outside my office has advantages and disadvantages. It is good to go out when I do not want to talk to my colleagues or boss, but going out is time-consuming so that a day slips by very fast.

It is not good to go out when I feel uneasy or it is raining outside. However, I can manage the schedule so that I stay in the office when I do not feel like going out. I also have a lot of in-house work to do.

Have I given you get an indication of what I am doing here?

It is really exciting and fun to talk to someone far away and to think about how he might help me write my composition.

Click here to find out how the Euro is affecting my work!

Choi is looking for a new job. On October 29, 1999, she wrote:


This is Choi. I am currently looking for a new job. I sent my resume and cover letter to a job search firm a week ago but have had no contact yet. I just changed my career to the Finance field. I am working for Bridge company which is a finance information provider which distributes business information and data via its own network.

Well, I want to post my resume to search firms in HK, Singapore and Japan. Does anyone know of a good job search firm there? Perhaps they want to hire someone who speaks Korean and English.

I am getting more and more nervous everyday. Hu~~

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Last updated: October 29, 1999