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Chat with students Ming from Taiwan, Maria from Chile, and Moral from China and teachers Michael C, Maggi and Vance

March 5, 2000

Maggi and Vance have been chatting in the Palace. Ming appears on ICQ:


Vance: Finally got my chat page going, I think

Maggi: afterthought?

Vance: Yeah, still not loading. Ming is trying to get here, another failure :-((

Maggi: shit happens

Vance: I'm trying to get Ming into ICQ chat

Maggi: ok


Vance pulls all participants into an ICQ chat as he helps Ming get her Palace software up and running. A problem: Maggi and Michael are both in the ICQ chat but can't see each other. Michael is unable to reach the Palace and Maggi can't get to Michael's voice chat line. For some strange reason, the Homestead chat is down tonight. Maggi and Michael can send messages back and forth on ICQ, but can't come together in any of our chat areas tonight ...



ICQ Chat Save file

Started on Sun Mar 05 16:06:40 2000



<Ming> hello?

<Vance> Hi there. Now I'll pull Maggi in. Are you ready?

<Ming> yes;

<Ming> do I need to go to Palace?

<Vance> ok


<Vance> We can talk about it when Maggi gets here.


<Ming> sorry.

<Vance> There she is.

<Mad> Hi guys

<Vance> Now I'll get Michael.

<Ming> so, where should I go now? stay here?

<Mad> oh boy!!

<Mad> stay here

<Ming> hi, Mad

<Ming> ok

<Mad> Hi Ming

<Ming> Are you Maggi, Mad?

<Vance> Yeah, let's group here and then we can go off into cyberspace together

<Mad> yes I am

<Mad> Margaret Ann Doty

<Ming> Vance, plz send me address then

<Mad> Maggi for short

<michaelc> Hi Vance and Ming!

<Ming> hi, Michael

<michaelc> I thought Maggi might be here too?

<Vance> MAD is Maggi's initials



<michaelc> Teacher Maggi that is.

<michaelc> What is that Vance?

<Mad> where is Micahel Ming?

<michaelc> How are you Ming?


<Ming> not bad

<Mad> nature calling

<michaelc> Not bad? is that all??!

<Vance> I was just telling Ming where to get the Palace client

<Ming> nature calling? what's that?

<michaelc> OK.

<Vance> That's when Maggi needs to go use the toilet


<Ming> I am still studying, dont have too much feeling about it, like a routine, so I said

<Ming> not bad

<Vance> Are you a grad student?

<michaelc> Ok Ming. I understand. I'm feeling pretty tired myself.

<Ming> no just in college

<Vance> undergraduate ...

<Mad> back...

<Ming> un, do you suffer the same thing, mike?

<Ming> hai ne


<michaelc> I forget Ming - what are you studying?

<Vance> She's studying Information technology?

<Ming> CIS

<michaelc> Ah - a computer expert!

<Ming> I go to that url you sent me, Vance,

<Vance> You went there?

<Vance> Is it the right one?

<Ming> which selection I need to choose then

<Mad> I don't see Michael

<Ming> I just go to the first page

<Vance> ok, let's look ...

<Vance> downloads

<Ming> should I register first?

<Vance> I've never tried the palace viewer

<Vance> Have any of you?

<Vance> We use the Palace User software I believe

<Vance> Yes, you should register

<michaelc> I don't know Vance - it was so long sinc e I did it.

<Vance> It's free and it opens up doors

<Ming> I need to download viewer, user software, or server software?

<Vance> user software I think

<michaelc> User ...

<michaelc> Is Maggo coming at all Vance?

<Mad> I'll just wait here then...

<michaelc> Maybe I should do too....

<Vance> I'm doing it too


<Mad> yes

<michaelc> That was a typo!!!!

<Vance> maggo?

<Mad> How come I don't see Michael here?

<michaelc> I did! As a footnote.

<Vance> Michael, I had a look at the paper. What I'm trying to get you to do is put a link in it back to the one you keep at your ... no, that was to something else ??? wasn't it to maybe my last handout?


<Vance> oh, Maggi, you don't see MC?

<Mad> no I don't

<Vance> hmm.. do you see each other online?

<michaelc> No i don't. I have had trouble getting a direct conection with maggi recently. It always has to go throught the server.

<Mad> maybe he is hiding under something...

<michaelc> I can see that maggie is online.

<Mad> on icq yes...

<Vance> Are you getting the download Ming?

<Vance> Do yo want to drop out of the chat and I can bring you back, or do you want to start a chat and drag us in?

<michaelc> I'll drop out and you drag back me in......

<Vance> Why don't you start a chat with Maggi and drag us in?

<michaelc> First I will need Ming's ICQ. She's not on my list.

<Ming> I am trying to operate the software...

<Vance> 42870760

<Vance> Did you get it Ming?

<Ming> I dont know which icon I need to choose...

<Vance> let me see if I got anything ...

<Vance> do you find PalaceUserWin.exe?

<Ming> I am opening its window now

<Vance> or did you get the win client?

<Vance> I just tried mine but it turns out the download was corrupt, trying again.

<Ming> I install the user version

<Vance> any luck? Thats' the best place to meet. Except for some reason Michael is having trouble going there.

<Vance> Did you register?

<Ming> yes

<Vance> good. It should work once you install it.

<Vance> But let me look up the procedure for it ...

<Ming> I try to find some user there but cant see Mike and Mad

<Ming> I might do something wrong

<Vance> first step is "Start your Palace software.

<Vance> Next: A dialog box will be displayed. Choose "Stay A Guest".

<Vance> And then you Go to the file menu, and choose disconnect

<Vance> If you do that, I'll give you the next steps (to go on as yourself)

<Vance> still working on it?

<Ming> I did but I use my register code...

<Ming> yes

<Vance> ok, I guess you should go to the file menu and disconnect

<Vance> Next step is:

<Vance> Go to the file menu again, and choose "Activate Membership"

<Vance> have you been able to activate your membership?

<Ming> ? I cant find that selection!

<Vance> Did you try to disconnect from any palaces first?

<Ming> I install Palace32, is that right?

<Vance> I've got the software now

<Vance> Mine was called PalaceUserWin.exe ... is that the one you got?

<Vance> Or was it called Palace32

<Vance> Anyway, it sounds like you got it going.

<Mad> ok and now?

<Vance> Maggi and MC (Michael C) never could get together in a chat.

<Mad> I still don't see him

<michaelc> Back again...

<Vance> Ming, can you see both Maggi and Michael here?

<Mad> I have Ming

<Ming> It said The Palace.

<Ming> ya

<Vance> OK Ming, can you connect to a palace

<Ming> sure

<Vance> That is, pull down file / connect to a palace

<Vance> Now do you see where it says Palace Server Address?

<Ming> yes

<Vance> hi everyone ... MC and Maggi, there seems to be no common ground ???

<Vance> OK Ming, where it says Palace server address type in:


<Vance> and change the port to 9998

<Vance> then connect and see what happens

<michaelc> It's a shame. It used to be all so easy till those hackers interrupted us.

<Vance> I will translate for Maggi:

<michaelc> Can Ming see me and Maggi here?

<Vance> MC sez: It's a shame. It used to be all so easy till those hackers interrupted us.

<michaelc> Very good Vance! I just asked Maggi to try and send me a message direct.

<Ming> yeah! I did it!

<Vance> OK, Ming is at the Palace. Your turn Michael. Go get that software.

<Vance> Oh, Ming, maybe you went in a door

<Vance> Maria is at the Palace too!!

<michaelc> I have other problems - well not really. Another EFI (non-Webhead) student called maria wants to go to the Palace.

<Ming> she is there

<Vance> Shall we wait for you?


<Mad> going to leave this

<michaelc> Lucky Maria!



Maggi has gone back to the Palace where she is waiting to be drawn back into the ICQ chat. Vance however is expecting Michael and Maggi to connect in their own chat and pull Ming and into it. Maggi waits ...


Maggi: Hi there handsome...

Maggi: just hanging around waiting to be invited bck to the chat

Maggi: ta dum de dum

Maggi: schoobie do be doo

Maggi: seems they got busy with something else


And waits ...


Vance: hello

Maggi: sent an icq msg

Vance: got it

Maggi: Michael sqys he has to delete me and add again

Maggi: msg is not going to him

Vance: wierd. I'm trying to talk Ming through Palace installation


Maggi: ooops

Maggi: cht request doesn't work either...should I try you or Ming and then one of you invites him

Maggi: can't he get to the palace?

Vance: Naw, still blocked there. Well, let me haul you back into our chat


We resume chatting on ICQ (somewhere in the log above). Eventually ...


Maria: @64,64 !It's Maria

Vance: Hi Ming!

Vance: And Maria!

Maggi: Hi guys

Vance: Great. That's all but Michael!


Ming has inadvertently clicked on Vance's avatar here ...


* Ming * hello?

Maggi: Can't je get here?

Vance: Maria, Michael has just told me he invited you. Welcome

Vance: Ming, you're whispering. Click on my icon again (is that how you do it Maggi? unwhisper?

Maggi: YES

Maggi: but I got it too

Maria: Hi Vance

Ming: but I think it's cute and it's mouth is up!

Vance: Hi everyone

Vance: uh oh

Maggi: there you go

Ming: hello, Vance, thank you so much!

Ming: where MC is?

Ming: he looks like disapear!

Vance: Michael is stuck outside the Palace.

Vance: I think he's going to try to download the software that Ming did.

Ming: I think my appearance is sleeping peacefully, isnt it?

Ming: MC said I am whimpering...

Ming: Hello, Maria?

Maggi: is it time to sleep Ming?

Vance: There. I had to get dressed. (Vance has just reassembled his avatar)

Ming: should be, but my biocolock is irregular

Ming: why?

Vance: Here's a message from Michael:

Vance: Vance - if you mean me - no don't wait for me. I'm not going to reinstall tonight. I'll do it in the next few days. And maybe Nettie has a suggestion in her return email.

Maria: Vance, what time do you come here?

Vance: About an hour ago.

Ming: but I did not retart my PC for it and install it quickly!

Maria: oh! I have to wake up earlier! Do you come only on sunday?

Vance: I'm trying to get on at my office computer and there's still that firewall.

Vance: We do come only on Sunday, but anyone can come here at any time.

Vance: Would another time be better for you?

Ming: excuse me, why we need to use mouse to move? what reference room used for?

Maggi: the mouse to move?

Vance: Where did you see a reference room?

Vance: If you click on the picture, your "avatar" moves there.

Maggi: wATCH...!

Maria: I don't have any special preference

Ming: I dont know, After entering this place, I try to use mouse and press some randomly and found that

Vance: oh, was is the conference room?

Ming: yeah, might be, I forgot the exact name

Vance: Some of the doors in the picture lead ot other rooms

Vance: If you look around, then you can use Options / Back to return here.

Ming: how to use that? what's the difference?

Maria: hello Maggi

Ming: I use back to go back this place

Vance: When people come here they come to this place, so if we go to another room maybe they won't find us.

Vance: That's why we usually meet out here.

Maria: Where are you from?

Vance: I'm an American living in Abu Dhabi. And you?

Ming: what I want to ask is that why we need so many room here?

Ming: how to save this address?

Maria: I'm chilean

Vance: Several different classes could meet here at once.

Vance: In different rooms

Ming: oh, I see

Vance: I've been to Chile. I love that country. It is a beautiful place, as far as I could see.

Vance: I especially liked the Pucon area.

Maggi: I love the music from the Indians in the Andes

Vance: Ming is from China but she lives in Oregon.

Vance: And Maggi is a duck living in Germany. (Maggi has a duck avatar tonight)

Ming: no, Vance, I am from Taiwanese from Taiwan

Maggi: and it's wet there, right mING

Ming: pardom

Vance: Yes of course.

Maria: yes it is. Do you know Pucon!? It is beautifull.Did you know Lican Ray (near Pucon)?

Ming: I miss Maggi's message... -_-|||

Vance: Licon Ray doesn't sound familiar, but I visited the lakes and springs and climbed the volcano.

Maggi: Michael is going to bed...he said to say goodnight to you all.

Maria: When did you come here?

Ming: thanks for your conveying, Maggi.

Vance: Ming (and Maria) pull down Options / Log window and you can read maggi's messages

Vance: Maggi and I have been here a while waiting and talking, but Ming arrived exactly the same time you did.

Vance: Did you find the log window?

Maggi: better to sy thnks for conveying his message Ming

Ming: yes, and I am seeking for it.

Maggi: looking for it

Vance: Did you find it?

Ming: I have leaved through it; the log win is fairly small!

Maria: If you are asking me, yes I did

Vance: You can enlarge it.

Maggi: you scrolled through it

Vance: Yeah, asking both of you.

Ming: i forgot to do that....


Maria has just disappeared inside one of the doors


Vance: I hope Maria remembers about Options / Back

Maggi: LOL

Ming: she entered a room?

Maggi: sure did

Vance: Yes, I think it's the classroom.

Ming: well, do the same thing ne...

Vance: Shall we join her?

Maggi: can do


Maria returns ...


Ming: she is back

Maggi: well...she is back

Vance: oh, she made it!

Maria: I was lost for a moment

Ming: could I ask a sentence?

Maggi: sure

Maggi: but you ask questions

Maggi: about things


Ming moves her avatar next to Maggi's


Ming: wow, Maggi just hold me in her arm for secs!

Ming: so happy!

Ming: ^o^

Maggi: you like that?

Vance: That's cute

Ming: um, like mom did to me

Maggi: a little

Vance: If I move, I'll lose my picture

Maggi: reiki

Maggi: or your head eh Vance

Ming: that's fine, Vance, I like mom more

Maggi: :-)

Ming: well, my q, is this:

Maggi: ok Ming

Ming: sand sake! what on earth that?

Maggi: sand sake?

Ming: I saw it from a joke

Maggi: is that the question?

Ming: yes

Maggi: is out of context

Vance: land sakes ...

Maggi: it may be a pun

Vance: oh for land sakes, like that?

Maggi: play on words

Ming: pun?

Ming: yea, Vance is right.

Maggi: does it make sense now?

Ming: is that like for god's sake?

Maggi: yep

Vance: It's just an expression, doesn't mean anything, yeah, like oh for god sakes

Ming: still confused, why use sand?

Maggi: can you tell us the joke?

Ming: sure! I try my best

Maggi: go for it!

Vance: But some people don't like to say God in that context, so they make up another word

Ming: Two women talk about how their husbands treat them after they have baby..can I say give birth?

Ming: I c, Vance

Maggi: yes

Ming: ok, continue...

Ming: A said that after she gave birth the first child, her husband build a beautiful mension for her

Vance: back no, nature called

Maggi: a mansion

Ming: B replied: well, it's not really good

Ming: correct : mansion

Vance: ok, I'm reading the joke: two women were talking about how their husbands treated them after they'd given birth

Ming: thanks you Vence

Vance: And the first woman said that after she gave birth her husband built her a beautiful mansion. Go on.

Maggi: you can also say gave birth to their first child

Vance: Yes you could Maggi (shhh Ming is telling a joke)

Ming: Then, A continued: After giving the second child, my husband sent me a luxury(? might mispell) car

Maggi: after having the second one

Maggi: no that is right

Vance: After giving birth to her second child her husband gave her a brand new luxury car!

Maggi: like a Merceds or cadilllac

Ming: B still commened:"well, it's not really good"

Vance: So she's got a house and a car and two kids.

Ming: thanks for modifying

Maggi: the second woman doesn't like it

Vance: Yeah, later you can read the logs with the corrections.

Maggi: commented

Ming: it's another luxury that Maggi did not mention to

Maggi: little things can be a luxury too

Vance: The second woman says, "So what, what's so good about that?!"

Maggi: shhh Vance...let her get to the punch line

Ming: A was boast at this moment, said" After the third one, my husband sent me a diamond bractlace."

Maggi: bracelet

Ming: sorry, mt typing quality is not fast

Maggi: no problem

Ming: and not good also

Maggi: mine goes wacky sometimess too!

Vance: good enough

Ming: ok, keep going on...

Vance: you really know how to tell a joke. I'm starting to laugh already.

Ming: B still kept comment:"well, it's not really good"

Maggi: he is being funny Ming

Ming: Thanks, but it's not the end...

Vance: No, MING is being funny Maggi. Pay attention.

Maggi: ignore him and finish the joke

Ming: Then, A asked B: "What things your husband do for you after you gave birth?"

Ming: B answered," A charm school."

Maggi: :-)

Ming: A said: "Charm school! For sand sake, what on earth that?"

Vance: He sent her to charm school?

Ming: I am sorry, I try to type everything I remember

Vance: What on earth for?

Ming: yeah, that's what I saw and want to ask.

Ming: wait a second...

Maggi: hmmm

Vance: ok

Ming: The second woman replied "My husband sent me to charm school."

"Charm school!" the first woman cried, "Land sakes, child, what on Earth for?"

Vance: That's it, and what was the answer ?? (I can't wait)

Ming: well, Bsaid,"So that instead of saying 'who gives a shit,' I learned to say, 'Well, isn't that nice.'"

Maggi: it means the woman had no chance to learn charm...or the other thought it a waste of time

Maggi: see///LOL

Ming: I am sorry, I try to type the thing I read, and I copy the end of story

Maggi: it is funny

Vance: That's funny

Ming: that's why some sayings are different from the initial version

Maggi: did we put Maria to sleep?

Ming: I just tried to find it from my mails.

Ming: yeah, where is she? hello?

Maria: no! it was funny

Ming: I am glad you guys like it. ^-6

Maggi: \I had to learn how to walk with books on my head!

Ming: for fun?

Maggi: school

Ming: really? not kidding?

Vance: I'm on the phone. Bear with me.

Maria: inside your head?

Maggi: to keep your shoulders back and walk strait up

Ming: =D

Maggi: straight

Maggi: no joke...

Vance: Maggi, did YOU go to charm school ??

Maggi: but we thought it was funny!

Maggi: I did go to some modeling classes

Maggi: but they gave up on me

Vance: In Africa women walk with huge containers of milk on their heads and never spill a drop.

Ming: no, how dare they are?!

Maggi: thaqt's what we learned

Maggi: only books were safer

Maggi: and cleaner

Ming: would that make you shorter?

Maggi: no...talller

Maria: do you know the bottle dance?

Ming: bottle dance?

Maggi: sounds like fun...

Ming: taller?...I need to learn later.....

Maggi: they play spin the bottle here

Maria: yes it is a folk dance

Maggi: hey Ming...some things are better packaged smaller

Ming: throw balls or...?

Maggi: in a circle Maria?

Ming: but I need to be's my dream.

Maria: how tall are you?

Maggi: well...don't wear those silly platform shoes...and learn to like the size you are

Maggi: I am 1.70cm

Ming: since it's dream, I would never achieve it

Maria: oh!

Maggi: then don't bother to waste your time

Ming: I am just over 160 cm

Maggi: will always be taller

Maria: I'm 156 cm and i don't have problems

Maggi: thqt's even better...see mING...

Maggi: someone shorter

Ming: um......

Maggi: and she is happy

Maggi: the best things come in small packages

Maggi: :-)

Ming: since my friends like to touch(?) my top of head, I would like to do the same thing back on them but Icant...

Maggi: notice how Vance is being quiet...:-)

Maggi: stand on a chair

Maria: Ming you can jump

Ming: he must have a phone with a female...

Maggi: or touch them somewhere else

Ming: butt?

Maggi: men can chatter too!

Maggi: on the butt you mean?

Maggi: :-)

Vance: just enjoying listening to you charming ladies ...

Ming: um, I might be charged then

Maggi: I knew he had his ears open

Maggi: try the back

Maggi: just touch them softly on the back

Maggi: that is harmless

Ming: ? does that mean anything?

Maggi: not that I know of

Maggi: Vance?

Vance: For a woman to touch a man on the back?

Maggi: on the shoulder is consoling

Maggi: yes

Ming: touching head would make me feel small, like a child, but back would not have that kindv feeling...

Vance: Oh, when people touch you, you mean.

Maggi: I think it is the same for them Ming

Ming: mm.

Ming: that's why I want to do it. =D

Maggi: tell them you feel like a child then...

Maggi: thaqt you don't like it...

Ming: they try to tease me and make a fun on me ...

Vance: You mean you want to touch people back when they make fun of you?

Maggi: ignore them or just tell them honestly and politely how you feel

Ming: Ao, Vence miss something, he forcus on phone ne..+)

Ming: um, I will, Maggi

Maggi: tell them it makes you uncomfortable..then grab one's butt and ask if he likes that..

Ming: but I dont like to touch too much fat...

Maggi: you can't reach his head...just smile then

Vance: That's a little drastic isn't it? Is Ming talking about when someone touchers her on the head? You mean like a boyfriend?

Maggi: I think she is talking about people in general

Ming: do you think heel may help?

Maggi: the feet are harmless...LOL

Vance: Unless you mean pressure applied at the point of high heel

Ming: excuse me, why touching shoulder is impolite?

Maggi: Hey Vance...some guy put his haqnd on my breast and I just put my hand on the front of him and asked if he liked it

Maggi: sometimes that is more effective

Vance: Some guys would!

Maggi: not it public when they are unprepared...:-)

Maggi: in public

Maggi: touching shoulders is not impolite...but signals closeness

Vance: OK, I think if I did something offensive to someone I LIKED I would appreciate being asked nicely that the other person didn't like it.

* Maggi * especially when you give it a little threatening swqueze

Ming: where it's from? I mean, start from which country that has this signal?

Maggi: mostly people are unaware unless you tell them

Maggi: touching a shoulder in the US has different meanings depending on who does it.

Ming: I c

Ming: ? Maria?


Maria has gone ...


Maggi: I guess she had to go or got booted...

Ming: Am I too talkative?

Maggi: not at all

Maggi: usually I am

Maggi: :-)

Ming: sorry, i should not grab that position from you. =D

Vance: Am I too listenative?

Maggi: oh I think Vance would like me quiet for a change...:-)

Ming: No, Vance, you preparing my typing. =)

Ming: sorry, preparing for modifying my writing

Maggi: why are you going to change it?

Vance: I put these conversations on the Internet in our chat logs. Is it ok with you if I do that?

Maggi: who are you asking?

Ming: no prob. to me.

Maggi: same here

Vance: I thought I should ask.

Vance: But it's a service to you.

Maggi: women need to know how to handle different situations in different cultures

Vance: That way, you can go back and read what we talked about.

Ming: um

Maggi: men too!

Ming: just dont let others know I am not tall


Maggi: ooops.

Ming: =)

Maggi: slip of the finger

Ming: I understand

Vance: On the web, no one knows or cares how tall you are.

Maggi: really Ming...

Maggi: you can b a giant

Ming: so, omit that part ne

Vance: Yeah, like me, I'm a giant.

Maggi: LO

Maggi: L

Ming: tell them that I am 190 cm. =D

Maggi: ...:-)

Ming: and smart, tender,....

Maggi: good will scare the men then!!!

Vance: I can do a global search and replace in the logs.

Maggi: loving

Ming: yeah, like what they always did on girls..

Maggi: hehehee

Ming: you mean I need to add loving to be a part of my trait?=D

Maggi: don't will find one who loves you for you

Maggi: tender means loving

Ming: oh, see...

Ming: might really funny then

Maggi: just be yourself Ming and remain true to whoyou are...

Maggi: the rest will fall in place

Ming: =D

Maggi: :-)

Ming: thanks, maggi mom

Maggi: you're welcome


Vance: I just took a picture of you two.

Maggi: how?

Ming: could I ask something about dic.?

Maggi: ssure

Ming: e? my big head?

Maggi: I should have been the dragon

Ming: someone said that webster is not a good dic. to choice, you should use cambridge or longman; it that true?

Ming: correct: is that true?

Vance: really?

Ming: I dont know, someone just said that it's not good for learning English

Ming: because of lacking of examples?

Vance: maybe not for learning. How about Collins? Done from real research data.

Maggi: Webster's is rated behind Oxford...

Ming: I am not sure about that one; teachers in Taiwan might suggest students use Oxford, Cambridge, and longman

Maggi: here I prefer Pons

Ming: longman might be the better one to use

Maggi: but that is for the German market

Vance: I recommend Collins. In all dictionaries, most frequent uses of words are given as first meanings, second, etc.

Ming: does it have the on-line version?

Vance: From the Collins Cobuild project, this order was taken from concordance data

Maggi: I have a Collins too but it is not so up-to-date

Ming: concordance?

Maggi: that is good

Vance: There is. You can consult my references page. I'll give you the url.

Ming: thanks.

Maggi: it givees the frequency of usage by native speakers

Ming: I only have webster and cambridge in my preference collection

Maggi: practice KISS

Maggi: I have a Wwebster's too...thye newest

Ming: but what I used more often is my English-Chinese dic. ...=P

Ming: it's called concise...

Vance: For online references (including Collins Cobuild)


Maggi: look up wordds on both sides

Maggi: got him the eye!

Maggi: now how will he explain that?

Maggi: :-)

Ming: thanks, I would go there and find it.

Vance: About concordancing:

Maggi: many ways you can use get...

Vance: Cobuild's Bank of English Page can be found at

Ming: yeah, I just never try to find other dic. on-line, I should be more delegent...

Maggi: diligent?

Maggi: what for?

Vance: This is an easy explanation of concordancing:


Maggi: who wants to be prfect?

Maggi: perfect

Ming: yeah, sorry, I only remember how to pronounciate it.. *^-^*|||

Maggi: not a problem...because I still knew what you meant...

Maggi: that's what I mean

Ming: good gusser!

Maggi: no, it was close enough

Ming: it's like index?

Maggi: words are often pronounced differently

Maggi: are you still at work Vance?

Vance: yeah, I have conferences to prepare for

Ming: both of you are working?

Maggi: no, I am at home...but working

Maggi: I have to do my taxes

Vance: It's 6 at night in Abu Dhabi.

Maggi: I'm getting hungry though

Ming: do tax? means you need to fill out papers

Maggi: lots of forms

Maggi: and secial tables

Ming: it's 6 am here

Maggi: special

Ming: that's must be a dull job....

Maggi: are you up early or up late?

Maggi: it is the pits Ming but has to be done...

Ming: not's still sunday

Maggi: It is Sunday here too

Ming: I can sleep any time Iwant

Maggi: have you slept yet?

Vance: I work Sat thru Wed; Thu and Fri are the weekend

Maggi: wow...I like that idea...

Maggi: Ming's not Vances...:-)

Ming: not yet, but I am energetic...

Maggi: send me some of it please...:-)


Ming: ?

Ming: miss it...T-T

Maggi: I think it is possible to send energy online

Maggi: even easier than real

Ming: Excuse me, why mike cant use this one?

Ming: it's not buggy right now.

Maggi: what do you mean?

Maggi: Michael is sleeping

Maggi: what happened?

Ming: I mean, he can use this place

Ming: sorry, strange prob. happened...

Maggi: I think he had a problem getting here...

Maggi: stranger things have hqappened...:-)

Ming: ummm

Ming: I like this new position, avoid from sun-burn...

Vance: Moral is on line

Maggi: that's why I have this big chair

Maggi: have him on your list?

Ming: ? Is that related with sun-burn?

Maggi: I try to stay out of the sun to avoid wrinkles

Ming: e?! Moral works at midnight?

Maggi: living in Europe that is easy

Maggi: Moral works?

Maggi: where?

Ming: he said he only use the net from the working place before...I might have wrong memory....

Vance: I don't know. He's asked how to get to the Palace.

Maggi: might be right

Vance: His ICQ no: 40826286

Ming: continued the that easy to get hurt from sun in Europe?

Maggi: not really

Ming: not really got your saying....

Maggi: I am the oldest

Ming: I am so light!

Maggi: ...of my famiy but look the youngest

Maggi: got Morel now

Maggi: mORL

Maggi: moral

Ming: either do I

Vance: So do you? How's he doing there?

Ming: did not ask yet......I am here

Maggi: I asked

Ming: you lost contact with him?

Maggi: no

Vance: He didn't reply to my last msg

Ming: he might be busy to find way here.

Vance: He said "of course" he would come

Ming: and authorize our requirements

Ming: I am right.

Maggi: he asked for the address

Maggi: I gave it to him

Ming: Vance knew that

Ming: I just put the address to the default url


Ming: anyone know how to use other func?

Maggi: he is trying

Maggi: like what Ming?

Ming: so fast, my icq list gets boom within one night!!!

Maggi: boom in one night...what do you mean?

Ming: add so many people just in one night.

Ming: I cant use that words to say it?

Ming: which one would be better?

Maggi: Moral says he is coming...

Ming: sugoi!

Maggi: Hi..:-)

Moral: @64,64 !It's Moral

Maggi: ni hao?

Ming: Iam sorry, it's Japanese.

Ming: I mean, my saying

Vance: Hello Moral. Congratulations. You made it.

Ming: why I change my face? Moral grad that cute one!

Maggi: how many people did you add in one night Ming?

Vance: Moral, we've been here for over 3 hours already!

Ming: four;

Maggi: who is counting

Maggi: what time is it there mORAL?

Maggi: are you at work?

Ming: yuo, MC, Moral,...ah it's three

Ming: umm...looks better

Maggi: too serious

Maggi: no mouth

Ming: hondoni? try another...

Maggi: houdini

Maggi: good one

Ming: thanx

Maggi: :-)

Vance: This must be your first time at the Palace, Moral.

Maggi: Moral is probably wondering what happened to him!

Ming: how to change the expression image to something in my files later?

Vance: Double click on the suitcase to get expressions.

Maggi: YEP

Ming: where the suitcase is?

Maggi: then save it

Vance: It should be right below my picture.

Maggi: at the bottom next to the garbage can

Ming: hondoni is Japanese means "relly?"

Moral: hello everyone. it is 22.42 here. i am at home maggi. ming, it seems i look better than you

Maggi: houdini was a man who could do some great tricks

Ming: English?

Maggi: up late or just relaxing before you go to bed Moral?

Vance: Now you're coming alive, Moral.

Ming: I want to wear the flower but cant.....I am not a member yet......

Maggi: let me see if I can give you something Ming...

Moral: yea, i want to be with you for some time Maggie. of course vance , i am alive here.

Vance: So are you in Kunming, Moral? Have I got that right?

Moral: yes vance, you got it. what time is it Maggie and vance?

Moral: i bet ming in in the same time with me, right?

Vance: It's time for me to go home from work, almost 7 p.m. but I have so much to do.

Maggi: Ming is in the is 3 in the afternoon

Ming: I still dont know how to use the suitcase, might try to find it's directory and insert the images I want later.

Ming: It's 6:44 here.

Maggi: almost 4 here

Maggi: 4.44 pm

Maggi: am heer time

Maggi: heer

Maggi: her

Vance: You must be her, Maggi.

Moral: you are early birds. i am the late one

Maggi: I am having finger problems again

Ming: 3 pm? for the east coast timing?

Vance: Moral, you'll be able to read all the conversaton that went before at the homesteasite.

Vance: homestead site

Maggi: Ming is the only early one...we are coiming up behind you mORAL

Moral: yes vance. i knew it

Ming: I just forgot to sleep.....

Maggi: small thing to forget!

Moral: is it monday there vance?

Maggi: no..

Vance: It's still Sunday.

Ming: found a saying from a sentence..

Maggi: yes Ming?

Moral: poor vance, you have to work on sundays?

Ming: what is "a snap of finger"?

Maggi: He has time off in the middle of the week

Maggi: not poor Moral just different

Maggi: when you click you fingerss together mING...

Vance: Our weekends are different here. I'm off every Thu and Friday.

Maggi: happens just like that...snap!

Moral: vance, could you go I want to try if it works for me thins time?

Ming: for Maggi: yap, ita really small thing; and for me I always prolong the snap timing... ^-*

Vance: I can't. I'm still at work. I have two computers here. One has no sound card. The other is behind a firewal.

Vance: But Ming can go there. She has no mic, but she can hear you.

Vance: Maggi has the wrong version of Netscape.

Moral: it's ok, maybe i can try it next time.

Maggi: sorry

Vance: Yeah, usually we meet three hours before this.

Vance: Can you make it at that time next Sunday?

Vance: I'm sure Michael would like to talk to you.

Vance: I'll be in the states at that time.

Moral: of course vance. i was trying to install my softwares then

Maggi: am heer time

Maggi: ooops

Vance: on Sunday I'll be flying to Vancouver from San Francisco

Maggi: forget that

Vance: It's great that you can join us Moral.

Maggi: Let

Maggi: really

Moral: it is my wish to come here

Ming: Vance, remember falling down in Eugene in the flight way. ^-*

Ming: heer?

Vance: falling down? landing? on the runway?

Ming: yap, since you would pass it. =D

Ming: just kidding.

Ming: thanks, Maggi

Maggi: LOL


Maggi: you mean ROTFL

gong: @64,64 !It's gong

Maggi: Are you rolling on the floor or flying?

Vance: I don't get it!!!

Maggi: why are you frowning Moral?

Ming: sorry, something is buggy .

Maggi: hello gong

Ming: e? I just left for a while, there are more people here!

Moral: just trying maggi, please don't mind.

Vance: gong!

Maggi: testing things you mean Moral?

Maggi: you know who it is Vance? (Maggi is referring to Gong)

Ming: wow! this time you play me with your tiny finger! (Ming is bouncing her avatar on the extended finger of Maggi's)

Maggi: good trick eh Ming!

Maggi: tickle tickle

Vance: Don't know. Hi Gong, Friend or foe?

Maggi: I hope Moral doens;t mind the smell of my fet!

Maggi: feet

Ming: *giggle*

Maggi: sheese feet

Ming: ?

Maggi: cheese

Ming: gong do the same thing again

Maggi: Daffy has a lisp

Vance: You guys having fun?

Maggi: aren't you Vance?

Ming: what do you mean, MAggi?

Ming: Vance: yap!


Vance: You just look cute perched on Maggi's chair.

Maggi: oh je

Maggi: sorry

Ming: you are an excellent magician!

Maggi: I can juggle heads

Vance: I'm busy with things on the other computer. Working on one of the presentations.

Vance: Hey, I want to THANK Ming and Moral for doing those questionnaires.

Vance: VERY helpful.

Maggi: It was interesting to reads

Ming: Moral is jealous me? he went to your another hand!

Maggi: rea

Maggi: read

Moral: it's on vance. we are soppsed to do it.

Vance: Yeah, we've got the results up. I'll let you know where they are soon.

Vance: I need to ask others if they'll send them in first.

Vance: Good, Ming!

Maggi: I can juggle...:-)

Vance: No one HAS to do ANYthing in Webheads. And that's why it's so amazing.

Vance: People do it because they WANT to.

Ming: Vance:sure, it's my pleasure and dont make us retard your work

Maggi: interfere in is better or even get in the way

Maggi: we don't want to retard Vance before a conference...:-)\

Moral: ming, when didn't go to the us?

Moral: i mean did you

Vance: It's ok. I'm getting work done on the other computer in my office.

Maggi: sorry...part of my chair was hanging around...

Ming: that's fine

Ming: I forgot to ask, charm school is like model school?

Maggi: that;s better

Maggi: in a way

Maggi: to charmsomeone is to work magic

Maggi: to mak them go ooohhhh....

Ming: really has a school called that?

Maggi: I don't think so

Ming: I just doubt that...

Maggi: but it is doing what is exoected and considered correct

Maggi: oops expected

Ming: um.

Maggi: smiling helps

Ming: Does anyone know carnival well here?

Maggi: like how to wwin a millionare

Maggi: Wwe have carnival now

Maggi: lots of parties

Ming: millionaire? tonight on channel blabla...=D

Ming: yeah, I know, that's why I want to ask.

Maggi: money can't

Maggi: buyhappiness

Ming: no, what I ask is the carnival for Christian

Ming: Do they really not to eat meat during that period of time?

Maggi: it is a time to drink and eat before they have to fast before Easter.

Maggi: for six weekss they shouldn't

Maggi: no music either

Ming: why the price on the meat does not go down?

Maggi: good question...maybe people eat it in secret?

Ming: =D

Vance: what happened to Moral?

Ming: he might go to conference room, I guess

Maggi: wwe ate him?

Ming: He i strying some func., I think

Ming: dont know ne

Maggi: press on the keys and see what happens

Ming: keys?

Vance: A man doesn't stand a chance in this lionesses den.

Maggi: got you in my haand again!

Ming: back ne

Maggi: there is is

Maggi: you love it Vance

Ming: what is lionesses den?

Maggi: Moral...Vance needs Moral support!

Maggi: LOL

Vance: It's a cave where lady lions prowl.

Maggi: he thinks we are big cats..a

Ming: ha!

Maggi: LOL

Ming: this hand is more safe to stand up

Vance: Moral, you're safe! I was worried about you in this lioness's den.

Maggi: I aam juggling again

Moral: i just took a trip the classrooms. it is interesting, but i don't the details.

Maggi: don't worry about Morl...

Maggi: Moral..

Maggi: he is aq big boy now

Moral: of course maggi,

Maggi: we are pussy cats actually...:-)

Ming: am I too heavy?

Vance: THAT's the word I was looking for.

Maggi: see Vance?!

Maggi: not at all Ming

Ming: I am afraid of hurting your paw...

Moral: maggi, are you tired to hold ming?

Ming: I am light!

Vance: Boy, I'm tired.

Vance: Moral. You got here when it's very late for me.

Vance: I've GOT to go home now. I'm staying at work late anyway.

Maggi: he iss running down...

Vance: That's why I'm still here.

Vance: Definitely ... running down.

Maggi: no...she is light Moral

Ming: you should, you work so hard

Moral: sorry ming, i didin't mean you are heavy.

Vance: But you guys carry on ...

Maggi: I don't think Ming took it that way...:-)

Moral: ok vance .bye

Ming: that's ok, Moral, I just keep in the arm of MAggi...*giggl*

Vance: ok, bye everyone

Ming: ciao, Vance, ahve a good night then.

Maggi: I have to get my taxes lkong can you guys sty?

Ming: oop!


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