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Chat with students Felix from Brazil and Ying-Lan from Taiwan and teachers Vance and Maggi

January 16, 2000

The chat took place in Vance's chat room at

Anonymous46 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous46 is now known as Ying.

<Maggi> Hi Ying!

<Ying> This is Ying. Hello

<Ying> Sorry for being late.

<Maggi> No problem

<Vance> Hi Ying Lan.

<Ying> Hi, Maggi. Are you talking to Vance?

<Vance> That's me.

<Maggi> Vance and I were just chewing the cud...:-)

<Ying> Chewing the cud?

<Maggi> like cows

<Vance> What a choice of words!

<Maggi> just standing around working our jaws

<Maggi> that's me Vance...:-)

<Vance> It's the movement a calf makes when taking it's mothers

milk (movement with its mouth)

<Ying> Jaw = talking

<Maggi> jumped a bit...:-)

<Maggi> I was talking about chewing grass...LOL

<Ying> maggi , who is you?

<Vance> jaw is the bone at the bottom of your face, the one with

your teeth in it.

<Maggi> VVaqnce

<Maggi> Vance

<Maggi> cud is definitely not dring milk

<Maggi> it means talking Ying...yes

<Vance> Ah, it's the part the milk comes from ???

<Maggi> he is being silly now...

<Maggi> ever tasted mother's finest Vance?

<Vance> No, I'm not. What is cud exactly?

<Maggi> That big mess of grass that cows chew

<Vance> oh (so how was Ying Lan supposed to know that)

<Maggi> well I thought you would...she got meant we were


<Ying> I was looking for my dictionary when I watched out the

phrase "chew the cud".

<Vance> I was too, just now.

<Maggi> you tried to undrstand from context...good Ying!

<Ying> Really!... you are a native speaker!

<Maggi> even we don't know everything!

<Vance> I know the expression well, meaning to talk

<Vance> But I never stopped to wonder what a cud was

<Maggi> he didn't know what the cud was maybe

<Vance> I assumed it had to do with drinking milk

<Maggi> nope

<Vance> Same mouth movement, talking

<Maggi> they chew forever

<Maggi> ever watched cows chewing grass?

<Vance> Too long for my attention span ...

<Maggi> sucking and talking involve different uses of your


<Ying> I never watched cows chewing grass... only on TV.

<Maggi> guess you don't like fishing either Vance

<Vance> Watching cows chew grass on tv, that would REALLY be

a challenge to my attention span!

<Maggi> LOL

<Maggi> not if there was a naked woman nearby

<Vance> What is she talking about, Ying Lan?

<Maggi> still there guys?

<Maggi> why do you think they have those beautiful woman lying

all over cars

<Vance> Why is it so dark in here?

<Ying> why is it so dark in here>

<Maggi> turn on the light

<Ying> Good.

<Maggi> open your eyes

<Vance> There, that's better (that was a good idea)

<Vance> (why didn't I think of that?)

<Vance> MUCH easier to type now that I can see the keyboard!

<Maggi> short attention span probaly :-)

<Vance> I'll have to do it this way next time, as well.

<Maggi> probably

<Maggi> LOL

<Ying> Vance..... how's your traveling?

<Maggi> he has jet lag

<Ying> Jet lag? In USA?

<Vance> True, Bobbi and I have been having trouble sleeping.

<Vance> We're 12 hours different from California in Abu Dhabi.

<Vance> I'm back in Abu Dhabi now.

<Vance> It's nice to be home.

<Maggi> that will give you jet lag

<Maggi> it's about the same to here...

<Vance> We take melatonin before bed. It's a natural substance

that helps you sleep properly.

<Maggi> ...we were out of whack for about a week...

<Ying> You like to live in Abu Dhabe..

<Vance> Yes, I like Abu Dhabi quite a lot.

<Maggi> gives you color too!

<Vance> Come visit some time.

<Maggi> not in the summer

<Vance> What gives you color, Maggi?

<Vance> This time of year is very pleasant. It's about 17-20

degrees out.

<Vance> Sun is shining. Clear blue skies.

<Ying> Is it Spring?

<Maggi> sun is ahining here too.

<Maggi> 17-20 is very nice

<Vance> It's coming onto winter.

<Maggi> it is winter

<Maggi> one thing that gives me color is the sun studio...the

others I won't mention

<Vance> Ying Lan, do you understand what Maggi is talking


<Ying> NO... what's color?

<Ying> sun studio

<Maggi> solarium

<Maggi> a big machine you lie in and it is like at the beach

<Maggi> warm

<Maggi> and it makes you browner

<Maggi> 12 minutes every 2 weeks

<Ying> You like to be borwner....

<Maggi> only now that it is cold I may go once a week to warm up

<Maggi> not really...that is just the side benefit

<Maggi> I go for the light and warmth

<Ying> That's a good idea to warm up...

<Maggi> it is dark here

<Ying> Turn on your light...

<Maggi> the days are very short in the winter

<Maggi> not the same thing

<Maggi> it is not natual light

<Maggi> natural

<Ying> It is strange for me .... to live in short days or long days...

<Maggi> Vance


<Vance> Right here

<Maggi> long days in the summer are wonderful

<Maggi> talk to Ying...I'll be right back

<Ying> When I was travelling in Finland... I was wonder the days

long in summer night.

<Vance> Is there much seasonal change in Taiwan in winter?

<Ying> Yes....

<Ying> Not so much... the tree are still green.. some are falling..

<Ying> But it is cold sometimes.

<Ying> For example... it is 17--23 degree these days.. but it will be

very cold tomorrow night said by weather report.

<Vance> Here it's not going to get much colder.

<Vance> Are you in T'ai-chung? I'm looking at the weather report.

<Ying> Yes, I am.

<Ying> Felix is on line now.

<Vance> I'll send him our url

<Ying> What is the weather report?

<Vance> The forecast is for range of 57 to 73

degrees for Mon and Tue.

<Ying> 57 to 73

Anonymous46 has joined the chat room.

<Ying> Is it cold or worm?

Anonymous52 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous52 is now known as Felix.


<Felix> Hi all.... How are you being doing?

<Vance> That's farenheit. To get centigrade you double it,

subtract 10% and add 32

<Ying> hi Felix

<Vance> Hi Felix.

<Vance> Nice to see you

<Felix> a Math class Vance?

<Maggi> Hi Felix!

<Felix> Thanks


<Felix> I am so sad I wont be able to join you again for a long

time. snif snif

<Vance> Yes, we found we weren't doing so well teaching

English, so we decided to try Math for a while.

<Maggi> don't cry Felix

<Ying> math?

<Ying> ARE You Kiding?

<Maggi> you will always be in our thoughts

<Felix> Good.... So I have a math question for you... If 1 + 2 = 3,

then 2+3 = 4 right? LOL

<Felix> yes Ying. we are kidding

<Vance> No, if 1+2=3 then 3+4=7

<Maggi> you multiply by 9 divide by 5 and add 32

<Felix> Vance.. I am impressed.. You are GOOD at History.. LOL

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<Vance> But you can double it, sub 10% and add 32 in your head


<Maggi> I just use both systems as is

<Vance> Felix, when do you have to leave?

<Maggi> but that is a good trick

<Felix> Let me try..... Now I think it is about 35 Celsius here.. So

35 x 2 = 70 - 7 = 63 + 32 = 95 F .. Is that correct?

<Felix> I have to leave this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

<Vance> You got it. See? We can teach math a lot better than we

can English!

<Maggi> some of us...:-)

<Vance> Wow, so soon?! What do your family think?

<Felix> I used to give my student math questions in English.. Math

is an International Language... They used to love it.

<Vance> true

<Felix> They are ok... for now.

<Vance> How often will you get back?

<Felix> on Weekends...

<Ying> Are you a teacher?

<Maggi> will you still teach English Felix?

<Felix> Yes, I will have classes there too.

<Maggi> every weekend will be like a holiday then!

<Felix> right Maggi..

<Maggi> it can work

<Maggi> I have had students who do this

<Vance> What is the city you will be goin to?

<Maggi> going

<Felix> Eunapolis....

<Vance> Is it larger than Pto Seguro?

<Maggi> sounds Greek

<Maggi> :-)

<Felix> hmmmmm It s the same size..... a little bit larger than here

<Vance> But at least there's a job there. Do you think your family

might move there?

<Maggi> will you have a flat there then?

<Felix> Yes, we plan to move there definitely by June-July.

<Maggi> it will work

<Vance> So you'll all be back together then. That's something to

look forward to!

<Felix> No Maggi.. I will live in the school.. There is a room for me

there.. so small... But if I go on a diet it will fit me perfectly :o))

<Maggi> LOL

<Ying> lol

<Vance> Maybe you can go on a liquid diet.

<Maggi> LOL

<Felix> Good idea Vance.. BEER!!!!!!!!!! LOL

<Maggi> no room for a lover then!

<Maggi> :-)

<Felix> for lovers even a box of matches has space. heheh

Maggi is now known as ROTFL.

<Felix> So I read last chat log and Ying s brother is getting

married next week right?

<Vance> Sounds like you've done this before, Felix.

ROTFL is now known as maggi.

<Ying> Yes...

<Felix> On the 21st is my BD Ying.

<maggi> fingers are loose...:-)

<maggi> birthday/

<maggi> /

<maggi> ?

<Vance> Alright. Happy birthday!

<Felix> Thanks Vance.

<Ying> Happy birthday

<Felix> So soon :o))

<Vance> You're probably celebrating now, before you leave.

<maggi> 21 Fwbruary?

<Felix> nope.. Jan 21st

<maggi> February?

<Ying> 21 Jan.

<maggi> oh

<maggi> you are Aqurius then?

<Vance> Webheads party on the 21st!

<maggi> Aquarius

<Felix> Yes... What does my sign say Maggi?

<Felix> I will pay for everything Vance. :o))

<maggi> It is a water sign

<Felix> That is true.. I love water....


<maggi> you are crazy...but a fun crazy...:-)

<Felix> I am so shy Maggi.... Be sure of that.!

<maggi> I am an earth sign but I love water..

<Felix> What is your sign maggi? Vance? Ying?

<Ying> dragon

<maggi> In some ways yes, Felix...:-)

<Vance> I'm a capricorn

<Vance> (goat)

<maggi> I am a Moon child

<maggi> cancer

<Ying> I am fish... a small fish.

<Felix> Oh I forgot to tell you something Maggi.. A friend of mine

(Monica) is having problems with her CV... I gave her your e-mail

and Icq....

<maggi> no problem Felix

<Felix> My mom is virgin

<Felix> On the zodiac of course.

<maggi> my rising is Virgo

<Ying> My moon is Cancer.

<maggi> no wonder we get along Ying!

<Ying> Yes... we are.

<maggi> I have to find out what my moon is..

<Vance> I have no idea about mine. We capricorns are too

practical for astrology

<Felix> Vance. the Jamaican girl.... she sent me her picture..

<maggi> a Virgo is even more logical...:-)

<maggi> good thing she lives far away!

<Vance> That's neat. Does she want it on her web page? Ask


<maggi> one of my brothers is Capricorn...

<Vance> I'm supposed to tell you that Michael is with a face 2 face

student tonight.

<Vance> I think Felix just went offline.

<maggi> you mean one-on-one

Felix19 has joined the chat room.

Felix has left the chat room.

<maggi> Felix is experiencing difficulties

<Felix19> I wish my servidor provider will be better than this one..

Felix19 is now known as Felix.

<Vance> Did you close icq?

<Felix> Nope.. I am invisible.

<Vance> Michael won't be here tonight.

<maggi> I see you:-)

<Vance> How do you make yourself invisible on ICQ?

<Ying> Sorry... I have to take a shower...

<maggi> this must be a private student

<maggi> click on the option

<Vance> oh

<maggi> going somewhere Ying?

<Vance> I've got to go too Ying. I'm using the phone line and my

office mate needs it.

<Ying> NO... I am tried... I need some sleep.

<Vance> Well, get some rest. Nice to see you again.

<maggi> you can put your favorites on the invisable list then and

only they can see you Vance

<Vance> Oh, congratulations about your brother!

<Ying> See you next week.

Felix48 has joined the chat room.

<Ying> Thanks.

<Ying> bye

<Vance> ok bye then

Felix48 is now known as Felix2.

<maggi> guess everyone is leaving then...

<Felix2> I hate this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<maggi> bye guys...

Felix has left the chat room.

<maggi> I know Felix...:-)

<Felix2> So everyone is leaving...

Felix2 is now known as Felix.

<Vance> Poo Felix. How many felixes are there here?

<maggi> I can stay a bit

Ying has left the chat room.

<Vance> I've got to go though. So you guys have a nice chat.

<maggi> he keeps trying

<Felix> LOL@Vance

<Felix> Bye Vance..

<maggi> you bet we will!

<maggi> bye Vance

<Vance> Felix, stay in touch. You'll be back home weekends, so

you have to spend half the time with us!

<Felix> So maggi. we d better go to icq messages.

<Vance> ok, bye

<Felix> Dont worry Vance. I will never let you guys alone.

<maggi> yes we can Felix...but you have to send one first

<Vance> Guess what, I got the whole log!!!


<Felix> I will leave this chat room too for now.. Bye all


<Felix> ok Maggi..

<Vance> OK, bye

<Felix> Good Vance!

<Felix> Bye

<maggi> you aren't on my list

<maggi> bye guys

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