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Chat with students Ying Lan from Taiwan, Bridgett from Jamaica, and Moral from China,
and teachers Michael C, Maggi and Vance

February 27, 2000

The first part of the chat log is from just the text portion of the voice chat log, so you have to understand that participants are talking a lot in the background; in fact the text chat part IS just background. Later on we drift over to the Palace ...

Bridgett has joined

Status: Connected

Michael has joined

Moral has joined

Michael: Hi everyone!

Michael: Bridgett and Moral - can you hear me?

Ying Lan has joined

Moral: Hi, everyone

Michael: Moral - can you hear us?

Moral: I cann't hear you.

Moral: why?

Michael: Moral - you have speakers on your pc?

Moral: Yes

Ying Lan: Hi, Moral.

Moral: Hi Yinglan

Moral: nice to meet you all here

Michael: Bridgett - can you turn up your microphone?

Ying Lan: What a pity! you can not hear us.

Ying Lan: link what?

Status: Disconnected

Status: Disconnected

Bridgett has joined

Moral has joined

Ying Lan has joined

Status: Connected

Michael has joined

Ying Lan: Sorry for the connection problem.

Michael: Moral - do you have speakers on your pc?

Ying Lan: I have the tape of "The cat in the hat".

Moral: Yes, I have Michael

Moral: I mean I have it, Michael

Ying Lan: policy what?

Michael: But you can't hear us Moral?

Vance has joined

Michael: are your speakers working?

Moral: No I can't. I'll check it

Ying Lan: Moral, Do you check you speaker?

Moral: can you here me Michael?

Ying Lan: Or you just forgot to turn it on?

Moral: I am doing

Vance: Only one problem. My mic isn't working

Vance: But this is great to have Moral here as well.

Vance: HI Moral

Vance: Hi YL

Vance: Yeah, this computer needs reinstallation of software

Moral: Hi Vance , nice to meet you

Vance: Yeah, we can't get it working

Vance: Perfectly

Vance: I can hear YL and MC

Vance: what about Maggi, where did she go?

Vance: No problem Moral, I know how it feels

Ying Lan: She is still in our virtual classroom in the Palace.

Vance: Thanks to Michael and I

Vance: It would be interesting

Vance: We have other conferences coming up

Vance: I feel like a juggler

Vance: Yes, that's right

Vance: Hi Bridgett, do you have the Palace software installed?

Vance: Bridgett asked for the link for the Palace chat

Vance: Maybe it's downloading the graphics

Vance: You click on FILE then Connect to a Palace

Michael: Moral - any luck with your speakers?

Vance: In there you type in

Vance: and then port 9998

Moral: NO I don't think so, Michael

Michael: Do your speakers normally work?

Moral: Sorry, I'll leave for a while.

Ying Lan: I got a question.. I don't understand the word.

Moral: Yes, it does

Ying Lan: JUGGLE

Vance: can you hear us Moral?

Michael: Maybe a firewall problem from China....?

Moral: NO, I can't Vance

Ying Lan: How to pronounce the word.

Vance: Maggi is having a problem getting in

Vance: Michal, say "juggle" for YL

Vance: I think so. We'll get there.

Moral has left

Bridgett has left

Vance: That's right

Vance: I'm a juggler at conferences

Vance: It means, I have several computers going and several windows open

Vance: and I have to move from one to the other

Vance: I have to show people in one hour the Palace

Vance: The voice chat, ICQ, text chat

Ying Lan: You played computers on the stage at the same time.

Vance: My powerpoint presentation

Vance: The url where I keep my handout

Vance: Yeah, we had a room full of computer

Moral has joined

Michael: But it's a buzz though - right Vance?

Michael: Welcome back Moral!

Vance: About 12 in the room

Ying Lan: Moral, any lucky?

Vance: in this conference, a few hundred

Michael: Any luck/

Vance: Mostly, also Arabic teachers of English, University teachers

Moral: I havn't yet mike and yl

Vance: At least you can text chat. But no sound?

Vance: Maggi is rebooting to try again.

Michael: Such a shame Moral. Have you used voice chat with other people before?

Moral: No Michael, I haven't yet

Ying Lan: Can you hear CDs by the same speaker now?

Moral: Michael, It there anything with Java?

Moral: Yes Yinglan, I tried the mic and the speaker with purevoice

Ying Lan: It is strange.

Michael: I think this uses Java - is that right Vance? Vance knows more about the technical stuff than I do.

Ying Lan: Jave language

Vance: It appears to be a cgi at the host computer perhaps written in java

Michael: Moral - what version browser do you use?

Moral: IE 4.0

Vance: That should work

Moral: It might be the browser ?

Vance: Yeah, it says in the code you can use ie 4.0

Ying Lan: I use the I.E. %

Vance: YL wants to know if you have netscape 4.5 or 4.7

Ying Lan: I.E.5

Vance: I think it's a firewall problem too

Moral: Ok, thank you all. I think I should leave and check. when will you leave here?

Vance: But there's a firewall problem, that means the Chinese authorities are blocking certain sites or protocols

Vance: Should be go to the Palace?

Moral: I haven't try the palace

Vance: the bloody palace !!!

Vance: Michael said that

Moral: Ok, I leave for a while to check again

Michael: Sorry it's not working Moral. Thanks for coming.

Vance: No MICHAEL said that.

Vance: Thanks a lot michael

Michael: What did you say Ying?

Ying Lan: The bloody palace... Vance doesn't want to go there.

Moral has left

Ying Lan: Or he'd love to.

Vance: You can go to campus com?

Vance: Bridgett is at the palace

Vance: Bridgett is very silent at the Palace

Vance: Michael is a very naughty boy

Michael: Do you swear in Chinese Ying?

Vance: That mean, use bad words

Vance: that means (I mean)

Vance: Michael says I'm perfect. Thank you Michael.

Vance: Actually, to an American words like bloody and shit are not all that bad

Michael: teasing?

Michael: or kidding?

Vance: I'm talking to Maggi and Bridgett at the Palace

Ying Lan: kidding

Michael: That is a practical joke.

Vance: I understand you thought there was a holiday

Vance: but there wasn't one

Vance: and you will be alone at your office tomorrow

Vance: No one else will be there

Moral has joined

Vance: Hi Moral. the rest of us are at the Palace. Can you reach there?

Moral: I'll try Vance.

Vance: I understand you pretty well too

Vance: on port 9998

Michael: Hi again Moral.

Moral: HI mike

Ying Lan: Hi moral.

Moral: Hi yinglan

Bridgett has joined

Vance: Bridgett is looking for the party

Michael: A schizophrenic chat class!

Ying Lan: I bought a book from the Taipei International Book Exhibition.

Vance: She wants to be where the action is.

Ying Lan: The cat in the hat.

Vance: And now the action is here.

Vance: Dr. Seuss?

Vance: The most activity

Ying Lan: Exactly

Michael: back in a minute.......

Vance: Moral, are you able to reach the Palace?

Vance: The palace is rather quiet

Vance: so .. what?

Michael: I'm back.

Moral: I haven't tried it yet, Vance , need plalace software?

Ying Lan: Do you want to hear the cat in the hat?

Vance: Yeah, from

Vance: You could just try to set it up for next week

Moral: Thank you vance. I 'll try here again.

Vance: That's because I'm speaking v e r y c l e a r l y

Ying Lan: Micahel, your voice is broken.

Moral has left

Vance: this bloody microphone!!

Vance: My problem is we've had a problem with our sound card

Vance: And they need to reinstall all the software

Vance: it looks like we have to back up our data from the computer first

Vance: and reinstall windows , the whole bit

Vance: should we try for campus.??

Vance: I just conveyed your message to Maggi

Vance: so did Bridgett

Vance: Maggi is rolling on the floor laughing out loud

Michael: LOL!

Michael: It's 11.30 pm here.

Vance: Actually, I lied. She didn't say that in reply to your message. She said it earlier

Vance: It was a practical joke.

Vance: she says she misses you too

Vance: (not kidding)

Vance: I thought I was perfect!! Now it's bloody Vance?

Vance: He's a madman

Michael: Sorry if I confused you all!

Vance: We should go say hi to Maggi

Vance: shame on you, Michael, confusing us all like that

Vance: He keeps is a secret

Vance: mad = angry? or mad = crazy

Vance: It helps if you're a little mad

Vance: maggi said she can push up the daisies while she waits for us

Vance: to Vance

Vance: We tell a lot of jokes, and they are hard to understand

Vance: we are always playing practical jokes

Michael: Ok - time for me to go - really!

Vance: Yeah, really, nice to see you

Michael: See ya!!!


This part is the Palace portion. During the first part of the log, participants are partly in the Palace chat but more engrossed in the voice chat. Eventually, we join Maggi in the Palace chat ...

Connecting to

Connected via TCP

*** Welcome to The Virtual School House Vance!

Vance: @64,64 !It's Vance

Bridgett: @64,64 !It's Bridgett

Vance: Good bridget. Got you here!

Vance: Hi Bridgett. I'll get Maggi in here.

Ying-Lan: I am here.

Vance: Bridgett, you there?

Bridgett: hello again

Bridgett: can we voice chat too

Bridgett: ying-lan are you there I can see you but /

Vance: Ying Lan is preocupied at the voice chat

Bridgett: hi vance

Vance: We can't voice chat here

Bridgett: okay

Bridgett: where is meggie

Vance: I think she is coming

Bridgett: okay

Vance: Bridgett we're thinking to go to another Palace that Michael can go to.

Maggi: @64,64 !It's Maggi

Maggi: @64,64 !It's Maggi

Bridgett: okay what is the link

Vance: OK, we're all here except for Moral.

Maggi: well...

Bridgett: Hi maggi please to meet you

Vance: Hi. I was just telling Bridgett, MC can get to but he can't come here.

Vance: There is one problem however

Maggi: Hi Bridgett

Vance: Bridgett, are you a guest or registered user of the Palace?

Maggi: we all see to have one problem or the other

Bridgett: I think so I have the soafware running ,

Bridgett: I dont now

Vance: To get to you have to be a registered Palace user

Vance: You can register if you can run a browser right now.

Vance: You are doing very well, by the way, Bridgett.

Maggi: is that where mc is?

Vance: No MC is LISTENING to YL in the Palace. She talks more than you do Maggi !!

Maggi: gee...another chateerbox...:-)

Vance: She's great!

Vance: hellp?

Vance: hello ( I mean)

Bridgett: vance what was the link again

Maggi: Mc said shit he said!

Maggi: oooo...that sounded Shakespearian

Vance: I think we'd better wait here for a while.

Maggi: for what/

Vance: Michael is completely tied down with Ying Lan

Vance: I'm not a good moderator. I'm in 2 places at once.

Maggi: kewl...she has him tied up...:-)

Bridgett: okay I just tap into a bad site ,

Vance: This is our usual site.

Maggi: divide yoursel Vance

Vance: Bridgett has rejoined us at the voice chat.

Maggi: sin gave up

Maggi: son

Maggi: LOL

Vance: It's ok. I'm here.

Maggi: wel...wiping the tears...that's a relief

Maggi: now everyone iss quiet

Vance: Yep, here you are (to bridget)

Bridgett: I am

Maggi: she iss

Maggi: is

Bridgett: tell me maggi how are you

Vance: Bridgett is a juggler too

Vance: She's in both places

Bridgett: yes I am

Vance: So Moral has left now as well

Maggi: I can't see where I am typing

Maggi: messed up my screen and the laptop is so small

Vance: Michael is going to be leaving in a moment.

Maggi: I'm fine Bridgett

Maggi: you?

Maggi: time to make like a tree and leave...

Vance: Michael's leaving, so we'll all be back here in a moment.

Maggi: LOL

Vance: Michael says he misses you Maggi

Maggi: ahhh

Bridgett: hay maggi mc miss you

Maggi: sweet

Maggi: I miss hi8m too...:

Maggi: him too :-)

Vance: Conversatoin seems to be at the voice chat at the moment

Maggi: guess so

Vance: We'll be here in a moment.

Maggi: take your time...-)

Maggi: I can push up the daisey's

Ying-Lan: Maggi, we miss you.

Maggi: well...I tried

Bridgett: are you gardening there maggie

Vance: Youre message has been conveyed to the other room

Maggi: yes...let me see if I can find some more flowers

Vance: You can decorate the place while we make our way over

Bridgett: how can I help

Maggi: I haven't found any flowers

Vance: I think Michael has gone to bed but Bridgett and Ying Lan are still talking

Maggi: Mc is still there...:-)

Vance: no, he's gone

Bridgett: yes he is gone

Maggi: not on icq

Vance: YL and Bridgett are coming here.

Ying-Lan: Vance

Vance: You guys can stay in the voice chat and talk to Maggi at the Palace too.

Vance: I think I'll take my conversation here.

Bridgett: that is what I am telling ying-lan

Vance: We had Moral tonight.

Ying-Lan: Vance are you at home?

Vance: Bridgett is asking Ying Lan what holiday she is celebrating in her country.

Maggi: I would hae liked to meet him

Maggi: have

Vance: Moral didn't say much. He couldn't hear anyone.

Maggi: shame

Vance: YL says it's not a celebration, but a memorial

Maggi: memorial to what?

Vance: YL says it's the 228 accident

Bridgett: so do you garden maggi

Vance: Has is been a year?

Bridgett: I am trying to grow my lawn grass but is is so dry ,

Vance: YL: Some Taiwaneses died by the misunderstand between Taiwaness and Chinese under KMT policy 30 or 40 years ago.

Maggi: I wish I had one Bridgett...I love to grow things

Vance: Ying Lan: It was a big problem in Taiwan 10 years ago.

Maggi: oh...that is in the news again...they are making noise at each other again

Vance: Ying Lan: We caill it is 228 accident.

Vance: Ying Lan: Because it happened on Feb. 28.

Maggi: what happened?

Vance: Ying Lan: I forgot the correct year when it happened.

Ying-Lan: I am here.

Vance: Ying Lan: It is a big day in Taiwan's history.

Ying-Lan: Maybe maggi knew the 228 accident in Taiwan.

Maggi: the important thing is what happened?

Ying-Lan: There are so many stories about the 228.

Ying-Lan: I really do not know which is correct.

Vance: I don't know about it, or can't remember

Ying-Lan: I just know so many Taiwaneses passed away in the 228 accident.

Maggi: accident...what happened?

Ying-Lan: A lot of good Taiwaneses went to jail and went to U.S.A. until today.

Vance: What happened?

Maggi: politics

Bridgett: what was it for ?

Maggi: incident then

Maggi: accident is when cars crash

Ying-Lan: I have to read books before I tell you the story.

Maggi: well tell us what you know

Ying-Lan: It is very important for Taiwanese.

Bridgett: maggi where did your duck seat

Ying-Lan: I don't want to say a wrong story to you.

Maggi: it is safer than most seats...I cqn always fly away!!

Ying-Lan: I promise that I will let you know...

Maggi: well what do you know now?

Ying-Lan: Sorry.

Maggi: no need to be sorry

Maggi: but if it is so important what do you feel is important for you?

Vance: Guys, I've got to go. My son wants to use the computer :-(

Ying-Lan: It is very important for my Dad.

Maggi: ok

Bridgett: okay vance

Vance: YL, you can email us the story.

Maggi: hy is it important for him Ying?

Maggi: why

Bridgett: maggi you did not tell me how do you get your duck seat?

Ying-Lan: My Dad hates KMT because of the 228 accident.

Maggi: some nice little guy that Ying and I met at the campus

Maggi: well...what is this accident tht he hates?

Ying-Lan: He hided his feeling for 20 years.

Maggi: what is the KMT?

Vance: Kuomintang

Bridgett: he give you your duck seat

Ying-Lan: It is a party in Taiwan.

Maggi: yes...he had lots of really nice avatars Bridgett

Ying-Lan: It is a political party.

Vance: The national party that's been in power al these years

Vance: The party of Chaing kai Chek

Maggi: well like most politicians corrupt

Maggi: nationalism

Ying-Lan: Vance, you knew so many things about Taiwan... great!!

Maggi: we keep up

Bridgett: vance I need to sand you a photo of me where do I sand it

Maggi: have to being outside the Us


Maggi: ooops

Vance: A printed photo or an email photo?

Vance: email to

Maggi: sand is to make it smaller by grinding off part

Bridgett: an email photo to put on the site

Vance: ^

Maggi: don't make it too sexy Bridgett...:-)

Ying-Lan: one more thing.

Vance: Bridgett must be near sighted

Maggi: yes Ying?

Maggi: why Vance?

Ying-Lan: Maybe I can not be here one or two times

Bridgett: vance no I am not , I can se very well

Vance: Oh, the photo !!! not too sexy. I thought you meant because she ame over here.

Maggi: well...we can't always be here either...

Ying-Lan: When do you go to Vancouver?

Maggi: men...:-)

Vance: btw, watch the windows and doors. Some of them take you to other rooms

Ying-Lan: I mean I will be in Taipei for taking the test.

Vance: If you go to another room, you need to use Options / Go Back.

Vance: Keep that in mind.

Bridgett: no it wont its just a old me ,

Maggi: good luck Ying...just relax...:-)

Ying-Lan: I found I need to format my computer again...

Bridgett: vane can I sand it Icq

Vance: Men!! You started it Maggi.

Maggi: Want to fight Vaqnce...I knoiw you are ticklish...:-)

Vance: You could Bridgett, do you wan tto send it now?

Bridgett: yes

Bridgett: its comming

Vance: ok,

Maggi: he is paanting whie he waits

Maggi: oops ...panting

Maggi: while he waits

Maggi: with anticipation

Maggi: because it is another beautiful photo to add to the webheads collection

Maggi: :-)

Ying-Lan: That's right.

Vance: .. on it's way

Maggi: are on your way Bridgett!

Bridgett: do you have icq ying and maggi

Maggi: yes

Maggi: you?

Vance: Very nice. Came through perfectly.

Bridgett: okay

Vance: I'll put it up today some time.

Bridgett: yes maggi I do wang my #

Maggi: yes?

Vance: All the icq numbers are on our students page

Bridgett: 24100059

Vance: in case you need one.

Maggi: is easieer if she just gives it to me

Vance: I LIKE the ear rings, by the way. Are you wearing them now?

Maggi: hmmm

Bridgett: no I am not but I still have them ,

Vance: OK, I've got to run everyone

Bridgett: and my hair is not the same

Bridgett: see you vance

Ying-Lan: I want to go now.

Bridgett: you too ying

Vance: Well, still, it's nice picture, and it's good to see what everyone looks like

Maggi: bye Vace slaap zacht...say Brigett what did you do with your hair?

Ying-Lan: I will be abesent several times in March.

Vance: Me too actually, since I'll be in Vancouver.

Maggi: we wil miss you Ying

Maggi: I guess we wil miss Vance tooo...:-)

Maggi: I guess we wil miss Vance tooo...:-)

Bridgett: yah we will

Vance: I;ll be here next week.

Maggi: I need to eat something

Bridgett: where are you maggi?

Ying-Lan: But Vance let me know the conference's time

Maggi: in Germany Bridgett

Ying-Lan: Maybe I will be there on line.

Vance: Yeah, I'll have to sort that out. I won't have an internet connection for all the presentations.

Maggi: I will try

Bridgett: okay what is the weather like there

Vance: bye

Maggi: only if he wants a crzy there

Bridgett: bye

Ying-Lan: What a pity!

Ying-Lan: O.k.

Ying-Lan: See you guys.

Maggi: well the sun is shining today and the birds are singing!!

Vance: That would be great if you can be there. I think in one of my talks I can have the Internet. I'll find out when it is.

Ying-Lan: Thank you so much to talk to me.

Vance: bye everyone ... our PLEASURE Ying Lan.

Vance: And you too Bridgett

Maggi: you're welcome...

Vance: (not to mention Maggi) (bows)

Ying-Lan: That's great to be here.

Maggi: bye guys

Bridgett: yah vance sleep tight

Ying-Lan: bye-bye

Bridgett: and dont let the bed bugs bite

Maggi: good one Bridgett!

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