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Chat with student MaggiE from China
and teachers Maggi and Vance

February 13, 2000

Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous91.

Members of room: Anonymous91 Anonymous14

You have changed your name to Vance.

Anonymous14 has left the chat room.

<Vance> who was anon 14?

Anonymous54 has joined the chat room.

<Anonymous54> hi.Maggie is here


<Anonymous54> what's going on?

<Vance> Oh, hi, I didn't see you there

<Vance> ok

<Vance> I was hiding under this toadstool here

<Anonymous54> well.r u talking now

<Vance> no i m not

<Vance> However, it was fun talking in French for a while

<Anonymous54> I wait for a long time

<Anonymous54> Did u talk with Michael?

<Vance> MaggiEEEE I thought you were Maggi

<Vance> See, I'm confused

<Vance> I'm talking ot Maggi on ICQ

<Vance> I'll invite her here

<Anonymous54> ok

<Vance> You're on ICQ aren't you?

<Anonymous54> no

<Vance> Oh ok. I saw Maggi online, and I saw Maggie in the chat


<Vance> and I thought you were the same

<Vance> But no matter. Now you are here.

<Vance> And Maggi is on her way

<Anonymous54> I am waitting.

<Anonymous54> Sorry ,I don't use ICQ

<Vance> And where are you exactly?

<Anonymous54> you mean ?

<Anonymous54> I am at home

Anonymous83 has joined the chat room.


<Vance> I just looked up your web page. You say you are in the

south of China

Anonymous83 is now known as Mad.

<Mad> Hi

<Anonymous54> hi

<Vance> MAD is Margaret Ann Doty, also known as Maggi

<Anonymous54> This is Maggieeeee

<Mad> Maggie right?

<Anonymous54> I am in a small city near Hong Kong

<Mad> there is a small city near Hong Kong?

<Vance> I've been to Quangchou, but that's not a small city

<Anonymous54> I haven't been there before.

<Vance> You can change your name if you like.

<Anonymous54> how?

<Vance> You write MAGGIE in the name space and click


Anonymous54 is now known as Maggie.

<Mad> good girl

<Maggie> OK I did it.

<Vance> Congratulations!

<Maggie> thanks

<Mad> Nice to meet you Maggie!

<Maggie> Where r u Vance?

<Vance> I see Kay online too. I'll let her know where we are.

<Maggie> Same to meet u too

<Vance> I'm in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates

<Vance> I'm an American working at a language school here.

<Maggie> cool..

<Vance> (Kay left :-(

<Mad> happens

<Vance> What do you do, Maggie? Student? Worker?

<Maggie> Student

<Maggie> I will go to university this year

<Vance> Which university will you go to?

<Maggie> I want to be a doctor...or I don't know

<Mad> what kind of doctor?

<Maggie> Maybe the doctors help women to born their babies

<Mad> that would be a very rewarding job...

<Vance> A doctor who helps women have babies ...

<Mad> there is no wonder better than a baby being born

<Maggie> Is it?

<Mad> the technical term is gynocologist....:-)

<Mad> I know...I haqd one

<Vance> or midwife ... a lot of them here ..

<Maggie> woo

<Mad> I only had midwives..

<Maggie> what 's midwies?

<Vance> A midwife isn't a gynecologist ...

<Vance> A midwife is someone who specializes in being present

at the birth

<Mad> it is usually a woman who helps.

<Mad> she is not trained to be a doctor

<Maggie> I see...Gynecologist

<Mad> but I like them better

<Vance> A gynecologist is more an internal specialist, isn't he /


<Mad> well...that depends

<Vance> A midwife wouldn't be able to solve problems internally,

would she?

<Mad> it is for the overall care of the female

<Maggie> well .Maggi u have a kid?

<Vance> We both have kids

<Mad> son is 17 now

<Vance> mine are 15 and 21

<Mad> Vance has two...but he didn't have them!

<Maggie> why did u say that?

<Mad> men don't have babies

<Vance> She means I didn't give birth to them.

<Maggie> ok .I see

<Vance> Let's do a fill in the blank exercise!

<Vance> Here's the first problem ...

<Vance> You'll have to excuse Maggi, she

<Vance> oops

<Maggie> ok

<Vance> You'll have to excuse Maggi she's a little ....

<Mad> a little what?

<Vance> (fill in the blank)

<Maggie> what?

<Vance> Maggi and I are very good friends and we joke around a


<Mad> that's the question

<Mad> LOL

<Vance> (LOL = laugh out loud)

<Mad> try crazy

<Vance> Crazy would fit.

<Maggie> I knew it yesterday

<Maggie> I meant "lol"

<Maggie> I chated yesterday.

<Mad> depends what your definition of crazy is...:-)

<Vance> cheated?

<Mad> chatted

<Mad> silly man

<Vance> You'll have to excuse Vance, he's a little (silly?)

<Vance> LOL

<Maggie> woo...

<Maggie> sometimes I don't understand what u r talking about.

<Mad> a different sense of see he is crazy toooo:-)

<Maggie> Ijust know a few words.

<Vance> I am keeping a log of this, so you can go back and read

it later.

<Vance> I can email it to you.

<Mad> don't worry Maggie

<Maggie> oh...thanks so much

<Maggie> and what's your job Maggi?

<Mad> I teach Business English in companies

<Mad> I am freelance.

<Maggie> so all of u are English teachers.

<Maggie> what's freelance?

<Vance> I taught ESL for 20 years but now I set up computers for

language learning.

<Maggie> that's a cool thing ,,,expecialy for me

<Mad> freelance means I do not have a permanant job with a


<Mad> I can teach to anyone

<Vance> A lance is a spear used by knights.

<Vance> A knight who would fight for anyone was a "free lance"

<Maggie> u know what,I told that I had some English teachers in

internet.They are surprised

<Mad> So, you think I stab my students eh? LOL

<Vance> This would account for Maggi's sharp tongue.

<Maggie> oh,just a minute.I will be back soon

<Vance> Anyone can have teachers on the Internet!

<Vance> ok

<Mad> (looking in the mirror...hmmmm)

<Vance> mirror mirror on the wall ...


<Vance> oops

<Vance> Maggi, you keep dropping offline ...

<Mad> that was your mirror that crackled...

<Vance> What's all this glass doing here?

<Mad> I had to send some msg's that hung

<Mad> lover too

<Mad> ouch

<Vance> I'm gonna have to go soon or walk home

<Mad> you like to run...:-)

<Maggie> just for keep fit?

<Vance> I'm at work. I'm wearing a tie.

<Mad> and keep his heart in shape

<Mad> take it off

<Vance> To leave here I have to walk or drive to the gate where

there's a guardpost

<Mad> so?

<Vance> From there i can get a cab

<Vance> So my colleague is leaving and I want to hitch a ride

<Mad> man...they lock you up at work eh?

<Maggie> Will u leave Vance?

<Vance> You gals can talk ...

<Vance> Hi, yes I'm going to have to leave or walk

<Mad> I have a lot of work to do too...

<Vance> Usually I drive my car but it's in the shop now.

<Maggie> u haven't got a car?

<Maggie> well.If u have a lot of work to do.Just do it

<Mad> it is being fixed

<Vance> I have a car, but it's getting a tune up

<Mad> I'm trying Maggie

<Vance> So I don't have it now

<Maggie> trying what?

<Mad> to get the work done

<Maggie> I have a bike.

<Maggie> Bike means a car to me

<Mad> it is too cold here for a bike

<Mad> but a good idea

<Vance> When I have visited China, I almost always rent a bike.

<Maggie> Cause I am still a student

<Mad> any people here ride bikes in the city

<Mad> mANY

<Maggie> u did visited China?

<Vance> I have visited China several times.

<Maggie> Really?

<Vance> I've been to Kashgar or Kashi in the western provinces

<Vance> I've been to Beijing

<Mad> learn any Chinese Vance?

<Vance> I've been to Hong Kong several times and to Quangchou

<Maggie> cool..u know what ...i havent been to Beijin

<Vance> ni how (that's about it)

<Maggie> I just been to Hong Kong..and Shanhai..and so on.

<Vance> I liked Beijing very much. Why don't you take a train up


<Mad> it's a start

<Maggie> Well it takes a long time for me to go to beijin by train

<Mad> do the Chinese spell it Beijin?

<Maggie> I don't know.Just a minute

<Maggie> Sorry.It is spell Beijing.

<Maggie> I made a mistake again

<Maggie> What do u think about China?

<Vance> I really like traveling in China.

<Maggie> Oh,I am happy to hear that.

<Mad> I would love to visit...I learned Chinese in school.

<Vance> It's inexpensive and exotic

<Maggie> yes.inexpensive.

<Vance> Why did you learn Chinese, Maggi?

<Maggie> I read a book which it is talked about a girl travel in

China alone

<Maggie> And the girl is from USA

<Mad> I wanted to be one of the first journalists allowed in China.

<Maggie> Allowed?

<Vance> When was that?

<Vance> When I first visited China I took a train from Hong Kong,

and there were signs up saying "No foreigners beyond this point"

<Mad> late 60's...still the cultural revolution...China was closed.

<Vance> Now it's pretty free to travel there.

<Maggie> When?Vance?

<Vance> First time? Maybe around 1980.

<Maggie> I was not in the world in the cultural revolution.

<Vance> I was there when Tianenmen was raided (by


<Maggie> But my parents suffered the pain.

<Vance> I have read some very sad stories about that.

<Mad> it was confusing time for us outside China...

<Maggie> My mum said that many people were killed in her


<Vance> This sounds interesting, but my colleague is leaving ...

<Mad> we never knew actually what happened...mostly just

reports from people who came out somehow

<Vance> I would like to hear more.

<Mad> bye Vance

<Maggie> Bye

<Maggie> who leave?

<Mad> Vance is going

<Maggie> r u free now?

<Vance> I've got to go. Maggie, we've been discussing China and

its policies toward macau and hong kong

<Vance> Do you have any opinions based on your parents


<Maggie> If not u can go too.It doesn't matter

<Vance> Report to me later. There's a third guy who wants to go

<Vance> and he needs the phone line

<Vance> Maggi can keep a log if she likes

<Vance> see you guys ...

<Maggie> Well.I don't know much about it too.I also know much of

it from the history book

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