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Archive for September 1999

Papyrus News is a free e-mail distribution list run by Mark Warschauer
Archive maintained by Vance Stevens with Mark's permission and collaboration

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Mark Warschauer

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September 30, 1999

Personal histories via CMC

September 28, 1999

Technical Innovation and Global Business Communication

September 27, 1999

PhD/Internet and SLA

September 27, 1999

Conference on New media and Learning

September 26, 1999

Dialogism, language, & technology

September 23, 1999


September 23, 1999

Computers and Writing conference

September 22, 1999

Distance ed study makes front page news

September 20, 1999

Electronic Literacies

September 19, 1999

English in the World

September 17, 1999

pubs and an anecdote

September 16, 1999

AILA paper

September 13, 1999

group voice chat

September 13, 1999

machine translation

September 11, 1999

World Links for Development

September 9, 1999

The Information Society

September 7, 1999

Information Age: books

September 6, 1999

bYtES For aLL

September 0, 1999


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