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An international conference on "English in the World: New Directions" will take place October 28-30, 1999 at the University of Evora, Portugal, which, according to Papyrus News reader Teresa Almedia D'Eca, is in a lovely historic country town in Alentejo ("world heritage, no less"). Abstracts for papers are apparently still being accepted until September 30. Here is some introductory information taken from the conference Website. For the full announcement and registration form, see < >.


International Conference 28,29, 30 October 1999

Venue - University of Evora, Portugal

First Announcement and Call for Papers

The English language is recognised as the lingua franca of the 20th century and is likely to continue to play this role into the next century. However, it is not possible to dissociate linguistic from cultural and literary features. Consequently, in the interaction between English and other languages, a cultural and literary exchange is implied. Such exchange should not be looked upon as the influence of one culture over another, but rather as a balanced and shared interactive process. At the present time, one cannot speak of a single and unchanging English language. The moment it becomes the means of communication for a distinguished range of cultures, be it native, second or foreign language, English goes through a metamorphosis from which arise the diverse "Englishes" in the world. It is the aim of this Conference to create the opportunity for an ample discussion of the possible interactions between language, culture, literature and teaching within the context of the English language and its multiple uses...

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