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September 26, 1999: This message was distributed by Papyrus News, a free e-mail distribution list on the global impact of information technology on language, literacy, and education. Feel free to forward this message to others, but please include this introductory paragraph. For information on subscribing or unsubscribing to Papyrus News see


Some of you might be familiar with the work of Seppo Tella. Formerly a professor of foreign language education at the University of Helsinki, Tella conducted one of the first longitudinal qualitative studies of an e-mail exchange by language learners. The study resulted in three book-length manuscripts published in 1991-92, all of which are now available online at:

Tella is now a professor of media education and has co-authored with Marja Mononen-Aaltonen a new book on dialogic communication, language, and technology. The book is available temporarily for free on the Web and the authors would like feedback on it. Here's a short notice about it sent by Tella, who, by the way, can be reached at <>.


The Media Education Center of the Helsinki University Department of Teacher Education has published a book called "Developing Dialogic Communication Culture in Media Education: Integrating Dialogism and Technology". It deals with dialogue, dialogism, languages, information and communication technologies (ICT), cross-cultural communication, cultural issues, artifacts and the emergence of electronic learning environments. It also compares some Western and Eastern perspectives and attempts to integrate a number of topical trends in the field of education. Those interested in Vygotsky's theories, such as the Zone of Proximal Development, might find interesting the authors' comments on some misunderstandings appearing in the existing English-language translations. The major focus, however, is on combining the key components of dialogic communication with information and communication technologies.

More information on the book:

The book is available from the Media Education Centre (Ms Marja-Liisa Lonardi, email:, fax +358 9 191 28114) at the price of FIM 110 (18.50 euros; including the postage). For the time being, the book is also available free as a PDF file from the above web address.

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