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Chat with Ying-Lan, Felix/Bahia/Brazil, and Michael C at the Palace

November 22, 1998

Connecting to

*** Welcome to The Virtual School House Vance!

Vance: @64,64 !It's Vance

Vance: Hi, been here long?

Brazil: about 10 minutes

Vance: Did you get my url with the games?

Brazil: yes, thanks..

Vance: Any use?

Vance: Some are vocabulary games.

Brazil: yes....

Vance: Still there?

Brazil: yese

Brazil: yes

Vance: Did you just wake up?

Brazil: yes..

Vance: You seem sleepy.

Brazil: I missed a lot this class

Vance: What do you mean?

Brazil: No, I am so sleepy anymore..

Brazil: YEs, a long time i dont come here.

Vance: You are not so sleepy any more?

Brazil: not now

Vance: You haven't come here for a long time.

Brazil: right

Vance: It's ok. Not much has been going on.

Brazil: i think about 3 weeks.

Brazil: And not much new students either right?

Vance: Michael C has had a time change, so he gets here an hour earlier.

Vance: He might be here in half an hour.

Vance: Sometimes MAD drops in.

Brazil: Wow. It's so early for me..

Vance: Ying Lan is usually here.

Vance: What time do you LIKE to get up on Sunday.

Brazil: about 10, 11..

Brazil: it depends on what time i had slept

Vance: On what time you went to bed

Vance: Yeah, do you party a lot on Saturday night?

Brazil: Because generally on Sat I stay here watching the sun raise.. lol

Brazil: nope..

Brazil: I am a house man.. I love to stay home.

Brazil: yes, i went to bed at 12:00

Brazil: i arrived from a trip very tired..

Vance: Where did you go?

Brazil: i went to Itabuna.. because of a business meeting..

Brazil: Hey. Do you want a map of my region?

Vance: I remember it from the map. How long does it take to get there?

Vance: Yeah, how can I get a good map of your regioin. I can put it on your web page.

Brazil: i will send a jpg file now ok?

Vance: OK

Vance: It's coming - How do you send this file, by the way, what's the command in ICQ

Vance: Oh, I see it ... right click / File

Vance: Nothing was happening ... no file created on my hard drive, no bytes transferred.

Vance: So I aborted it ... why not send it by email attachment ...

Vance: hello?

Vance: hmm, Bahia has just disappeared. He must be having network problems. I am here alone now. It's 3:31.

Brazil: @64,64 !It's Brazil

Vance: Oh, there you are, you were gone for 5 minutes.

Brazil: my screen froze

Vance: No bytes transferred. I'll try again.

Brazil: i am sendind the file now again

Vance: My machine is "listening".

Vance: You could just try it by email attachment ...

Brazil: the connection is so slow now

Vance: Is it your machine or Brazil telephone system?

Brazil: Brazil phone system

Vance: What's it like where you live? Cosmopolitan? Rural?

Brazil: hmmmmmmmmm

Brazil: it's a small city

Brazil: no malls,

Brazil: no departament stores

Vance: How many people?

Brazil: about 70.000

Brazil: no universities

Vance: Do you live in a big house with lots of ground space?

Brazil: i have a good yard.

Brazil: the kids can play there..

Vance: Are you from there?

Brazil: i plan to buy a plastic pool for them for X-mas.

Brazil: No. I am from another state but i have been living here since 9 months old.

Vance: Do you travel outside your state a lot?

Brazil: nope.. Money is short... I would love to... But my wife only wants to travel with the kids. And I hate it.. They are so young..

Vance: I went to Nepal with my first kid and carried a bag full of Pampers.

Brazil: That's why i dont want to... The luggage is huge...

Vance: I had to leave my guitar at home.

Brazil: LOL

Vance: We have two kids and they never kept us from traveling.

Brazil: How did you end up living there?

Vance: In Abu Dhabi? I lived in Saudi Arabia 5 years, Hawaii 4 years, Oman 10 years, California 2 years, and now here.

Brazil: I see. but you really dont know my wife.. She is so protectin with kids... she doesnt let them breath....

Brazil: WOW

Vance: Protective of the kids ... has she traveled?

Brazil: What is your origin?

Brazil: I never traveled with my kids.. only to the beach...

Vance: I'm from Texas in the USA

Vance: Is it a nice beach? Do you surf?

Brazil: no i mean your descendents.

Brazil: it's a nice beach but no waves to surf..

Brazil: the water is so clear and warm...

Vance: My ancestors? They come from Scotland ...

Vance: Is the diving good there?

Brazil: Yes... diving is excellent here..

Vance: Are you a diver?

Brazil: although i am not brave enough.. hehe

Brazil: what i like to do by the beach is sit in a bar, feel the wind and have a beer, play cards, talk to friends.

Vance: My wife just called. I'm talking to her on the phone.

Vance: Do you do a lot of that?

Brazil: yes...

Vance: How many kids do you have?

Brazil: a couple and a thrid is due for January

Brazil: third

Vance: Due in January ... congratulations!

Brazil: thanks

Vance: That's great. I love kids.

Vance: I just went hiking in the mountains with my 13 year old last weekend.

Brazil: i love kids too.. with ketchup and mayonese.. I am kidding

Brazil: it's cool to enjoy ourselves with our kids..

Vance: My 20 yr old son is in California but he's coming out for Christmas.

Brazil: WOW

Brazil: you have old kids

Brazil: my oldest is 6 years

Vance: He goes to college there.

Brazil: how many do you have?

Vance: That's a nice age. How old is the other one? (I have just the two)

Brazil: a girl with 2

Vance: a girl of 2

Brazil: ok

Vance: Hey, Bahia, did you get my email about the class?

Brazil: nope.

Brazil: or i didnt look at it yet.

Brazil: what was it about?

Vance: I was just wondering how many students were interested in the part of the class where you develop your web page.

Vance: I've made some instructions for getting set up at Geocities.

Vance: I'll be posting them soon.

Vance: Are you still interested in that?

Brazil: i am interested but the problem is the time.. Every end of the year i have lost of things to do

Brazil: i have lots

Vance: It shouldn't take much time. Just a paragraph or two about a weekend at the beach ...

Brazil: i will try..

Vance: I'm thinking to present the website at a conference in New York

Vance: I have to let them know by January if it's possible.

Brazil: when is the conference??

Vance: The conference is in March,

Brazil: cool..

Vance: I will only do it if I can get the students interested in putting something up on their web pages.

Brazil: i am...

Vance: Your map could go there, but I can't find it.

Brazil: i canceled it

Vance: It must have got stuck again.

Vance: bummer

Brazil: i will send it through e-mail.

Brazil: what is bummer?

Vance: That will work.

Vance: Hard to explain ... it means "too bad"

Vance: A bum is a person who lives off the street.

Vance: To bum means to beg, like to bum a cigarette

Brazil: it's a slang right?

Vance: Bummer means out of luck, too bad.

Vance: Yeah, it's slang.

Brazil: hey vance do you have any program to talk using a mic ?

Vance: I have PowWow, but I don't have a working sound card on my laptop.

Brazil: oh i see

Vance: I'm using a dialup connection at my office now, through a modem on my laptop.

Vance: We have machine's connected to the Internet all over the place but we can't use chat lines.

Vance: Firewall

Vance: bummer

Brazil: you have already told me that..

Brazil: bummer

Vance: We HAD the connection .. remember when we were going to put you in touch with our students?

Brazil: yeah, i remember that

Vance: That same week, the firewall was put in place.

Brazil: bummer

Vance: We haven't been able to get around it.

Vance: I used to just hang out in the Palace all day long. That's how I met Ying Lan.

Brazil: your boss is a bummer....

Vance: He's not my boss. He's our network administrator.

Brazil: now you have to bring your laptop along to the office right?

Vance: But he has valid concerns. People can get your IP address using ICQ and the Palace and mess up your system.

Vance: I carry my laptop everywhere so it doesn't matter.

Brazil: i see

Vance: I once carried a laptop over the Alps from France into Switzerland.

Brazil: dont you plan to travel to Brazil?

Vance: I've been once to Brazil: Rio, Foz d'Iguacu, Curitiba ...

Brazil: i would appreciate to have you as a visitor in my house.

Vance: It sounds like a nice place. My wife and both sons (and I) are divers.

Brazil: i dont know curitiba but i will go there one day

Vance: Curitiba is a nice town with an old railroad to take you to the coast.

Brazil: the best places to dive is in the northeast of here.. The water is warm and clear

Vance: Do you know any url's for diving there ?

Brazil: nope.

Vance: Can you name a dive location in the area?

Brazil: Fernando de Noronha.

Brazil: it's the best place to dive..

Vance: I'm looking it up on Alta Vista.

Brazil: it's an island.... But it's cool....

Vance: Lots of hits

Vance: I can link some of the urls to your web page. Your web page is being developed as we speak.

Brazil: really?? You are very fast.

Vance: Caju Island, Maranhao?

Brazil: ??

Vance: Is that near you?

Brazil: no

Brazil: it's a long way from here

Brazil: look this url


Vance: There are nice pictures of Noronha here. It says the water is crystal clear

Brazil: that's right.. The water is very crystal clear.

Vance: Barra do Rio Ca ..

Brazil: right

Brazil: Cumuruxatiba is the beach i spend my whole vacation

Vance: Nice.

Vance: I can read Portuguese with some comprehension. I speak French and some Spanish. When I was in Brazil, I could talk with people about buses and hotel rooms.

Vance: Portuguese is easy to read but VERY hard (for me) to understand in speech.

Brazil: that's good

Vance: I have some things to put on your web page now.

Brazil: now see this one


Brazil: click on CUMURUXATIBA

Vance: I just signed up for web space at myself.

Brazil: then look for VIAGEM VIRTUAL at the bottom..

Vance: I don't see viagem virtual ...

Brazil: its the first option at the bottowm right after you click on cumuruxatiba

Brazil: the first option in Blue.

Brazil: Do you see FACA UMA VIAGEM VIRTUAL ?

Vance: OK, I found cumuruxatiba, and now I see VV

Vance: What does this mean: sabia que voce pode colocar sua foto nessa pagina?

Brazil: do you knwo that you can post your picture in this home page?

Vance: oh ..

Brazil: it means a picture of cumuruxatiba

Vance: Nice photos ..

Brazil: my father's house is near the pier..

Brazil: we use to go to the bear by car. the bad people destroyed it,.,.

Vance: Cool! This is the kind of thing you should have on your web page

Brazil: to the pier

Vance: Bad people, vandals, destroyed the pier?

Brazil: right.. vandals.. They buried it..

Brazil: the end of the pier was a gathering place for teens.

Vance: Burned it? Or buried it? Did they object to teens gathering there?

Brazil: We use to go there walking and at the end of it we sat and jum into the sea

Brazil: burned

Vance: bummer

Vance: Where do teens gather now?

Brazil: it rumored that people from another beach city burned it because they were envious with the pier..

Brazil: by the beach

Brazil: there are lots of rustic bar along the beach

Vance: Does that kind of thing happen often where you live?

Brazil: in january every weekend i go there, and in February i stay here a month.

Brazil: no...

Vance: Sounds like a "laid back" kind of life.

Brazil: people here as so pacific but there are some jerks around..

Vance: I really liked Brazil when I was there.

Brazil: yes, this beach is so sleppy.

Brazil: sleepy

Vance: It's that way everywhere.

Brazil: no

Vance: I mean, everywhere, there are mostly nice people and a few jerks.

Brazil: We have a place near here called Porto Seguro.. It's so crazy there...

Vance: What's crazy about it?

Brazil: jerks are a minority

Brazil: You can find everything in Porto Seguro... people from all the world go there

Brazil: Porto Seguro is the place where Brazil was discovered

Vance: Discovered by the Portuguese?

Brazil: right

Brazil: in 2000 we are celebrating 500 years of discovering

Vance: Do you identify more with Portuguese or with native Brazilians?

Brazil: with native Brazilians... I am so talkative...

Brazil: i have italian blood

Vance: I noticed that Brazilians had every kind of appearance.

Vance: It was a place where I myself didn't feel out of place.

Vance: People would come up to me in bus queues and ask questions in Portuguese because they couldn't tell I was not Brazilian.

Brazil: yeah. you dont look like an American..

Michael C: @64,64 !It's Michael C

Brazil: an brazilians treat foreigns every well too , with a lof ot pacience.

Vance: I'm looking up Porto Seguro on Alta Vista now.

Vance: Hi Michael. We're having a great chat about Brazil.

Michael C: Hi guys.

Brazil: hi michael

Michael C: I know almost nothing about Brazil.

Vance: Michael, check out

Brazil: go to

Michael C: (except he's got good muscles!)

Brazil: LOL

Vance: and then

Vance: Micheal, why does your ICQ say N/A on it?

Brazil: ok i will dress myself up

Brazil: I dont want to give any extase to anyone LOL

Vance: It's OK, you just got out of bed. It takes a while to get dressed.

Michael C: I am now ICQ available.

Vance: Now your ICQ is available, MC, what did you do to it?

Vance: Oh, I see, you clicked it in from the list ... I see it now.

Michael C: Clicked on the little green flower and selected connect/available...

Vance: I never checked out ICQ 99, or the new version. Did B tell you about it?

Michael C: felix - your Bahia ICQ number syas your offline....

Brazil: i am offline

Vance: You are?

Michael C: Huh?

Brazil: only in icq

Michael C: OK.

Vance: You mean your machine froze, so you ran only the Palace.

Ying-Lan: @64,64 !It's Ying-Lan

Ying-Lan: hi

Vance: Hey, there's Ying Lan. Hi there.

Michael C: Hi Ying.

Ying-Lan: Sorry for late

Michael C: That's OK.

Brazil: hi ying

Michael C: Sorry for BEING late.

Vance: MC just got here. I'll post the conversation on the web page.

* Ying-Lan * Hi, Vance, did you receive my email that I want you to correct them.

Michael C: Are you going Vance?

* Vance * I'll check it now.

Ying-Lan: Thanks Michaelc

Ying-Lan: Sorry for being late.

Vance: Do you want me to?

Michael C: Beautiful!

Michael C: No Vance I don't!!!

Brazil: you mean the beach michael ?

Ying-Lan: ^What are you talking about?

Vance: Just kidding. I'll be going in about 15 min.

Brazil: the beach i use to go to ..

* Ying-Lan * ^Vance, I sent it to your old email address.

Michael C: What do you mean 'beach'? why do you say that?

* Ying-Lan * ^I forgot you have the new one.

* Ying-Lan * sorry

Brazil: you said BEAUTIFUL...

* Vance * I'll check it

Michael C: Oh - I was actually complimenting Ying Lan on her correct grammar!

Brazil: i thought you were looking at the urls vance had given to you

Vance: We were talking about the beaches near where Brazil lives.

Ying-Lan: Sorry, I am stupid.

Michael C: No I haven't looked yet....

Brazil: dont start this talk again ok Ying?

Vance: B gave me some URL's. I'll post them again.

Ying-Lan: ^What?


Brazil: about being stupid..

Ying-Lan: YYYYYes.

Brazil: lol


Brazil: i am eager to see my camera working

Ying-Lan: ^What are the url?

Brazil: The beach i use to go to ying

Ying-Lan: ^Do you like to go to beach?

Vance: They show pictures of where B goes for holidays, where he lives

Vance: Have you got any urls of places around Taiwain, YL?

Ying-Lan: ^Where is the pic?

Brazil: i love that.. it's my hobby

Ying-Lan: ^I don't collect them.

Michael C: B - what is your hobby?

Ying-Lan: ^To be exact, I only know about you on INternet.

Brazil: uh????

Brazil: partying, chatting, playing cards, watching movies,

Vance: We all know each other only from Internet

Ying-Lan: ^Vance

Vance: yes?

Ying-Lan: ^I want to you, I am seldom to take a look ohter web site except contacting you.

Vance: We can look up some web sites in Taiwan. What's your favorite place there?

Ying-Lan: ^I want to tell you, I am seldom to take a look at other website except contacting you.

Ying-Lan: ^ I am not sure

Michael C: Brazil - fanstastic beaches! I just had a look.

Ying-Lan: ^Everywhere.

Brazil: The police is calling me.. I have to go.

Brazil: Thanks Michael

Michael C: Police?

Brazil: my wife.. hehehe

Michael C: Oh - that police.

Ying-Lan: Do you know Yu-Shan?

Vance: OK. It's been nice talking to you.

Brazil: LOL

Ying-Lan: ^Do you know Yu-Shan?

Brazil: Bye all

Vance: Yu-Shan .. I'll look it up

Vance: bye B

Ying-Lan: ^Brazil, bye

Michael C: Bye Brazil - I'll be in touch.

Ying-Lan: he is gone

Ying-Lan: ^Do you konw Yu-Shan?

Vance: We had a great talk. I saved it from time to time. So I've got it all this time.

Michael C: I think Vance is looking it up......

Ying-Lan: ^The higest mountain in the east asia.

Michael C: Is it in Taiwan?

Ying-Lan: ^yes

Vance: Yu Shan National Park, I'm looking at a picture of it now.

Michael C: Maybe there's a picture on the Net.....URL?

Ying-Lan: ^Really?

Ying-Lan: Would you mind send me the url by icq?

Ying-Lan: ^Would you mind sending the url by icq?

Vance: I found someone's web site with a picture on it

Vance: I'm looking for a better link

Ying-Lan: Is is beautiful?

Vance: Now I'm at

Vance: There's a map of Taiwan and links to several parks

Ying-Lan: ^It probably build by Taiwaness.

Vance: The Yu-Shan link is at Tokyo/7950/yushan.html

Vance: There are some very nice pictures there.

Ying-Lan: It is probably build by Taiwaniess.

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, please send the url for my by icq.

Vance: Do you go there a lot?

Ying-Lan: Michaelc, are you here?

Michael C: Yes Ying. I'm here.

Michael C: I'm waiting for the Taiwan pictures to load...

Ying-Lan: oh

Ying-Lan: I am very sleepy.

Vance: Do you have a slow connection MC?

Vance: Do you visit this park YL?

Ying-Lan: Thanks, Vance, I just received your message and being there.

Vance: I see that I received your message as well. When do you need the corrections?

Michael C: My connection s not usually slow but it is right now...and now I have music playing!

Vance: What kind of music?

Ying-Lan: hi

Vance: hi

Ying-Lan: Have you download the pics?

Michael C: I'm back.

Ying-Lan: Are they beautiful?

Michael C: Those midi files are really gobbling up available memory

Ying-Lan: ^gobbing?

Michael C: Eating up fast!

Vance: YL, what do you do when you visit the national parks?

Ying-Lan: ^Just sighseeing

Ying-Lan: ^But Yu Shan is too high to climb.

Vance: How high is it?

Ying-Lan: ^I have been at the Yu Shan National Park but I do not be the top of Yu-Shan.

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, I forgot how high it is.

Vance: Do you have to walk to the top?

Michael C: The URL has it splet Yu - Shuan.

Ying-Lan: ^I just remember it is very high.

Michael C: ...spelt Yu Shuan

Ying-Lan: ^Yes, We have to go to the top of Yu-Shan by walk with the strong wind.

Michael C: How long does it take to reach the top?

Ying-Lan: ^I went there by bus. So I just stay at the bottom of Yu-Shan. I don't know how long will be there. But It is very hard to do.

Michael C: Many years ago I had a wonderful experience In Sri Lanka climbing a mountain called Adam's Peak. It took 8 hours!

Ying-Lan: ^8 hours? Do you feel tired?

Vance: Is that where the pictures on your web page were taken?

Michael C: People believe that Buddha went to the top of this mountain. Tired? I was absolutely exhausted!

Ying-Lan: yea

Michael C: 8 hours up, and almost the same time coming down!

Ying-Lan: I am sorry I have to go to bed now. I went to bad late yesterday.

Michael C: That's OK Ying.

Vance: It was nice to see you.

Ying-Lan: It is very sleepy.

Ying-Lan: Sorry.

Michael C: Maybe I could have an early night too.

Ying-Lan: see you.

Michael C: Bye Ying.

Vance: I've got to go home myself. I'm just wrapping up at work.

Vance: bye


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