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Chat with Felix/Bahia/Brazil, a drop-in named Alex, MAD and Michael C, and of course Vance

December 6, 1998

I promised to censor this but in the end didn't. I don't really believe in censorship, nor in suppression of "live" language data, and who's gonna read this anyway?

Connecting to

Connected via TCP

*** Welcome to The Virtual School House Vance!

Vance: @64,64 !It's Vance

(Vance goes away from the computer; meanwhile Felix arrives and finds Vance's avatar, but no Vance)

Felix: @64,64 !It's Felix

Felix: Hi vance

Felix: ?????????????//

Felix: Hi Felix How are you ??

Felix: I am fine and you ?

Felix: What are you doing here ??

Felix: Well, I am waiting for my teacher...

Vance: Hello.


Felix: Hi Vance

Vance: Uh, who gave you the avatar? (Felix is wearing an "unusual" avatar today.)

Felix: no one.. I was looking around the rooms and foun it

Felix: found

Vance: crazy

Felix: I think so.. and funny too

Vance: Is that how you feel being married to the police?


Felix: quite that

Felix: My wife is a nice girl... I dont know how she can stand me.. ROFL

Vance: Yeah, same for my poor wife

Felix: i have a temper Vance.... And she deals with it very well.

Felix: .

Vance: It looks like she knows what to do with you when you show your temper.

Felix: yeah... She learned the lesson.. ROFL

Vance: What's ROFL?

Felix: rolling out on the floor laughing

Vance: I put some more slides up at

Vance: Have you had a look?

Felix: i am looking at it now

Vance: Does it take too long for each slide to load?

Felix: no

Vance: Does it look easy to follow?

Vance: This is the "lecture" that MAD asked me to give. Do you remember?

Felix: yes

Felix: i think know it will be easy to create a hp

Vance: So now I'm better prepared for the next course. Next time I do this I'll present it as a course where each student does his or her own web page.

Felix: where ? in real life ?

Vance: What's that? (just kidding)

Vance: No, I mean here at the Palace.

Felix: oh ok

Felix: what is what ?????????????????

Vance: What's real life? (it's a joke)


Vance: I guess what we're doing now is real life.

Felix: yes it it.. I dont like the term "virtual" sometimes.. It sounds we are a screen, a machine.. understand ?

Vance: Yeah, it's a new way of communication, safer than meeting in bars.

Felix: at least we can't see glass flying over our heads.. haha

Felix: glasses

Vance: One thing that I would like to know is what motivates people to come to classes like this.

Felix: well, I am a "freak" at/on/in English .... (Damn.. prepositions is a pain in my ass)

Felix: are a pain

Vance: I do this because I'm curious about a new way of teaching, I'm interested in the technology

Vance: A freak for English?

Felix: right

Vance: A freak about English.

Felix: uh???

Vance: A freak over English ... I don't know the correct preposition either.

Felix: prepositions are quite difficult, aren't they ?

Vance: I find them easy in English but impossible in French or Spanish.

Felix: Because english is your native language.. That's the point...

Vance: That's what I meant too

Vance: I guess to learn them you have to read a lot.

Felix: your slides are hmmmmmm so explained...

Vance: Or you talk to people, try to get a "feel" for the language.

Felix: I read a lot.. But I am really interested more in spoken than in written..

Vance: To participate in a chat like this you have to be able to write well too.

Vance: You must be pretty advanced with English. You seem to be using this to improve fluency.

Vance: Some people can't cope with it though.

Felix: yeah.. But when you speak and you read a lot as well.. You realize when something was wrong... You feel it

Felix: do you really think I am an advanced ..

Vance: I guess you can never really be a native speaker unless you are one.

Vance: Yes, comprehension is never a problem. You can interact quickly, appropriately.

Felix: brb

Vance: k

Felix: sorry

Vance: no problem, I'm busy here at work.

Vance: I know what you need ...

Vance: there

Felix: i had a girl from my work here.. she is an english teacher too

Felix: ..

Felix: ....

Vance: So early on a Sunday morning?

Felix: what do I need ??

Vance: A sword. Don't you see it?

Felix: she is my neighbor.. She wanted someone's phone number..

Felix: OH MY MY daughter is with a bottle of beer in her hands.. just a sec

Vance: k

(time passes)

Felix: oh my

Felix: my hair is getting gray with a couple of kids.. Imagine when the third comes...

Felix: They will really tight me up the same way as in my avatar.. haha

Felix: tigh

Vance: brb

Felix: Vance. you if are busy i understand.. you can go

alex: @64,64 !It's alex

Felix: Hi Alex

Vance: Hello Alex. Excuse my friend here.

alex: hi all

Vance: Sorry F, there was a teacher here talking to me

Vance: So Alex, what brings you here?

Felix: No problem Vance.

alex: where is teacher now?

Vance: I am the teacher in this class.

Vance: Are you the Alex from Russia that we met here some months ago?

alex: i 'm glad to see you ,i" mfrom russia

Vance: I think you were here before, weren't you? Or maybe we met on ICQ

alex: yes

Felix: How old are you Alex ? do you mind if I ask you that /

Felix: ?

alex: 32

Vance: About your age F?

Felix: oh ok

Felix: i am 26

Vance: I'm 50 (whew)

Vance: But it's ok cause I act half that

Felix: lol

alex: what can student to do in lesson?

Felix: uh??

Vance: Well, I have a plan for the class which is at

Vance: Some students have done a little bit with their web pages.

* alex * can you help me to improve my english? what way?

Vance: Felix is one of the students. We meet together to talk here on Sundays ...

Vance: and if you want to work during the week you can write and I can correct your work.

Vance: My idea for the class is to help students make web pages which they put at Geocities on the www.

Vance: That was students can communicate with each other and with the world at large.

Vance: Are you interested in that?

* alex * yes

Vance: Have you seen the web page at ??

* alex * i want to work during the week

Felix: Are you there alex ?

Vance: Alex, you're whispering

* alex * no yet

Vance: Did you do that on purpose?

Vance: If you touch my avatar you can speak so that Felix can here.

Vance: can hear ...

alex: yes i need to improve my english,

Vance: Felix is from Brazil, by the way.

Vance: You are welcome in the class.

alex: where are you from?

Vance: Are you able to look at the web page now?

Vance: I'm from the USA, but I live in Abu Dhabi.

alex: i try now

Felix: Vznce i didnt understand what you meant in one of your slides..."Click here if you've set your html code to lower case file names.

Vance: Alex, Felix is looking at

Vance: That's difficult to explain. I'll try.

Felix: ok

Vance: When you prepare html, depending on what editor you use, you might browse for a file to link to.

Vance: That file name gets written in the code of the html document.

Vance: When you upload your files, if you change the case of just one letter, the link won't work.

Felix: so. it;s not the "page' but only some html codes right ?

Vance: So a good way to work is to keep everything in lower case.

Felix: ok

Felix: i will try

Felix: if i have any problem i will e-mail you

Vance: It's the code in the page, that you normally don't see if you work with a drag and drop editor.

Vance: So you're going to give it a try?

Felix: yes

Felix: Mad is coming

alex: do you have icq? can you send me url

Vance: Great. Alex, I've been trying to get my students to make home pages, and I just put up instructions on how to do it.

Maggi: @64,64 !It's Maggi

Vance: Yes, I'm icq user 2774215

Maggi: Hi...

Felix: Hi Maggi

Felix: Mad ??

Michael C: @64,64 !It's Michael C

Felix: Hi Michael

Vance: Hi MAD (Alex, this is MAD, or Margaret, or Maggie, another teacher)

Vance: And Michael C is also another teacher.

Maggi: Can I add you to my list Vance?

Michael C: Evening everybody!

Vance: MAD is in Germany, and Michael is in Australia.

Vance: Please do.

Vance: Alex just joined us from Russia.

Michael C: You're looking comfortable tonight Felix...

Felix: Maggi.. Help me !!! See what Vance did to me !! Only because I was talking so much !!!! Bad teacher uh ?!!

Vance: He's joking. His wife did that to him last night.

Michael C: Nice to meet you Alex.

Michael C: Pour that beer down his throat someone!

Vance: Alex, do you have a log window open?

Felix: Only because i wanted to fool around.... Can you image that Michael ??

alex: yes

Michael C: Imagine you fooling around? Do I want to really?

Vance: OK. You probably have those urls in the log window. What's your ICQ number?

Maggi: Shame on you felix

Michael C: Would you like to imagine me fooling around?!

Felix: Hey.. fool around doesnt mean going to sex Mad... I meant... going out and drink with some "friends" hehe

alex: 22730864

Felix: Fool around is a conotation for sex ?????

Maggi: I didn't say that Felix...but now I know what you were thinking...

Michael C: A EUPHEMISM for having sex.

Felix: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Michael C: Now you know!

Maggi: Fell into another one Felix :-)

Felix: No Mad.. i asked that because every time I say "fool around" ppl think on sex..

Michael C: Of course they do!

Maggi: Only natural...LOL

Michael C: So do you fool around with your wife in that position Felix?

Felix: ok I will rewrite my sentence.. I wanted to fool around with no sex involved and my wife did that.. Is that better ?? HAHAHA

Felix: *blushing* Michael ROFL

Michael C: Don't answer that!

Vance: You'll have to excuse these people Alex.

Michael C: How's the diving Vance?

Felix: Today the class is VERY GoODDDDDDDDD.. I hate formal ones..

Maggi: This is getting interesting...and I am the only female here...hmmm

Vance: I was on an Arab dhow all weekend diving off Musandam, Great!

Felix: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Michael C: Sounds fantastic.

Felix: vance can you do me a favor ??

Maggi: We had snow all weekend!

Vance: sure

Vance: skiing?

Michael C: And I'm sunburnt!

Felix: DO NOT POST this log ok??????????? I will embarrass us.. ROFL

Maggi: not enough for that...

Felix: here is scouring hot..

Michael C: No. This log should definitely be posted!

Maggi: Watch that ozone hole Michael...

Vance: Felix. I'll censor the log.

Michael C: I know MAD. I got burnt in the shade today.

Felix: I have to use sunscreen protection # 30 when I got out in the sun on the beach.

Michael C: AW c'mon Vance!

Maggi: Then it is really bad...

Felix: ok Vance..

Michael C: I think so - yes.

Maggi: much snow have you got?

Felix: *thinking about showing you my avatars* ROFLMAO

Maggi: don't do that Felix!!

Felix: i am just kidding Mad

Maggi: whew...

Felix: i am in a wonderful mood today

Michael C: It must be the ropes.

* alex * i'll read it later(url)now -speaking

Felix: lol@michael

Maggi: We should have you tied up more often Felix!

Felix: Hey Alex.. Let me grab your Santa Avatar

alex: ok

Maggi: He's cute...

Felix: you have to put the pieces in the floor Alex

Felix: ..

Felix: thanks Alex

alex: welcom

Michael C: @64,64 !It's Michael C

Maggi: Hi again Michael...

Michael C: Did I miss anything?

Maggi: Not yet

Felix: hi again and again michael

* alex * do i have all information about week studing for me in url,which you gave me?

Michael C: Are we still talking about sex?

Maggi: the bird...

Michael C: ...and the bees!

* Vance * Yeah. You have the url, and the information about my class is there.

Maggi: pooh bear has the bees

Felix: Hey MAd.. show your mermaid.. It's very nice

Michael C: Sounds interesting...

* Vance * There are two classes here. Mine was earlier and is over now.

* Vance * Michael's has just started.

* Vance * Mine begins at 11:30 gmt.

Maggi: I am not sure it is appropriate...

Michael C: !!!!!

Maggi: well, she is dressed...

Felix: of course it's a nice avatar

Felix: it is

* Vance * But it's ok. The students who study here go to any class they like.

* Vance * MAD and Michael are both English teachers, and Felix has high level English.

Maggi: sorry...

* Vance * So they talk a lot very quickly. Even I don't follow it all.

* alex * thank you,becous i try to study english ,but don't know what way

Michael C: Looks just like you MAD.

Maggi: clicked on the wrong place

* Vance * You are welcome here. You can see my list of students on my web page.

Maggi: well, except that I am not blond

* alex * i meaned with efi

Michael C: Of course!

Felix: i would die for that Mermaid. hehe

Maggi: I bet you would!

* Vance * There are two ways. You can come to class and chat.

Michael C: I think you are both inappropriately dressed for class!

Felix: lol@Mad

* Vance * Or you can email me writing. And if you do that I suggest you work toward putting up a web page.

Michael C: That's slightly better Felix.

Felix: Me too Michael ??

* Vance * I start a web page for each of my students.

Michael C: Much better Maggi. Now who went to church today?

* Vance * So you can start by sending me information about yourself, a picture if you like.

Felix: no one... WHAT A SHAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Vance * And I'll put it on a web page I'll start for you.

Maggi: You must be joking...

Michael C: How do you know?

* alex * ok i'll do it

Felix: just guessing

Maggi: it is too cold

* Vance * My email is That's on the web page.

Michael C: Too cold for church.....that's dreadful MAD.

Felix: Hey What religion is everyone here ??

Felix: what is deadful ??

Felix: dreadful

* Vance * Now they are talking about religion. Should we join them?

Michael C: That's a hard question Felix. (about religion)

Felix: not to discuss only to know the religion of each other..

Michael C: Dreadful = terrible.

Michael C: I'm a Catholic Buddhist!

Felix: uh ????

Maggi: I am not sure what I am...

Michael C: Told you it was a hard question....

alex: ok ,i 'm going to move to canada and i have an interview in english,so i need to study english

Michael C: Is Canada a religion?

Felix: never head of Buddhist and a Catholic together..

Vance: I am a christian but except for trying to be a good person I don't practice any rituals

Maggi: Good luck Alex...

Vance: Yeah, Alex. What part of Canada?

Michael C: I'm the only one on the planet!

Felix: I used to be Baptist.. But I dont have any religion now.

Felix: ohhhhhhhhh I understand now... You follow the best you can take from both religions right ?

alex: I am a christian,too

Maggi: Is that left over from bei9ng a hippie Michael?

Michael C: That's it exactly Felix.

Vance: Are you a practicing Buddhist, Michael? Or just a Buddhist at heart?

Michael C: I think so. Seems logical to me.

Maggi: I just try to be a good person.

alex: i dont know where in canada yet

Michael C: Just at heart Vance.

Vance: Me too, actually. It's the religion that comes closest to not being one.

Vance: unless you practice it of course ...

Michael C: Maybe that's why it's so appealing!

Michael C: It helps me make sense of the world.

Vance: Sense? The world makes sense?

Felix: in Brazil we have all kinds of religions although the major population is Catholic.. But not at heart.. They just say I am Catholic without at least read the bible etc, etc, etc.

Michael C: Fraid so Vance.

Michael C: Felix - Alex wants to know where you are going in Canada...

Felix: uh ???

Michael C: Are you going to Canada? Or were you joking?

alex: thank you all for chat,i must go away,bye

Vance: Alex is going to Canada.

Felix: not me .. you must be confused Michael.... Alex is going to Canada, not me.

Vance: OK Alex, get in touch by email.

Michael C: Sorry!

Michael C: Goodbye Alex. Come back next week?

alex: i'm glad to meet you all

Maggi: bye Alex

Vance: Nice to meet you too. Send me email and I'll make a web page for you.

alex: yes ,i try to be here every day

Michael C: Good. See you.

Vance: Have you seen the schedule at

Vance: or is it html??

Michael C: ...don't remember....

Michael C: Why are some .htm and others .html and does it matter?

alex: i see,but not always teachers were

Felix: I think the schedule must be updated...

Vance: It used to be that html was a Mac designation and htm was a DOS one.

Michael C: So does it matter? I've never actually tested it.

Vance: But then windows allowed more characters in filenames so now a windows machine can create a file called something.html

Vance: And it DOES matter, because if you leave off the l when there is one, your browser won't find the file.

Michael C: Right.

Felix: Michael remember that E-mail you couldnt open.. I deleted it and i will have to do it again.. *crying*

Michael C: Which email Vance?

Vance: Michael, have you had your eyes checked lately? That's Felix about the email.

Vance: You know Felix, the one who's going to Canada.

Michael C: Whoops. I was looking in the log box....

Michael C: Ok Ok!

Felix: ROFL@Vance

Michael C: The log window is a little crowded!

Michael C: To read quickly I mean...

Vance: Hey MAD, did you get my message about the new lecture I put up?

Michael C: What's the lecture about?

Felix: Now Mad is going to ask Michel about the E-mail. HAHA


Michael C: Shut up Felix!

Vance: Instructions on how to get an acct at Geocities and upload your files.

Felix: HAHAH

Maggi: Sorry...I had some tech problems...

Vance: MAD requested it for an OTT lecture, whatever that is.

Maggi: I planned to do it today...

Maggi: Sorry Vance

Felix: I saw it and it is excellent.. Very easy to follow to instructions.

Maggi: And I still have to reply to your email but the idea is a good one.

Vance: Sorry, my lecture won't do? Too simplistic?

Vance: Just kidding ...

Vance: Anyway, is that the kind of thing you want as a lecture?

Michael C: I think Maggie will accept anything! As long as she doesn't have to do it!

Michael C: Right MAD!

Vance: well, quite ...

Felix: You are impossible today Michael !!!

Michael C: Just kidding.

Vance: MAD, take off those glasses so you can see the screen

Michael C: Good idea Vance!

Maggi: I know Michael personally he can get away with it...:-)

Vance: Must be virtual reality glasses ...

Maggi: Sorry...I am also occupied elsewhere...

Felix: HEY !!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Michael C: you were listening!

Maggi: Of course I was listening...


Maggi: I am a woman of many talents...LOL

Vance: way cool

Felix: So informal.. I love that....

Michael C: We demand your full attention.

Maggi: well...

Vance: class? what class?

Felix: lol@Vance

Michael C: This class of which I am the teacher!

Michael C: This is *my* class!

Vance: Ah, that's right. I can now be a student in this class.

Michael C: Yep!

Maggi: me too...

Felix: hey i have something to ask you to...

Felix: just a sec

Michael C: So give me an example of a phrasal verb...

Felix: except Mad.. I had already asked her for doing that

Vance: get down?


Michael C: Good! Now your turn Maggi.

Vance: pop off

Felix: what is pop off ??

Maggi: Hang on a sec...

Michael C: Vance?

Michael C: Pop off = ?

Vance: It can mean to get angry suddenly and say a bunch of things you regret later.

Maggi: the Germans use poppen for something

Vance: aufpoppen?

Michael C: pop off can also mean die. (very English)

Maggi: No Vance, just poppen

Maggi: gepoppt

Vance: As in ??

Michael C: Gepoppt = ?

Felix: are these gibberish ????

Michael C: German gibberish.

Felix: Michael and Vance can you take a look at this url now ?


Maggi: Er hat sie gepoppt...catch the drift...?

Michael C: No drift I'm sorry.

Felix: drift ??

Vance: Well, blew me off, dismissed me?

Vance: Hit me? (Popped me one)

Michael C: Or are we back to sex again>?

Vance: I think so, it's the only other connotation.

Felix: Michael and Vance ???? did you see what I begged you two for ?

Vance: No, what?

Maggi: well, blow could be used too


Felix: look at this url now please

Michael C: Yes I saw Felix..hang on

Vance: Monica hat Bill ... ?

Maggi: it's a of many :-)

Felix: Deutsch ist sehr interessant

Maggi: nicht schlect Felix...ich kann dir was anders beibringen...:-)

Michael C: checking URL.....

Felix: Vereinbaren Sie Maggie?

Maggi: Du kannst Du benutzen Felix...

Felix: Dank für das Lassen von mir kennen Maggie

Felix: LOL

Felix: The technology is amazing

Michael C: So what about this URL Felix?

Maggi: Bitte, bitte...keine Ursache!

Felix: Michael do you have anything prepared like that ? A subject and then lots of questions about it ?

Felix: what is Keine Maggi ??

Michael C: Not really. I usually ask students to read things and write about them.

Vance: Our teachers here are doing lots of work like this, only they use JBC to link it to the web.

Michael C: Use the web as a research library.

Felix: ok.. It you had something like that it would help me a lot in my classes

Michael C: What's JBC?

Felix: didnt understand Vance

Vance: Martin Holmes Half Baked products. You can get a url off my web page. I'll find it for you. JBC is free btw.

Michael C: That Martin Holmes guy is great.

Maggi: keine is no or none

Felix: oh ok

Michael C: Well I'll leave you all to your Germa lesson.

Felix: I was using translator Maggie

Michael C: Time for me to go.

Felix: Come one Michael.. we are onver

Felix: over

Felix: come on


Maggi: I need to blow this joint too!

Michael C: I've really enjoyed tonight.

Michael C: It's midnight here Felix and I have to work tomorrow.

Maggi: bye Michael...sweet dreams...

Vance: It's 5:30 pm here and I need to get home.

Michael C: You can stay and do more German with Maggi.

Felix: Vance am I going to find some stuff like the one i showed you in that url?

Maggi: I have to go too!

Vance: JBC lets you create it.

Michael C: Goodnight all. Till next time.

Felix: ok.. this class was the most enjoyable one i had ever had

Maggi: bye

Felix: i dont want to create .. I want some prepared..

Michael C: It was because of your avatar!

Vance: Check my web site at for some leads.

Felix: some waht ?

Vance: Leads = roads to follow

Felix: ohok.. so you really dont know exactly where i can find them right ?

Vance: I particularly like the aitech stuff from Japan, already prepared

Felix: do you remember the url ?

Maggi: bye guys...

Felix: bye maggi


Vance: bye MAD. Let me know if the lectures will do.

Vance: too late

Felix: Vance you said your teachers have some prepared.. Can you e-mail them for me ?

Vance: No, we're not in that position yet. We're trying to organize things so we can do our own web site.

Vance: I just know a lot of this kind of work is being done.

Vance: But check the other url's and look on my web site for lots of "leads"

Felix: oh ok

Felix: let me know when the web site is ready ok?

Felix: ..

Vance: It will be a while. We've got a committee working on it.

Felix: ok.. no problem.

Vance: I've got to go. I'm thirsty and tired.

Felix: ok..

Vance: My wife is waiting with cold beer.

Felix: thanks for spending your time with me..

Vance: My pleasure.

Felix: i have one ice-cold in the freezer now too

Felix: i will give it a taste hmmmmmmmmmmm

Vance: already? Before noon?

Felix: yes

Vance: If you want help with your web page, let me know.

Felix: ok

Vance: I'll see you next Sunday.

Felix: i will e-mail you if i want any problem

Felix: ok

Felix: bye

Felix: HEY

Vance: I'd love to help you set up a web page.

Vance: yo.

Felix: are you sure the url is right

Felix: the aitech

Vance: which one?

Felix: i cant open it


Felix: ok

Felix: it;s opening now,.

Felix: thanks

Felix: bye

Felix: see ya around

Vance: Sorry, I was copying it from another computer

Vance: Ok, see you later.

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