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Chat with Ying-Lan, Felix/Bahia/Brazil, MAD, and Hilda at the Palace

November 1, 1998

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*** Welcome to The Palace Portal

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Vance: ^@19,35 Palace Mansion. The original Palace. It has a nightclub atmosphere. Click to go there now. []


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*** @250,50 !Hi and welcome to The Campus. Select an online Radio Station below!

*** The wizards have been paged

Ying-Lan: hi Vance

Ying-Lan: Hi Hilda

Ying-Lan: Am I late?

Ying-Lan: hi

Hilda: Y-L: hi

Hilda: i am chatting with Vance in icq

Ying-Lan: Call me Ying, Ying is easy for you.

Ying-Lan: Vance, Happy Hallowoon

Vance: Hi

Hilda: Ying: fine

Vance: You made it. Great

Hilda: slow

Vance: I think we should go to dorm room 2 before a wierdo comes along

Ying-Lan: Hilda, Vance said you could not be here.

Vance: But she made it

Vance: How did you do it Hilda? Did you register?

Ying-Lan: By the way, I was at our virtual classroom yesterday.

Vance: Oh, can we get there?

Ying-Lan: ^I think it work.

Ying-Lan: it works now.

Hilda: Vance: i don't know. maybe the server is just temporarily down

Vance: Maybe we should go there. We need a private place

Vance: Maybe it was.

Ying-Lan: ^Hilda, are you a member of the Palace?

Vance: So, let's go there. OK?

Hilda: where

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, Where will we go?

Vance: Let's try the virtual classroom

Ying-Lan: all right.

Vance: I don't think it's a good idea to stay here

Vance: We're all on ICQ

Ying-Lan: let's go

Vance: See you there

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Connected via TCP

*** Welcome to The Virtual School House Vance!

Vance: @64,64 !It's Vance

Ying-Lan: Hi, Vance

Hilda: i am Happy

Ying-Lan: Someone left these ....

Hilda: what's wrong?

Vance: Hi. There've been some trick or treaters here.

Vance: Do you know about trick or treat?

Hilda: Halloween !

Ying-Lan: ^no

Ying-Lan: ^Tell me... please.

Vance: On halloween, children dress up in costumes

Vance: Like Hilda there <It was really Ying Lan who was dressed up in a clown costume>

Vance: Hilda, you need a bag

Hilda: why?

Vance: And then you go from door to door and ask for candy

Vance: At each door in the neighborhood, you have to say "Trick or treat?"

Vance: It's a question that asks, "Do you want me to play a trick ??

Vance: Or will you give me a treat?

Ying-Lan: ^trick

Hilda: mm. had any body tried not to treat on Halloween

Ying-Lan: treat

Vance: Some naughty kids play tricks on Halloween

Vance: But most people decorate their houses and wait for children to come

Hilda: even though ppl give them the candy

Vance: On Halloween, if you stay at home, you have to have candy ready at the door

Vance: If you don't have candy ready for the children,

Ying-Lan: ^What?

Hilda: Ying: how to show up in different costume like u?

Ying-Lan: ^First, you have to register to be a member of the Palace.

Vance: Ying can show you where the avatars are

Ying-Lan: ^Then, you can to Props/Avatars to grab the avatars.

Vance: Do you want to go there?

Hilda: where should i go to grab the avastar

Vance: Palaces / Props-Avatars , Cuz's Coze Original

Ying-Lan: ^Look at the gray bar of the window ... File/Edit/Options/Palaces/Avatars... click /Palaces/ and mark the Props/Avatars.... you will be there to grab..

Ying-Lan: ^Do you understand it?

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, How to say the position of the Props/avatars... the last fifthe

Ying-Lan: ^The last fifth

Ying-Lan: ^You count it from the bottom...

Vance: Can you excuse me a moment?

Ying-Lan: sure

Hilda: guys, i have onle gotten the guest or member avastars in my scrren

Vance: I'm at work still, and someone has come to me with a problem

Vance: You guys can go off and grab some avatars while I fix it

Vance: Do you want to do that?

Ying-Lan: what

Ying-Lan: take a break?

Vance: Do you want to take Hilda to the avatars room?

Ying-Lan: But Hilda, are you a member?

Hilda: vance: how to get there

Ying-Lan: ^Do you find the Props/avatars..?

Vance: At palaces, you pull down avatars

Vance: Sorry, I'm not paying attention

Vance: At palaces, you go to ...

Vance: Props / Avatars

Ying-Lan: she is gone

Vance: Oh, maybe she went there

Ying-Lan: Vance, do you have to work now?

Vance: Someone asked me to help with a problem

Ying-Lan: ^To help them

Vance: I thought you guys could get some avatars while I was away

Ying-Lan: ^I will be o.k.

Vance: Do you want to wait here a few minutes?

Ying-Lan: ^sure

Vance: OK, I'll be back in 5 ...

Ying-Lan: ^see you after 5 minutes.

Vance: Can you contact Hilda on ICQ?

Ying-Lan: no

Ying-Lan: I have no her icq no.

Vance: Her number is 7394884

Ying-Lan: She will be back. Do worry about her.

Vance: OK, I'll be back in a moment ...

Ying-Lan: Do not worry

Brazil: @64,64 !It's Brazil

Brazil: yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Brazil: Good Morning

Brazil: Hi YIng and Vance

Ying-Lan: Hi, Brazil

Hilda: @64,64 !It's Hilda

Ying-Lan: \HI

Ying-Lan: Sorry.

Brazil: Where did Vance go ??

Ying-Lan: Vance went away to do his work. He will be back after 5 minutes.

Brazil: Michael isn't going to come Ying

Ying-Lan: Michael will be here, won't he?

Brazil: Vance's class is so early for me...

Brazil: Nope..

Hilda: @64,64 !It's Hilda

Ying-Lan: ^Hi Hilda

Brazil: He e-mailed me saying that something came up and he would not be able to come.

Brazil: Hi Hilda..

Ying-Lan: ^Did you get the avatars?

Brazil: Are you a student too Hilda ?

Hilda: Ying: i just got the suitcase i like but it disappeared

Hilda: Brazil: sure i am

Brazil: Ying ? Where Can I get nice avatars ?

Brazil: Are you Hilda Furacao ??

Ying-Lan: ^When did you receive his message?

Ying-Lan: ^Michaelc's message?

Brazil: Just now..

Brazil: I checked my E-mail.

Ying-Lan: I am sorry, I am talking to another one by icq

Ying-Lan: Where is Hilda?

Brazil: Ying where can I get avatars ?

Brazil: I have no idea Ying.

Ying-Lan: ^You want to grab the sleeping sun?

Brazil: No.. But you have nice avatars. Where did you grab them ?

Ying-Lan: ^Props/avatars...

Brazil: oh

Ying-Lan: ^Click Palaces you will find it..

Hilda: @64,64 !It's Hilda

Brazil: I know those ones.. I think you got some in another place.

Brazil: Hilda What is going on? You are leaving a not...

Brazil: Are you having problems ?

Ying-Lan: ^I only knew this room to grab

Brazil: ok Ying

Ying-Lan: Hilda... nice

Hilda: ying: thanks

Ying-Lan: ^Is it easy?

Hilda: brazil: leaving to change the suitcase

Brazil: Some flowers to flowers..

Brazil: Hilda Where are you from ?

Ying-Lan: ^Who give me the rose?

Brazil: I did Ying

Hilda: brazil: thanks for ur rose.

Ying-Lan: Thanks.

Hilda: brazil: came from Taiwan

Ying-Lan: ^It is easy to see the beautifull rose.

Brazil: Yeah Ying

Brazil: Let's dance Ying.

Ying-Lan: Dance...

Hilda: brazil: nice dancing

Ying-Lan: ^I think you play Chinese Kuang-Fu like Jacky Chen.

Brazil: Let me make room for us Ying.

Ying-Lan: Cheers.

Brazil: ok..It's better now..

Vance: Hi. I'm back.

Brazil: Hi Vance.

Ying-Lan: Hi Vance.

Brazil: Sorry not for coming on time..

Brazil: I woke up just now.

Vance: So, have you guys been dancing?

Vance: I could hear the music down the hall

Ying-Lan: We are dancing or playing Chinese Kung-Fu?

Brazil: My computer is completely crazy after I have installed Netscape 4.5.

Brazil: We are dancing Ying.

Vance: Hilda, did you get the eye from the avatars room?

Ying-Lan: o.k.

Ying-Lan: Dancing.

Ying-Lan: ^Do you have Breakfast?

Brazil: Ying, you wiggle very well.

Ying-Lan: wiggle

Brazil: Nope.. I get up and turned my computer on just to catch you all here.

Brazil: I am a fread to this class.

Ying-Lan: Vance, Everything is o.k.?

Vance: Great. While I'm here ...

Brazil: I am a freak.

Vance: Yeah, I saw Hilda a moment ago.

Vance: So, I was going to help you get webspace at Geocities

Brazil: Which browser do you have Ying and Vance ?

Vance: I use netscape 4.06 and sometimes IE 4.0

Vance: What's wrong with Netscape 4.5. You said your computer went crazy?

Ying-Lan: What's wrong?

Vance: Brazil said his computer went nuts after he put on Netscape 4.5

MAD: @64,64 !It's MAD

Brazil: Does your Nestscape 4.06 work good ?

Vance: Hey, it's MAD

MAD: Hi!

Ying-Lan: Hi mad

Brazil: MAd ???

Vance: Netscape 4.06 works great

Brazil: How about the boycott Mad ?? LOL

Vance: Margaret Ann Doty? Is that right?

MAD: Sorry...

Ying-Lan: ^ARe you happy?

MAD: I have to ask Vance something.

Brazil: I am just teasing you Mad..

Ying-Lan: Vance. it is absolutely right.

Vance: OK, welcome.

MAD: Yes, Vance.

Ying-Lan: ^what happened in Germany?

Vance: I like the third eye

Ying-Lan: me too

Brazil: me too

Ying-Lan: like E.T.

MAD: I found it somewhere.

Brazil: so do I

Vance: Share it

MAD: ok

Ying-Lan: odd

Ying-Lan: ^May I have one?

Vance: sure

Ying-Lan: Thanks

MAD: take it

Vance: Take that one

Vance: So what were you going to ask me, MAD?

Ying-Lan: ^I think I grab both.

Brazil: I have already taken.. Thanks

Ying-Lan: what

MAD: Can you do a guest lecture for OTT?

Vance: I don't suppose anyone wants this ugly one I'm wearing now

Vance: Sure, why not ... if it's convenient to my schedule of course ...

Brazil: LOL@Vance...

MAD: Yes, of course...

Brazil: What is lecture for OTT ?

Hilda: @64,64 !It's Hilda

MAD: I am just overwhelmed at the moment...

MAD: and Vera had a problem

Vance: Hi Hilda, We're sharing avarars

MAD: Hi Hilda.

Vance: Ok, when is the OTT seminar?

MAD: Whenever you can put together something...

Vance: Good Hilda. Where did you get that one?

MAD: say how you üpu

Vance: UPU? What's that?

MAD: sorry...put your student's work on the web...

Brazil: What is a lecture for OTT ???

Vance: I don't know either, Brazil, and I just agreed to do it .>??

MAD: Online training for the teacher's at EFI Felix

Brazil: LOL@Vance.....You are very funny Vance.

Brazil: oh ok.MAd

Ying-Lan: ^^mad, do you have homepages likd Vances'

MAD: I haven't done one yet.

Ying-Lan: yea

Hilda: Vance: haha

Ying-Lan: Vance

Hilda: you r handsome

Brazil: Mad let me grab this avatar ...

Vance: Speaking of homepages, only Ying-Lan has done much for hers

Vance: Brazil sent a great photo

MAD: move your name down Vance so we can see your mouth...

Ying-Lan: ^Not yet.

Hilda: YIng: what have u done

Brazil: Sorry Vance,, I didnt have time this week.

Vance: How do I move my name down?

Ying-Lan: I will do more.

MAD: Go to edit.

Vance: I think the homepages are great.

MAD: then move the avatar up...

Brazil: Mad.. Let me grab your avatar..

MAD: ok

Vance: I'll do it later

Ying-Lan: ^mad, Where is Dave? I have not met him for two weeks

MAD: Had a soccer game with his son Ying.

Ying-Lan: ^He did not come here on Friday class.

Ying-Lan: ^It is great.

Vance: He sent a message about missing class

MAD: oh...don'T know

Ying-Lan: Happy? ore not

Brazil: Mad.. The avatar is not completed..

MAD: hmmmm

Ying-Lan: ^Was it too realy to play the sccor game?

Vance: Hilda, have you seen your home page?

Ying-Lan: ^Was it too eary to play the scoor game?

Ying-Lan: early

Brazil: Where are the leg's Mad ?

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, you left your forhead alone.

Vance: How do I get rid of it?

Hilda: Mad: where from

Ying-Lan: Germany

MAD: Germany Hilda....

Ying-Lan: ^She is American and live in Germany

MAD: put it in the garbage can Vance...

Vance: So that's what that's for ??

Brazil: thanks MAd

Brazil: Hey.. I like the dalmatian. Share it too.

MAD: ok, hang on

Vance: Hilda, I'm just wondering if you knew you had a web page

Hilda: Mad: i see

Brazil: Vance I found some nude ones (avatars)

Brazil: hahah

Hilda: Vance: i don't have one

Ying-Lan: ^I think it is a "Share time". We always share our avatars on Sunday class.

Ying-Lan: ^Do you remember?

Hilda: guys, how to share the avastar

Ying-Lan: ^Grab your avatars from your body.

Vance: Hilda, look at

Vance: Everyone has a web page in my class

Brazil: MAd..?? IT's still missing something

Ying-Lan: ^Use your mouse, Hilda.

Vance: Hilda, do you know how to grab the avatars?

Vance: I think you do

Ying-Lan: ^Go on.

Brazil: COOL MAD...

Ying-Lan: Mad, How could you do?

Brazil: Shave this one too

Brazil: Share...

MAD: hey, I just discovered something...

Ying-Lan: discover what?

MAD: click on two single and they go back and forth!

Vance: Hilda, where is the one you had with its eyes closed?

MAD: hey, pretty neat!!

Vance: MAD, some of my students have been asking how to make their own web pages at Geocities.

MAD: That would be a great lecture Vance...

MAD: how to set up student web pages...

Vance: I was going to give it tonight

MAD: give it where?

Vance: In this class

Ying-Lan: ^How to start?

Vance: It's not really a lecture, just a nudge

Hilda: Vance:: i can see it. thee i s only one line in my homeplage

Vance: Yeah, how to start

MAD: Keep a log and let me post it?

Vance: Right, Hilda. You have to send us more information about yourself

Vance: Or about whatever you want to write about

Ying-Lan: write

Brazil: I am doing the listening assignments at Michael's home page.

Ying-Lan: now

Brazil: no, not now.

Vance: If you've got a browser going, go to

MAD: Michael sent an email to me that he couldn't make class today.

Brazil: Vance, does your Netscape 4,06 work properly ?

Ying-Lan: ^i read it.

Vance: yeah, 4.06 works great

Vance: With Geocities, you have to select a neighborhood you identify with

MAD: Do you have ICQ also Vance?

Brazil: I just wanted to know how to put a colored background or insert a picture as Outlook does.. I use Netscape for e-mail.

Vance: you mean you want to insert backgrounds in email?

Brazil: yes Vance.

Ying-Lan: ^I am tired.

MAD: You need to sleep then Ying!

Ying-Lan: yes

Vance: I don't know how to do that

Ying-Lan: ^I woke up early this morning.

Vance: Anyway, if you want to start a web page at geocities, go to to find one you like

MAD: The wind is blowing here like crazy, but at least it isn't raining.

Brazil: It's raining here.

MAD: It woke me up early too Ying.

Brazil: La Nina is arriving. I think.

Vance: Then to join

MAD: Warm rain it is cold...brrrrr

Vance: That's all for the record

Brazil: I woke up just now (10:10am) It's 10:58 am now for me.

Ying-Lan: yes

Ying-Lan: Vance, I am listening you say

Brazil: i am taking notes Vance.

* MAD * Ccould you send me the log from tonight? I think it would be very interesting for some of the teachers.

Hilda: Mad & vance: how to change the avastar to ur own image?

Vance: Well, if you do that, then you join and "move in" to a vacant property in your neighborhood

* MAD * You need to edit a photo of yourself Hilda.

MAD: You need to edit a photo of yourself Hilda.

Hilda: okay, now i know it

Ying-Lan: I am sorry.

Vance: You get a photograph in a photo editor and ctrl-copy it to the buffer

Ying-Lan: I have to go now.

MAD: bye Ying...

Ying-Lan: bye

MAD: sweet dreams!

Vance: Then you pull down edit / Multiple props

Ying-Lan: see you next time.

Brazil: Sweet dreams Ying.

MAD: ok

Vance: ok, Ying. Thanks for coming around

Hilda: Ying, bye

Ying-Lan: Vance, I will read your explanationa on your web sites.

Ying-Lan: see you

Vance: Hope to see you next week. Visit geocities meantime

Ying-Lan: bye

Brazil: Vance,, how about the class on Saturday ?

MAD: I should go too...

Vance: Is Saturday better for you?

MAD: Vance, will I hear from you...?

Vance: About the lecture? When is it?

Brazil: The problem is the time.. It's to early for me.

MAD: Whenever you can do it.

MAD: I will send it per email to the teachers.

Vance: Let's email about it

MAD: ok

Vance: You need to tell me what I need to do

Vance: especially, when .. I guess you mean for the seminar weekly on Saturdays??

MAD: No...

Vance: .. (oh) ..

MAD: Dave does that...

Vance: oh well, email me about it ...

Hilda: if u write more on my homepage, where hsould i send it

Brazil: MAd once you told me you were going to start exercises for your online students... So ?

Hilda: Vance, sorry, if "I" write more

Vance: Hilda, write whatever you think will be attractive on your page

MAD: So., I will, but I have been really busy with my real classes.

Vance: and then send it to

Brazil: oh ok.

Brazil: Michael's listening assignments are cool..

MAD: ok...see you all another time...:-)

Vance: And Brazil, you can send us something too, for your web page

MAD: bye for now!

Brazil: ok

Vance: OK, bye MAd. Thanks for coming by.

MAD: bye!

Hilda: bye, MAD

Vance: This was a nice class, with MAD around

Vance: and the rest of you too, of course

Brazil: brb

Hilda: go zz, bye guys

Vance: OK Hilda, I look forward to hearing from you with something for you web page

Vance: too late

Vance: again: OK Hilda, I look forward to hearing from you with something for you web page

Hilda: Vance:: will do

Vance: ok

Vance: I'll be back next Sunday, hope to see you there too

Vance: here I mean ...

Vance: About Saturday, I don't know if I can do two classes from work

Vance: We just started night classes, and it's busy

Vance: And I have to do this from work because dialup connection is expensive here

Vance: (and also, it's work related)

Vance: (sort of)

Vance: But I'm around Saturdays at this time, so I could check in on ICQ and see if you're there Felix

Vance: Brazil, I'm going to have to go. There's a race this evening (running) and I have to get home and change and get to the start

Vance: You must have wandered off from your computer for a while ...

Vance: So send us something to dress up your web page, and I'll see you later

Vance: bye

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