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Chat with jwbozz on ICQ

October 22, 1998


ICQ Messages Log For:

16602679 wjbozz

Started on Thu Oct 22 10:24:21 1998


10/20/9 12:20 PM Vance where are you? Are you at the Palace? Can you give me

the server address again?


10/20/9 12:17 PM wjbozz Bye,

Thank you .

see you tonight at ICQ.


10/20/9 11:33 AM wjbozz This is a problem ,my connection is shut down.

Now, I'm back.


10/20/9 10:18 AM wjbozz pud is here ,

She ask why she can't go there.


10/20/9 10:16 AM wjbozz i see , you are so helpful.


10/20/9 10:14 AM Vance Good means too many things. "You are so helpful."



10/20/9 10:11 AM wjbozz you are so good!(this means is right?)


10/20/9 10:10 AM Vance Excellent!! I can't wait to get your stories and



10/20/9 10:09 AM wjbozz oh,yes

i have more picture of strange stone , various strees

and so on.

waite for some day, i will e-mail them to you!


10/20/9 10:07 AM Vance Yes. Of course. I will correct it and post it to your

web page. Then you can compare your version with the

corrected version. Do you have any pictures from your

trip? If you can email me one or two, or send me copies

by post, I'll put them on your web page too. V


10/20/9 10:04 AM wjbozz Your advice (write my think of trip),

I will try ! But my english is poor

so if i fish i will send to you .

Can you check it ?


10/20/9 10:02 AM Vance Right. When you get there, if you don't see us, try the

upstairs windows of the building that you will see.

There's a nice area inside, and not so many people.


10/20/9 10:00 AM wjbozz today, i read you email,!


10/20/9 9:58 AM Vance OK. See you then.


10/20/9 9:58 AM wjbozz yes,i will!


10/20/9 9:56 AM Vance Good. Are you planning to be in class later today? Hope

to see you there at (9998) at the



10/20/9 9:55 AM wjbozz hi,

i am happy !

glad to see you !

I come back yesterday!

i see the new lesson note.


10/14/9 11:08 AM Vance Our internet connection was down at 11 gmt yesterday and

I missed the Tuesday class in the Palace. I am going to

try again at 11 a.m. GMT this afternoon (that's 4 hours

from now). If you are free at that time and would like

to come to the Palace, I hope to see you there. I'll

wait there until noon and probably be there later if

anyone turns up. - Vance


10/8/98 11:30 AM Vance Hi. i noticed you were online. Have a look at

because new classes are listed Sun and Tue now. All

the best, Vance


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