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Deden's Puppy Love

I will tell you about my first love story. I know maybe you would say this is puppy love.

When I was 15 years old I was in Junior High School level 2. I saw a beautiful girl, like Jose Mary Chan said. Her name was Cloudia. She was always together with her best friend whose name was Dina. For almost eight months we played together in school. I didn't have the nerve to tell her that from the first time I saw her, I liked her.

I had a best friend too and his name was Peter, but everyone called him Bulu. Bulu means feathers. This was because almost all his body was full of hair but not on his face. My school had extracurricular activities like cooking, dance and basketball. My best friend took cooking.

I still remember that this happened on a Saturday. I wanted to check out my best friend's cooking, so I went to his class.

It was there that I saw her. I took a knife to cut something and suddenly Peter wasn't watching what I was doing and I cut my hand. So much blood began to flow from my hands. My teacher took me to the doctor and the doctor had to stitch my hands.

That evening Peter called me to say how sorry he was and told me some news that was a real surprise for me. He said Dina liked me. I thought Peter was lying, but he swore to God he wasn't. I trusted him so on Monday I went to school and I saw Dina and her face was so red that I thought maybe she was shy.

I didn't know if it was true that she liked me or not, but many of my friends said I should sit down with her. Suddenly my heart was beating very fast and I didn't know what was happening in my body.

So I thought, "Wow! It is a miracle that there is a girl who likes me." So I 'shot' her. In Indonesian 'shot' means to tell your feelings to the person you like and ask them to be your boyfriend or girlfriend. So I did it and she didn't refuse me to be my girlfriend! I was so happy, but I couldn't sleep well because every night I always thought about her.

About Cloudia, it is such a sad story. I didnt know that she liked me, but I didn't know what I should do.


Editor's note: Now we're working with Deden on WHY it's such a sad story. Stay tuned.

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Last updated: September 24, 1999